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For centuries, Northern people used their dogs to pull sledges.  From this tradition came sled dog racing, believed to have started among native peoples of Northern Asia. Today, this worldwide sport includes teams of all sizes for both professional competition and family recreation, and race distances from short sprints to long distances, such as the Iditarod and Yukon Quest.

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Mush: A Beginner's Manual of Sled Dog Training


pawprint.gif (974 bytes) Sled Dog Overview  [ Top ]


About Sled Dogs & Sled Dog Racing - Stephen R. Lee's FAQ
FAQ on Sleddogs & Sled Dog Racing
- Margaret Bonham's FAQ
- pictures and text depict this important race
Introduction to Sled Dog Racing
- from Sled Dog Central
Mushing Links
- from the Pennsylvania Sled Dog Club
Mushing Overview - a look at modern sprint racing
Overview of Sled Dog Racing - history, terms, equipment, costs
Sled Dogs: An Alaskan Epic - from Nature on PBS
Sled Dog Basics - an introduction from ISDRA
Sled Dog Expedition - Pam Flowers' trek from Barrow, Alaska, to Repulse Bay, NWT, the first woman to make the trip solo with sled dogs
What makes sled dogs run?
- from ISDRA

History of the Sport

Brief History of Sled Dog Racing -
from ISDRA
Brief History of Sled Dog Racing -

Historic Images of Sled Dogs - from sprint racing to the Iditarod
to the Oregon Dune Mushers Mail Run
History of New England Sled Dog Club

- early racing in Lower 48

AlaskanArt.jpg (36266 bytes)

Alaskan Art of

Charles Gause

History of the Nome Serum Run - inspiration for the Iditarod
History of Sled Dog Racing and more on the sled dog sport
History of Sled Dogs & Racing in Canada
History of Sled Dog Racing in Fairbanks, Alaska

History of the Sled Dog Breeds

Alaska's Sled Dogs & the Iditarod - by Don Bowers
Alaskan Husky History - native dog, racing dog
Alaskan Malamute History
- a freighting dog
Chinook Sled Dog History
Siberian Husky History
- guide to historic pictures and text, from, and the History of the Siberian Husky in America
Mackenzie River Huskies - a freighting dog

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Race to Nome

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Running North:

A Yukon Adventure


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Yukon Alone: The
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Adventure Race


PuppiesDogsBlueNorthers.jpg (5138 bytes)
Puppies, Dogs,
and Blue Northers:
Reflections on Being
Raised by a Pack
of Sled Dogs


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The Racing
Siberian Husky

newsletter and


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Iditarod Dreams

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Mail Run


Race Wyoming Stage Stop
International Stage
Stop - Wyoming


Explore the  Iditarod
Guide to Iditarod


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pawprint.gif (974 bytes) Race Calendars   [ Top ]

Alaska Dog Mushers Race Season - Fairbanks, Alaska
Alaskan Sled Dog Racing Association Schedule
- Anchorage, Alaska
Aurora Dog Mushers Race Schedule
- Wasilla, Alaska

Links to races worldwide & race info & results - from Sled Dog Central
Worldwide Sled Dog Races &, Results & Resources
- from the
British Mushers Association

pawprint.gif (974 bytes) Sprint Racing   [ Top ]

Anchorage Fur Rendezvous - official site
Apostle Island Sled Dog Race
British Sled Dog Racing Events
- from ABSA
Festival of Hearts
- sprint & mid-distance in Wyoming
Nome Kennel Club Races
- original sled dog racing club
Nordic Open - Sweden
North American Open Sprint Dog Races
- in Fairbanks, Alaska,
North Star Sled Dog Club Races - in US Midwest

Paul Bunyan Sled Dog Races - in Minnesota
Pennsylvania Sled Dog Club
Pinedale Classic
- in Wyoming
Racing with Samoyeds
- Interview with Geoff Abbott
Sled Dog Races & Events
- FIVESITE from Mushing Magazine
Sled Dog Race Results
- past years, from around the world
Sled Dog Sprint Race Results
- from Pennsylvania Sled Dog Club
Race Results from Ooowoo
- detailed site for mushers
- Vindel River Dogsleigh Race in Sweden

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pawprint.gif (974 bytes) Mid- and Long-Distance Racing  [ Top ]

Alpentrail - stage race in Austria
Atta Boy 300
- stage race in Oregon
Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon

Butch Black Classic - in New Zealand - check calendar
Can-Am Crown Races and more on the Can-Am Crown
in Maine
Copper Basin 300
- in Alaska
- Alta, Norway - longest race in Europe
Fjallraven Polar Adventure 1999
- in Swedish Lapland
Gold Rush Sled Dog Race 
- in British Columbia
Iditarod Trail Race and more about Iditarod Dogs & Mushers
International Rocky Mountain Stage Stop
- in Wyoming
Junior Iditarod

Kuskokwin 300 - from Bethel to Aniak, Alaska, and back
Marmora Snofest Races - in Ontario, Canada

Mid-Minnesota 150 Sled Dog Race
Norman Vaughn's Serum Run
Oregon Dune Mushers Mail Run
one of a kind event
Race to the Sky
- a great Montana sled dog tradition
Seeley-Lincoln 100/200 Sled Dog Race
- Montana
UP200 & Midnight Run
--in upper Michigan
Yukon Quest International Sleddog Race - official race site, and
more about
Yukon Quest history

pawprint.gif (974 bytes) Iditarod, the Last Great Race   [ Top ]

Iditarod Links at WorkingDogWeb FIVEani-redstar.gif (899 bytes)SITE an in-depth site with many links to mushers, dogs, race information
Iditarod Trail Race
- official site for the race
Iditarod 1998 Photoessay with racing Siberians
- from
The Racing Siberian Husky Online

Iditarod Trail Race - in-depth coverage from the Anchorage Daily News, plus a look at the trail itself on a large annotated map
Iditarod & More
- supersite for Last Great Race,
Iditarod Race Winners 1973-2002 - plus times, multiple winners, records, and another list of winners

 pawprint.gif (974 bytes) Sled Dogs, Mushers & Advice  [ Top ]

Art Stoller - 20 Tips for Successful Racing
Dogs of the Iditarod
- articles & interviews, including champion
Jeff King's look at
Iditarod dogs
Ed Dallas, Sleddogs & the Beargrease

Iditarod Race Winners 1973-2002
Iditarod Hall of Fame
- Anchorage Daily News

Iditarod 25 Features - from the Anchorage Daily News, on both the dogs and mushers
Iditarod Mushers
- current year's official list, bios
Jacques Philip on Stage Racing - advice on dogs, training, more
Joe Redington - Father of the Iditarod and his entry in Anchorage Daily News
Iditarod Hall of Fame and Dorothy Page's biography of the famous Joe Redington Sr.

Ten-Thousands-Miles-Dog-Sled.jpg (6879 bytes)
Ten Thousand Miles with a Dog Sled: A Narrative of Winter Travel in Interior Alaska

Libby Riddles  - first woman to win the Iditarod, and more in another interview with Libby Riddles
Martin Buser
- winner in 2002 in record time, in 1997, 1994 and 1992, and also Leonhard Seppala Humanitarian Award winner

Martin Buser & Susan Butcher - running a faster Iditarod
Meet a Musher
- at Sled Dog Central
Meet the Mushers - in the Wyoming Stage Stop Race
Musher Standings: ISDRA - details of musher racing records
Names for Sled Dogs
- more than 1,800 naming ideas

Race Rescue Team - Airedale Terriers & Siberian Huskies
Rachel Scdoris - remarkable legally blind teenage distance musher, and an Iditarod site with photos of Rachel

Racing Siberian Husky Online
- news & features
Samoyeds in Sled Dog Racing  - great photo
Siberian Husky World
- this section of WorkingDogWeb
offers in-depth look at this famous sled dog
FIVEani-redstar.gif (899 bytes)SITE
Susan Butcher - Iditarod champion and more about
this racer

pawprint.gif (974 bytes)  More Mushing Links  [ Top ] - with sled dog racing news
Everything Husky
- breeds to mushing to races
Mushing Links
- from the North Star Sled Dog Club
Mushing Terminology - from 
- new sport or training method
- another alternative to sledding and how to do it, and more about skijoring
SledDogCentral - musher interviews to race listings
Sled Dog Discussion Lists & Chat
Sled Dog Sport or Schlittenhundesport - in German
Teaching Musher Gary Paulsen's "Woodsong" - and other Paulsen
resources for teachers
Working Activities for Alaskan Malamutes
- many ideas

pawprint.gif (974 bytes) Sled Dog Care, Gear & Rescue   [ Top ]

Animal Welfare Policy from ISDRA
Build Your Own Dog Sled
- parts list and diagrams
Equipment for Mushing & Racing
- from Everything Husky
Feeding Distance Sled Dogs & More
Fueling a Winning Sled Dog
- from Alaska
International Sled Dog Veterinary Medical Association
Sled Dog Care & Kennel Standards
- all the essentials from
Mush with P.R.I.D.E.

Sled Dog Care in the Iditarod
Sled Dog Food & Care & Housing
- pages for junior mushers

Sleddog Rescue
- for Alaskan Malemutes & Siberian Huskies

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