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We formerly honored dog web sites for lively visuals, informative content, unique imagination, all-around excellence and love of dogs. We are keeping online the pages displaying the winners from past years, as a service to those who were honored. Some links no longer work as sites have vanished from Cyberspace. Enjoy those still online!  PLEASE read all the criteria to understand the value of these Cool Canine Site awards. Thanks! 

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Bark-If-You-Love_me.jpg (6142 bytes)
Bark If You

Love Me


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Perfect Puppy


Click link to order How to Talk to Your Dog.
How to Talk
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Click link to order Training Your Dog For Sports and Other Activities
Training Your Dog
for Sports and
Other Activities


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Family Dog
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Art of Raising
a Puppy

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So Your Dog's
Not Lassie


Eye-catching & Cool Canine Site Award  [ Top ]  [ Criteria

Bit o' Heaven Collies: Enjoy photos of collies in showing, obedience, herding, agility, versatility, therapy visits - a visual treat! 12/01

EagleRock German Shepherd Dogs: Quality large photographs,vivid use of the eagle theme in graphics, and lots of GSD links. Bravo! 12/01 

Rand Park Dog Training Club: Colorful design and many photos of dogs in action combined with helpful information make a winner! 11/01

Rock Dobermans: Dramatic site design in black and silver, handsome photographs, helpful breed links and more earn our award. 11/01

Landseer - von Burga's Horde: Colorful design and graphics plus fine photos [see Fotogalerie] make a winning site! Text in German. 11/01

Vizsla & Weimeraner: Stunning photographs of these two handsome breeds plus attractive design make this Netherlands site a winner! 11/01

Digger the Australian Cattle Dog: Vivid colors, great photos, colorful collection of stamps with ACDs, plus news, links, more. Bravo!  10/01

Saxony & Anrich Dobermans: Handsome photography, vivid breed graphics, clean design, helpful links and more earn this site an award. 10/01

Shadowfire Shepherds: Fine photographs, attractive design and use of color, plus helpful information and links make a winner. 9/01

Bodhi the Ring Dobe: Enjoy dramatic action photos of a working Doberman and French Ring 1 champion, and learn about this sport. 9/01

Greater Swiss & Entlebucher Mountain Dogs: Many photos of these two breeds, from different countries, make this site appealing. 9/01

Esmond Rottweilers: Vivid design, fine photos including Rott'n Fun Gallery of appealing pictures, breed links and more make a nice site. 9/01

Agility Junkies: Enjoy this fun intro to a popular dog sport with many action photos, Mutt of the Month, agility information. Super! 9/01

Victoria BC Rottweiler Club: A large collection of action pictures with good text introduces you to the canine sport of Schutzhund. Vivid! 9/01

Cavell Mastiffs: With a wonderfully appealing home page photo, this site introduces mastiffs -- the heaviest breed -- through photos. 8/01

Happy Huskies Sled Dog Site: With great graphics and photos, this site introduces the Alaskan Husky, Siberian Husky, Samoyed, more! 7/01

Bully Run: Welcome to the world of Bulldogs, with great photos of Snowy, Maggie and Stormy, and their antics! See Fun in the Sprinkler!  7/01

Eckodogs: This appealing site about Beagles has wonderful photos and vivid colors, plus lots of helpful info about the breed and puppies. 7/01

Ocean Magic Belgian Shepherds: Discover creative use of graphics, striking photos, valuable breed info plus a "save the dingo" campaign. 6/01

Swedish Golden Retrievers: Six Goldens portrayed in unique collages of  photos plus pedigrees, links and more add up to fine site!  6/01

Argente Original Breed Artwork: Striking photographs of Belgian Sheepdogs sculpture in a cool site design make this a fine site. 6/01

Laptop Maltese: Charming photos of these adorable dogs, plus attractive design and clear navigation make this site a winner! 5/01

Dogs As Art: Discover Dennis Glennon's distinctive photography featuring retriever breeds from Chesapeake to Golden to Labrador, more. 5/01

Amethyst Gordon Setters: A well designed site with striking photos of this Scottish hunting breed, plus pedigrees, helpful information. 5/01

Bernese Carters: Enjoy wonderful photos of Rollo and Buddy, Bernese Mountain Dogs, pulling colorful carts for charity, more. 5/01

Diamond Irish Terriers: Handsome site design and many striking photographs of this lively breed makes for a winner! 3/01

Canton Chows: Striking design and graphics plus a great many photos of Chows, easy navigation and an award make for a super site! 3/01

Chows of Do-Right: Find beautiful design, many eye-catching photographs of rough and smooth Chows and great dog quotes. Splendid! 3/01

Woodenbridge Labrador Retrievers: Great pictures of Labs swimming, sledding and playing plus nice design make this a winner! 3/01

KC's Dog Postcards: Big collection of pictures -- working dogs, herding & sporting dogs, hounds, toy dogs, more -- for e-cards. Fun! 3/01

Dav-Ka's Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs: Handsome large photos, including Swissys weight-pulling and herding, plus handy links featured. 3/01

Kushbud Staffordshire Bull Terriers: Quality site design combined with photos of Buddy and Kush in action make this worth a visit. 3/01

Agility Dreams: Enjoy vivid photos of the agility sport, then click on Class Titles to view short video clips of agility dogs in action. Fun! 3/01

Kettle Cove Dobermans: This site is nicely designed with quality graphics and photos of dogs in shows and at play plus pedigrees, links. 2/01

Tails from the Crate: View all the pictures of Sugar and Spice, poodle mixes. Learn about all the "poos" & use the free graphics! 2/01

Joepie & Willem: Enjoy many photos of this pair of English Cocker Spaniels, with photos for each month plus family tree photos. 1/01

Heartside Border Collies: Check out the Flyball Photos and the section on Grace for great photos of dogs doing flyball. Fun site overall. 1/01

Romanian Sheep Dogs: This site offers many photos of the two types of sheepdogs of Romania -- the Carpathian and Mioritic. Info too. 1/01

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25 Stupid Mistakes
Dog Owners Make

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I Just Got a Puppy
What Do I Do?

Click link to order Barron's Encyclopedia of Dogs
of Dog Breeds


Click link below to order Surviving Your Dog's Adolescence
Surviving Your
Dog's Adolescence

Click the link to order Teach Your Dog to Behave
Teach Your Dog
to Behave


Click link below to order Atlas of Dog Breeds
The Atlas of
Dog Breeds


Click link below to order Surviving Your Dog's Adolescence
Surviving Your
Dog"s Adolescence


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Woof Woof


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Peak Performance
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The Dog


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Alone Across
The Arctic


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Gold Rush Dogs


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Informative & Cool Canine Site Award  [ Top ]  [ Criteria ]

German Shepherd Working Dog Club of Western New York: Helpful info on Schutzhund, photos of members' dogs, more make a winner! 12/01

Shar-Pei Info: You'll find valuable articles on various Shar-pei issues, health concerns, dietary information, FAQ, more!  Bravo! 12/01

Belgian Dogs & Malinois Worldwide: With histories, descriptions and photos of all Belgian breeds, plus genetics,this is exceptional site! 12/01

Shadow-Wood Samoyeds: This site is filled with helpful articles on the breed, a big FAQ section, plus lots about their own Sammies. 11/01

Potomac Valley Samoyed Club: Club news and events, an adoption page plus helpful listings of breed and working dog links make a winner! 11/01

Middleburg Kennel Club: Details on this Virginia kennel club's events, show winners, history plus world of dog news are offered. Nice!  11/01

Burns Pet Nutrition: Info on basic canine nutrition, common disorders, a Helpline, FAQ, dog humor, plus product info are all here!  10/01

Corinlea Border Collies: Click Next button at page bottom for menu with interesting articles on the Border Collie Today, much more. 10/01

Greater Houston Pembroke Welsh Corgi Fanciers: An excellent breed FAQ page, photo essays, rescue info, much more make a winner! 10/01

Tribute to Pets: Find helpful articles on dog care and training, dog treat recipes, more; learn about breeds; submit your dog's photo. 10/01

Shimmick Labs - Resource for Lab Lovers: Find everything about Labrador Retrievers: history, standard, care, genetics, links, more! 10/01

K9 Sports Dogz: Learn about dog sports like agility and frisbee, and about what you should know and do before getting a dog. Good work! 9/01

We Love Guide Dogs! Check out the "things to do" section for lots of info and resources, plus the message board and chat. Helpful site! 9/01

WOOF! Online: Enjoy helpful articles on breed selection, health, training plus fun features such as Breed of the Month quiz!  Terrific! 9/01

Canadian West Highland White Terrier Club: Extensive breed information, fine design including tartan trim, & great photos make a winner! 9/01

Trojan Rottweilers: Visit here to learn about breed history, qualities, health, rescue, plus pictures, info about their dogs. Great! 9/01

Kind to Canines: Check out the case studies on solving behavior problems as well as the tips section for help with your puppy or dog. 9/01 Check the FAQ collection, visit the free dog advice forum, a helpful links directory, and more on dog behavior, training. 9/01 Here's a weath of articles on grooming, health care, rescue, individual dogs stories, poems, pictures, news, more. 8/01

Defense Protective Service Explosive Detection Unit: Meet Benny, Woodan, Vito, other dogs in the DPS K9 team; learn about their work. 7/01

Criadero Del Armagedon - Perros Kuvasz: Learn orgins, character of the Kuvasz white shepherd dog, enjoy photos, more. In Spanish. 7/01
Translate this site with Babel Fish Find a FREE book on raising puppies plus articles on dog care, socialization and training plus the latest dog headlines. 7/01

Degenerative Myelopathy Support Site: Visit the Zaxxan Group site for helpful advice & info on this disease, plus Zax's own story. 7/01

Hegins Valley Police & Schutzhund Club: Learn about K9 work and the sport of schutzhund as well as about the club and members. 6/01

Two Chihuahuas: Find helpful information on breed health, care, training plus heartwarming stories, humor, breeders listing, more. 6/01

Animal Appeal: Visit here for information on dog rescue. Be sure to "Take the Quiz," check "Your Excuse" and see the available pets. 5/01

West Wind Dog Training: This site offers a wealth of helpful resources from FAQ to in-depth articles on training to rescue info. 5/01

Dogs in the News: Get the latest scoop on canine doings -- both serious and funny -- as reported in the world's media. Plus cartoons. 5/01

Hobo the Bearded Collie: Discover the Beardie, including a great breed history, standards, links, free graphics, plus Hobo's story. 4/01

All About Boxers: Start here to learn about Boxer health, nutrition, training, more plus pictures, stories and a special glossary. 3/01

Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs: Discover this working dog's strengths, see it in action [still and video] and learn its history, health issues. 3/01

2001 LV/DVG American National Championship: Get all the details about the upcoming Schutzhund championship in Tenino,Washington. 1/01

Dog-friendly Places in Florida: You can take your dog to the Sunshine State! Here are dog-friendly beaches, RV parks and more. 11/00

Derbyshire Dog Agility Club UK: Looking for agility events and results, general and clicker training info, agility links, more? It's here! 10/00

Rare Molosser Domain: Meet Rare Molosser list members, with breeds from Beauceron to Mastiff, find health info, helpful links, more. 9/00

A - Z The Dog Breeds Alphabet: The best for every breed -- standards, clubs, e-lists, chat, e-cards, pictures, webrings, more. Wow! 1/00

Canine Times E-zine: The big archives for this free e-zine lets you search and find a wealth of canine health information and much more. 1/00

Cool Canine Site Award from
Cool Canine Site
Award formerly
given by WDW


Click the link to order Why We Really Love Dogs
Why We Really
Love Dogs


Click link to order One Second to Glory
One Second
to Glory


Dog Books


Click link to order Scott & Fuller's famous behavior book
Genetics and the
Social Behavior of
the Dog


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Cool Canine
Site Criteria

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Click link to order Good Owners, Great Dogs
Good Owners
Great Dogs

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Imaginative & Cool Canine Site Award  [ Top ]  [ Criteria ]

The Wizard of Aus: Our Totos: Visit this fun site to see two Cairn terriers prepping to star in The Wizard of Oz on stage. Wow! 12/01

Les Chiens Enormes: Four big dogs, including Marley, a Newfoundland, play a unique calming role at the UK's Big Paws Records. Fun!  11/01

Tiberius the Pug Dog: Charming photos of Tiberius and pals, stories of this pug as a detective, Woof! Daily, the world's pugs, more! 11/01

Tour Niagara Falls with Sasha: Explore this famous tourist spot with Sasha, a white shepherd. See "About Sasha" for her story!  10/01

Bostons in Texas: Meet Boston Terriers Phoebe and Tyler, read about their highjinx, enjoy their photos in this lively creative site. Fun!  10/01

Katie & Riley's Scottie Corner:  You'll find delightful photo essays of these two Scotties in action plus imaginative stories,more. 9/01

Fuh & Yuh the Basset Hounds: Enjoy the story of two Bassets in Japan,  see Basset cards, photos, graphics and more [English version] 7/01

Poodle Press: This site is filled with creative articles not only on poodles [e.g.,why poodles look that way] but also pets such as ferrets. 6/01

Truman the DoberDude: The cast of Doberman characters include Conn B. D. Mann, I.B. Hans Sum, Truman and many more. Clever & fun! 5/01

GidgetOnline: Enjoy the fun features - postcards, games, chat, Ask Gidget pet care column, photos of a pup part Lab, Beagle & Chow! 4/01

Sam's Corner: At nine pounds, Sam is a certified therapy dog, pet and an inspiration for doggie treats. Enjoy his story, vet tips, more. 4/01

Ginger's 3rd Annual Dog Photo Contest: Early entries are already posted in the contest running through June 1, 2001. Submit your dog! 4/01

Cute Puppy: A photo contest, photo gallery, articles, health answers, dog links and rescue information make this site a winner. 4/01

Doggie Universe: Find all sorts of fun features including free graphics, online club, free e-mail, add-your-links page, photos and more. 4/01

My Darn Dog: You've got to see what "my darn dog Dobi" has destroyed, plus the Punk Pet of the Month winners. Really funny site! 3/01

The Boxer Map: Find boxer rescue groups and breeders using clickable maps of USA, Canada and Europe. Also links to useful information. 3/01

See Rudy Run!  Read Rudy's adventures with critters like Sensei Jake the cat. Submit animals pictures or story twists for possible use. 3/01

Tales from the Bark Side: Find fun features with Dillon the English Springer Spaniel including e-postcards, photos, tales, info. 3/01

Segensreich Kennel: Enjoy free German Shepherd graphics and post cards, tips, story of breed founder Max v Stephanitz, much more. 3/01

Dober'toons: Get lots of laughs with this cartoon series featuring the Dobermans Annie, a rescue, and pals Oliver, Dobie and Izzy. 1/01

Two Dog Press: Charming dog cartoons, creative & yummy treat recipes, a fun contest, helpful articles and shopping make this a winner! 1/01 

BowWow Meeow: Whether you send a doggy postcard, use free graphics, find a dog name or have a chuckle, you'll enjoy this site! 9/00

Le village de musher: Dramatic colors, photos make this a unique site on sled dogs, mushing. Do visit even if you don't read French. 6/00 

LabMission:   Wonder what a yellow Lab named Popcorn "sounds like" -- in music? This creative site offers music, photo and more! Bravo! 1/00

Clink link to order Dogs, on dog origins and behavior


Dog-Days.jpg (7356 bytes)
Dog Days:
Dispatches from
Bedlam Farm


Click link below to order Atlas of Dog Breeds
The Atlas of
Dog Breeds


Merles-Door.jpg (6989 bytes)
Merle's Door:
Lessons from a Freethinking Dog


Click link below to order Clicker Training
Clicker Training
for Obedience


Click the link for this children's book on dogs with jobs
A Dog's Gotta Do
What a Dog's
Gotta Do


Click link to order Canine Good Citizen
The Goods
Canine Citizen


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All-Around & Cool Canine Site Award   [ Top ]  [ Criteria ]

Strike K-9 SAR Dogs: Clear design, great photos of the Strike K-9 dogs, unique kids' page and Can Your Dog Do This? page. Super! 12/01

Guide Dogs of America: Clear organization, valuable facts on raising and owning a guide dog, appealing photos, FAQ, more - superb! 12/01

Vara Djur Newfoundlands: Fine design, breed history, free Newfie mail, health care, pictures, postcards, more, make a winner! 12/01 / Offline

European Boxer Zone: Quality design, current and historic photos, fun features, info on the European vs. American Boxer. 11/01 / Offline

Australian Cattle Dog Community: Find information resources galore for this breed plus great photos, ACD of the Week, chat, more!  11/01

German Shepherd: The Ultimate SAR Dog: A wealth of articles on SAR training, helpful FAQ, excellent design. 11/01 / Offline

911BC Online: Meet dogs & people of the 911BC Search & Recovery team, find SAR FAQ & Glossary, SAR dog profiles, more!  Super! 11/01

Norwegian Elkhounds: A wonderful breed introduction with characteristics, pictures, names, legends, little known facts, breeders. 10/01 / Offline

Ravenmasque Belgian Shepherds (Tervuren): Sparkling design, handsome photographs and great breed information make this top notch! 10/01

Ayla's Page: From love of dogs seen in the care of Ayla the Border Collie to fun photos to canine disease info, this site has it all. 10/01 / Offline

Ozzy the Pug: Appealing photos of Oscar Wilde nicknamed Ozzy, clever design, helpful links, Pug rescue, more make a winner! 10/01 / Offline

PennsWoods Karelian Bear Dogs: Fine introduction to this working breed with pictures, articles, details on personality and more. 9/01 / Offline1

Angelsun Apricot Poodles: Attractive home page, thoughtful essay on "Why Standard Poodles," fun features, photos, more, make a winner! 9/01

Lerado Akita Kennels: From the striking home page to the detailed breed information to the appealing photos, this is a fine site. 9/01 / Offline

Lumineux Belgian Shepherds: This handsome site from Australia is filled with resources for Belgian owners - info, links, pictures, more. 9/01

Wolfshohle Rottweilers: Insights on training and showing Rottweilers, both American & German styles, plus good photos, graphics. Bravo! 9/01

Canine Freestyle: Explore this canine sport set to music at a site both well designed and filled with helpful information, photos. Super!  9/01

Scottish Terrier Rescue of North Alabama: Breed,training and rescue information, photos, Scottie poetry, chat, more. Great site!   9/01

Windberg Alaskan Malamutes: Here's a fine breed introduction, asking "is the breed for you?," many appealing photos and more! 8/01

The Dog Pack: This growing dog community has message boards and chat, breed profiles, dog first aid articles, pet recipes, more! 8/01

Bostons in Texas: Learn about Boston Terriers and enjoy the romps and adventures of Phoebe and Tyler in tales and pictures. 8/01 / Offline

Uberpest's Journal: This novel site is a super resource on packing with dogs, gear & Catahoula Leopard dogs. Great photos too. 7/01

Wonderful World of Dachshunds: Enjoy Baby's "rescue" story, pictures, breed health, dachie parades, links plus dog freebies. 7/01 / Offline

Bakima Imani of Sambesi Waters: Beautifully designed site with a fine sense of humor, about Bakima the Rhodesian Ridgeback. 7/01

CyberSibes: This site is filled with Siberian Husky pictures, stories, honors, e-cards, fun & games, plus rescue info. Great! 5/01 Offline

Rugby the Adorable Corgi:  It's all here: breed standard, health info, polls and games Corgicards, Cardigans versus Pembrokes, plus Rugby! 5/01

The Min Pin Place: Everything about the Miniature Pinscher, the working dog among toy breeds: history, health, training, care! 4/01 / Offline

Newt's Page: Meet Newt the Border Collie, see him in action herding and more, and enjoy FAQ, free wallpaper, cards, contests. 3/01 / Offline

Lowchens of Australia: Handsome design, colorful pictures, and in-depth information on breed history, standards, breeders, news, more. 3/01

Australian Bulldogs: Photos, online newsletter, message board, Bulldog of the Month contest, screensavers, more make this is a super site. 3/01

Shokuma Akitas: This well designed site offers a unique look at the breed standard for the Akita, breed history, and handsome photos. 1/01

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Click the link to order The Dog Listener
The Dog Listener


Sandy-and-Garbo.jpg (7304 bytes)
Sandy and Garbo:
One family, one neighborhood, one
crazy dog


Click link to order The Perfect Match
The Perfect


Click link to order How To Speak Dog
How to Speak Dog


Click link to order Clicker Training
Clicker Training
for Obedience


Click link to order Help for Your Shy Dog
Help for the
Shy Dog


Click link to order Woof


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cipher-dog.gif (5087 bytes)
Best Dog
Click here!

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Click link to order So Your Dog's Not Lassie
So Your Dog's
Not Lassie


ani-goldstarry.gif (6376 bytes)
The Racing Siberian Husky
newsletter online


Click to search for books
for books
on ANY topic


Click link to order Home Vet Handbook
Buy this
helpful book

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tibbiehome.gif (1853 bytes)
at Comic
Canine Cartoons


Click for Sleddogs at
Discover Sleddogs at WorkingDogWeb

Love of Dogs & Cool Canine Site Award [ Top ]  [ Criteria ]

Dog Dazed & Cat Crazed: Find a cute Maltese nicknamed Big'un, the family's other dog and cats, helpful articles, more. Nice! 11/01

Kyle Varga's Golden Retriever Site: A very nice tribute to Chipper, great Golden links, appealing graphics and more show love of dogs! 11/01 

The House of Wrinkled Wonders: Much love and care is given to four special Shar Pei dogs. Learn about breed health care here. 11/01  

Tibetan Spaniel & Podenco Ibicenco: Meet much loved dogs of these two unique breeds via pictures, links. Enjoy funny photos too!  10/01

Balkenwind Rottweilers: The important role of dogs in their lives, family socialization, helpful breed information, more, make a winner! 10/01

Sibley's Site: Sibley's story - the adoption of a disabled dog - plus dog jokes, appealing photos, more, show devotion to dogs. Bravo! 10/01

Sarahjoy Scotties: Appealing Scottie photographs of Striker and Polo, plus many helpful Scottie links, more, show love of dogs! 10/01

Speck the Schipperke: Fun site about a loved pet, with many Schipperke drawings, features such as recipes, dog tricks, award. Super! 9/01

My Goofy Dogs the Bassets: Discover how one woman fell in love with Basset Hounds, about the breed, the Basset Bash, more. 9/01

MisTori Shelties: Love shines here for Misha, Tori, Pierce & Cinder, plus info on Clever Canine Companions Versatile Working Registry. 9/01

Weybridge Flatcoated Retrievers: Meet two lucky dogs, Flip and Corey, as well as "the trainer" -- presented with a sense of humor! 9/01

Jessie' s Paw: Enjoy the heartwarming story and pictures of the Border Collie, Jessie, and his place in owner Renee's life. 9/01

Smiling Blue Skies Cancer Fund Pet Trust: A Canadian canine cancer research fund honoring a loved Golden Retriever, Blues Man. 9/01

Lachina Collies: One girl's love affair with collies has become Lachina Collies in Florida. Enjoy photos, favorite dog sites, more. 9/01

I Want a Westie: Looking for a name for a Westie? A breeder? Words of wisdom for training a West Highland Terrier? It's here! 9/01

Lormar Labradors: Meet Labs Travis McGee and McGee's Pal Meyer in great pictures, pedigrees & postcards you can send! Fun!  8/01

Patch the Beagle: Enjoy many photos of an appealing Beagle plus great quotes about dogs, a Patch quiz and more fun features. 8/01

Stonewall Springers: This fine site on Springer Spaniels offers a helpful "Info" page on serious hobby breeders, lots of photos, more. 8/01

Paws for Friends - Oklahoma City: Visit this site to learn the benefits of therapy dogs for humans, and see if your dog qualifies to serve. 7/01

Border Collie Trust GB: This British rescue organization offers a great page on care and training of this breed as a pet. A must read. 7/01

Morningstar Labrador Retrievers: Here's a combination of handsome photos of adults and puppies, plus helpful links to breed information. 7/01

Jangles - the Black Prince:   Meet Bo-Jangles, a Schnauzer and Maltese cross, a friend of Jendi, and travel to Sydney, Australia. 7/01

Jendi Says G'Day: Meet Jendi, the little Maltese Terrier and Shih Tzu cross from Australia & enjoy dog humor, Aussie info, more.  7/01

DogSpeak: This site is for a unique Canadian public relations firm that helps service dog organizations and communities to flourish. 7/01

Homewardbound Golden Retriever Rescue: This California rescue group has saved many Goldens. Find a dog or enjoy their success stories. 7/01

Heartland Humane Society of Missouri: Use this site to see dogs available for adoption as pets, explore links on humane issues and more. 7/01

Memorial for Dozo: Filled with pictures of the boxer Dozo, this site about a lost pet also has links to useful sites about dogs with cancer. 6/01

Fur and Feathers News: A Nevada teenager helped raise funds for a new animal shelter, now wants more teens to help more needy pets. 6/01

Princess' Homepage: Enjoy a gallery of charming photos with Princess, her feline friends, her boy, plus Labrador information, fun. 6/01

The Homeless Husky: Discover Siberian Huskies, their distinctive working dog qualities, special needs and contributions to your life!  6/01

Standsure Border Collies: Great pictures of dogs in agility, flyball, plus a good description of breed temperament show deep love of dogs. 6/01

Savannah's Cockers: Lots of valuable information on Cocker care, health, grooming, training plus fine photos display a real love of dogs. 6/01

Boxer Buddies: Learn about adopting a boxer, about boxer health and characteristics, and see the many success stories, more. 5/01

MaPaw Siberian Husky Rescue: Find out about the Siberians available for adoption, see success stories, learn about Sibes, more. 5/01

Saphire the Siberian Husky: Filled with fun photos of Saphire snuggling with family and friends, including cute kids, plus graphics links. 5/01

Jasmine's Homepage: Meet a handsome chocolate Lab from Arkansas with friends, favorite food and toys, canine humor and more. 5/01

Charleston Canine Club: This South Carolina club runs activities for all dogs, purebred and mixed, bonding dogs and their people. 5/01

Yankee Golden Retriever Rescue: Site offers adoption information and assistance for New England, plus heart-warming rescue stories. 5/01

Spikeland: Enjoy the adventures of Spike Leon Russell the terrier at home in Michigan and on vacation in the Grand Cayman Islands! Enjoy! 4/01

Boxer Friends: This Boxer rescue organization serving southern Florida offers breed pictures, traits, links plus adoption details. 4/01

Rowdy Beagles: Love for dogs is seen in pictures and stories of dogs past and present, support of Junior Showmanship and helpful links. 4/01

Conquerer Golden Retrievers: Charming and fun photos, helpful breed health statistics, links and breed standards show love of dogs. 4/01

Rockin' P Boxer Rescue: Intriguing, helpful Boxer information, links, plus details on giving up and adopting a boxer make this a winner! 3/01

Fluffy Fables: This webzine is updated daily with thoughtful stories of humans and their special bond with dogs and other animals. 3/01

Vom Quietstorm Rottweilers: By a woman who showed first dogs at age 4, this site has fine photos and a special "Breeeder's Life" story. 3/01

Rottweilers - A Very Special Breed: This site works to reduce dog and animal abuse, and shares breed history, health, training info. 3/01

The Kids' Page: Cookie the Shih tzu and Cracker the Maltese share dog care tips, stories, articles, photos, all for the love of dogs. 3/01

Karosel Boxers: Meet active working Boxers including Tanner and Tally, with many photos of obedience, agility & conformation action. 3/01

Newf Rescue: Discover the real story of Newfoundland, a very big dog. Find Newfs to adopt, get training and emergency tips, more. 3/01

Sprucedell Labradors: Enjoy the delight in Labradors expressed at this German site with pictures, links and philosophy. In English. 3/01

Indian Creek Beagles: Love of working beagles is seen in this nice site with photos of working dogs, breeding program insights, pedigrees. 2/01

Reba's Homepage: Meet Reba the German Shorthaired Pointer and friends, enjoy many fun canine photos, learn about GSP rescue, more. 2/01

Flash's Dog House: Enjoy the story of Flash, adopted as a 5-month-old stray, plus his pictures, doggie jokes and canine links. Fun!  2/01

Degenerative Myelopathy List: Learn about this disease of the nervous system, about therapy for DM dogs, and talk with other owners. 1/01

Scottsville Veterinary Adoption: This unique nonprofit combines adoption with pet education, veterinary care, more. Offers pet chat. 1/01

Chessie Rescue VA: Learn about Chesapeake Bay Retrievers and dog-loving people who rescue them. See the Chessies in the Surf photos ! 1/01

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