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We formerly honored dog web sites for lively visuals, informative content, unique imagination, all-around excellence and love of dogs. We are keeping online the pages displaying the winners from past years, as a service to those who were honored. Some links no longer work as sites have vanished from Cyberspace. Enjoy those still online!  PLEASE read all the criteria to understand the value of these Cool Canine Site awards. Thanks! 

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Dog Days:
Dispatches from
Bedlam Farm

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Eye-catching & Cool Canine Site Award  [ Top ]  [ Criteria

Firecreek Australian Shepherds: A wealth of photos of Aussies in action in agility and conformation make this a great site to visit! 12/07

Mac Shilohs: Meet Shiloh Shepherds Hamish, Gareth at this photo-filled site. Put your cursor on the "seasons" for vivid pictures! Wow! 9/07

Dog Art Dog: Enjoy vivid, colorful art of 35+ dog breeds: Akita to Borzoi, Dalmatian to Siberian Husky, to Yorkshire Terrier. Creative! 8/07

KD Graphics Pet Web Design: this very attractive Web site has a portfolio of creative logos, banners and Web sites they have designed 6/07

Hellfire Gundogs: a striking home page, fine photos of their working English springer spaniels, a blog, more make a winner. 3/05

Mu-Lan's American Cocker Spaniels: Dramatic colors, clean design, two great photo galleries, more, make a fine site!  In German. 9/04

Rosemist English Springer Spaniels: Filled with photos of appealing puppies, dramatic agility competition, handsome show dogs. Enjoy! 9/04

Edelhaus Rottweilers: Fine use of color, handsome photographs, and information on training, working Rottweilers makes a winner! 9/04

Donnerberg Rottweilers: Dramatic design for kennel name that means "thunder mountain" plus handsome dog photos make a winner! 6/04

Oomachuk Siberian Huskies: Wonderful colors, handsome design and many fine photos plus breed information make a super site! Bravo! 5/04

Bolerame Boxers: A handsome home page with Bolerame Brooke's Tough Legacy plus helpful Boxer breed information makes a winner! 5/04

Dee's Basenjis: Colorful design frames many appealing photos of Basenji pups, moms, dogs, with helpful breed information too. Great! 2/04

The Dutch Stabyhoun in America: Fine introduction to this rare hunting breed, with photos of pups, Stabys in America, Dutch Stabys. 2/04

Jomgarden's Bergers de Pyrenees: Many charming photographs of Pyrenean Shepherd Dogs & attractive design for this Swedish site. Nice! 2/04

Egil & Wilma's AussiePage: Handsome home page, feature photo of the week, helpful Aussie info including color details, more. Fine! 1/04

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So Your Dog's
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DogsBedlamFarm.jpg (6627 bytes)
The Dogs of
Bedlam Farm


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Teach Your Dog
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Art of Raising
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Bark If You

Love Me

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Merle's Door:
Lessons from a Freethinking Dog

Merle's Door


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Informative & Cool Canine Site Award  [ Top ]  [ Criteria ]

Bluemeadow Shelties: Discover the Shetland Sheepdog breed, its activities, training, health care in articles and appealing photos. Very nice! 11/07

Doggie Manners Articles: Explore more than 15 articles from an expert on dog behavior, training tips, puppy manners, more. Helpful!  11/07

Canine and Abled: Learn about service dogs. Meet Kimberly and her dogs. She established this program to increase understanding. Bravo! 8/07

Dog and Collar: Ask the dog expert, read informative articles, find yummy dog recipes, view dog top 10 lists, and browse products. Cool! 8/07

Boxer Dog Information: This site is a handy place to find Boxer info, Web rings, discussion groups, photos, breeders, links, more. Nice! 7/07

KD German Pinschers: Handsome site offers a wealth of details about this working breed, its history and standard, plus their breeding.

Down Home Harriers: Discover the hound bred to hunt hare, through informative text and many handsome photos. Very nice!   5/05

Canine Nutrition: This page from Barking Dog Bakery offers helpful insights on veggies for dogs, valuable nutrients & foods to avoid. 3/05

About Canine Freestyle: Discover ins & outs of popular sport for dog and people partners, done to music. Excellent article, neat site! 9/04

The Dog Food Project: Explore myths about feeding dogs, learn how to pick a good dog food, about additives to avoid, more. Helpful! 9/04

Everything Sheltie: Learn about Shetland Sheepdog history, health, care, socialization, training and more and enjoy dog stories! Great! 9/04

German Shepherd Society: A wealth of information in the Forums is complemented by fun photo contest, photo gallery, more. Cool! 9/04

Juniors Site: This fine introduction to Junior Showmanship gives the basics, tips on choosing a breed and showing, links and more. 6/04

SkiDogs - Skijoring & Sledding: The Getting Started section helps you introduce your dog to pulling, then skijoring. Great photos! 5/04

Service Dogs Save Lives: Here is a wealth of info on what service dogs are, how to get one, much more, plus dogs in action. Valuable! 4/04

Central Coast Surf Stormers Flyball Dogs: Great site about a popular dog sport with qualities of flyball dogs and flyball people! Super! 4/04

Mile Zero Dogsport Club: Here's a wealth of info on dog sports including schutzhund plus club events on Vancouver Island, photos. Bravo! 2/04

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Good Owners
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Woof Woof

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Surviving Your
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Genetics and the
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Why We Really
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Imaginative & Cool Canine Site Award  [ Top ]  [ Criteria ]

Life & Times of Bunny Roo the Beagle: Read "Ask Bunny" answers, view slide show, read amazing pet news, try recipes, more. Delightful! 8/07

Dog Treat Recipes: Check out the canine birthday cake recipes among others, one of many clever features of Fur-Kid Forum. Cool! 9/04

Bully Dog Rules: 27 hilarious rules for bulldogs to live by, with great photos of Adam, Emma, Jezzy, at Rhode Island Pit Stop. Fun! 9/04

Ashley the Whippet: From a clever "blog" to creative photos, stories of training, showing, racing, agility, more, this is a splendid site! 6/04

Brussels Sprout the Brussels Griffon:  This site is colorful, fun, clever, and filled with cute photos of a girl and her dog. Enjoy! 6/04

Little Beasts: This clever site features two Boston Terriers, Bergamot and Emrys, a Weekly Photo & Caption contest, humor, much more! 11/03

Ons Nestje AmStaffordshires: Striking design combined with a creative use of slideshows to portray dogs and puppies make a winner! 8/03

Torteval Irish Wolfhounds: Meet Clancy, Darcy, McGinty and Chewbacca, and don't miss their delightful Sports Page & much more. Fun! 10/02 You must meet Garth Milo, the Lab in question, in this fun site full of photos, great doggy tales, more. Fab! 10/02

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So Your Dog's
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The Perfect

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The Goods
Canine Citizen


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Clicker Training
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HELP! My Dog
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The Dog


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Cool Canine
Site Criteria

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All-Around & Cool Canine Site Award   [ Top ]  [ Criteria ]

Almost Home Dog Rescue of Ohio: Through appealing pictures and stories, discover fine work being done to rescue and foster Collies. 12/07

Der Hundesport Performance Klub: Fine working dog photos complement club information - events, calendar, achievements. Attractive!  12/07

Von Warterr Rottweilers: This superb site has fine photos, a detailed breeding philosophy and an extensive education section. Bravo! 7/07

Swifts Flyball Team (Bristol): Fabulous photos of dogs in action plus info on the flyball sport and the Swifts team make for a super site! 6/07

Apex Boxers: Handsome Web site with a weath of information on boxer health and activities plus details, photos of Apex Boxers. 6/07

Canine Concepts: This exceptional site has dog behaviour advice plus articles on dog training, breed profiles, art & products. Wow! 5/05

Der Korperkraft Von Rottweilers: Striking photographs, quality site navigation and a wealth of information makes this a winner! 3/05

Dynasty Samoyeds: Awesome site with grooming, health and activities for Sammies, plus creative design, handsome photos, much more! 9/04

Dalmatian Rescue of Southwest Virginia: Dog of the Week, adoption success stories, nice design, great photos, make a super site! 9/04

Les Anges Gardiens German Shepherds:  In-depth breed information, appealing photos, Schutzhund, in English, French. Tres bien! 6/04

Travel with Piqa in Labrador & Newfoundland. Meet Piqa the Weimaraner who hikes with his people who offer trail advice, wow! photos! 6/04

Momma Darla: Handsome design, great photos of Darla and her 9 pups, and a heart-warming rescue story of a pregnant momma dog. Super! 5/04

Barton Manor Greater Swiss Mountain Dog: Has breed info, great photos including working Swissys, screensaver, games, more. Neat! 5/04

Shalako Schipperkes: A terrific site from pictures of Best in Show Schips to an illustrated standard to breed history, much more. Bravo! 4/04

Bodeus: This is a tale of a working pup growing up, info on dog sports including schutzhund, agility, many photos, good organization. 12/03

Oxbow Crew: A wonderful site filled with appealing Corgi photos, a heart-warming rescue story, health resources and more. Super! 11/03

Dogs with a Mission USA: Breeding Labrador Retriever, German Shepherd search dogs, plus story of Cholo at Ground Zero. Fine job! 11/03

Xin-feng Chow Chows: wonderful site design, great photos of their three Chow Chows, breed history, feeding and more make a winner! 10/03

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Help for Your
Shy Dog

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A Dog's Gotta Do
What a Dog's Gotta Do


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Alone Across
The Arctic


BonesWouldRain.jpg (5182 bytes)
Bones Would Rain
From the Sky


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The Dog Listener
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For the Love

of a Dog


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Cool Canine
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Love of Dogs &
Cool Canine Site Award [ Top ]  [ Criteria ]

Howling Dog Farm: Priscilla's long-time love for Alaskan Malamutes and Japanese Shiba Inu is seen in pictures, more. Nice! 12/07

My German Shepherds:  Enjoy this celebration of dog love through many appealing photos of Maddie, Bruno, Louie, and other dogs. Fine! 11/07

Minnesota Wisconsin Collie Rescue: Find available collies, learn to foster one, and enjoy pictures of many beautiful collies rescued! Bravo! 11/07

For the Love of Hanna: Follow the remarkable story of a much-loved Westie who captivated her humans and survived a serious illness. 6/07

Daze Delight Collies: Enjoy a heart-warming site about rough collies Duke and Susie, Gracie the Sheltie and the Power of Pets. Splendid! 5/05

Maldunwen Shelties: Meet the much loved Ben, Scamp and Light through appealing photos, plus find dog treats, Sheltie links. Nice! 9/04

Landmark Labradoodles: Learn about a breed some allergy sufferers can own, and enjoy many appealing photographs. Special!  9/04

Statue of 9/11 Dog: See bronze statue erected in Atlanta to honor all the dogs that served at Ground Zero, part of CopDog site. 9/04

The Dogs of Trudol:  Enjoy stories and photos of seven lively Basenjis, sometimes shown, sometimes bred, but mostly loved companions! 6/04

Aussie Greys: Discover that Greyhounds make great pets, meet Sam, Piper and more, and learn that rescue means love of dogs, for sure! 6/04

Dakota Puppy Dog: Enjoy the happy story of this adopted red-nosed American Pit Bull Terrier. Learn about related breeds. Neat! 6/04

Mel's Site: Meet Mel, a fleece-coated Labradoodle, and his friends! Lots of great photos, a few adventures, doodle links, more. Nifty!  5/04

Pee Wee Poodles: Meet the Wyatt family and their wee poodles, learn breed history, find recipes for poodle treats, more. Fun!  5/04

CanineKiosk: Weezer guides you to dog activity resources in Sacramento, Calif., and much more in this fine 4-H dog project. Super! 5/04

Arwen Undomiel Elelome - Border Collie: Read this pup's diary, Ask Arwen a question, read helpful answers, and more. Very loving! 2/04

Zach's Shack: This fun site features Zachery the Schnauzer, with Zach's Diary of a Rescue, poems, information on dog rescue. Super! 2/04

James Furious - From Stray to Office Greeter: Enjoy this story of a lost pooch, and learn about the Humane Society of Camden County. 11/03

Mr. Biggs: Meet a French Bulldog called Biggie Smalls and many more nicknames, adored and oft photographed by his people. Fun! 11/03

Chico - Therapy Dog: Chico's first job was to keep an elder dog perky, but now makes fire station visits, therapy calls. Appealing!  11/03

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