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We formerly honored dog web sites for lively visuals, informative content, unique imagination, all-around excellence and love of dogs. We are keeping online the pages displaying the winners from past years, as a service to those who were honored. Some links no longer work as sites have vanished from Cyberspace. Enjoy those still online!  PLEASE read all the criteria to understand the value of these Cool Canine Site awards. Thanks! 

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Perfect Puppy


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How to Talk
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Training Your Dog
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The Atlas of
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Eye-catching & Cool Canine Site Award  [ Top ]  [ Criteria

Bad Dad's Dogo Argentinos: Dramatic use of color, photographs and  graphics show off this breed. Site in Swedish, English. Cool! 12/03

Agility Dog: Bright colors, fun graphics, helpful agility directory and rescue guide, plus photo contest to enter make a cool site! 11/03

Kennel Casfan: Vivid colors, wonderful photographs of Tervueren and Groenendael adults and puppies, plus helpful information. 11/03

Fry-Line Retrievers: Fine design, good use of colors plus handsome photos of retrievers in action, and puppies, make this a winner! 11/03

Lake Effect Scottish Terriers: Use of colorful tartan and vivid colors, many delightful photos, plus helpful Scottie content - Bravo! 10/03

Biko the Bearded Collie: Colorful design, many appealing photographs of Biko and Fiddle, and free computer wallpapers make a winner! 8/03

Rosewater Labradors: Clean, attractive design and great photos for Bailey, Maddie and Jezebel make an appealing site to visit. Nice! 7/03

Golding Shar Pei: Clever site design, an open book, filled with fine photos, breed history, standard, links, kennel news, more. Bravo! 6/03

Lucy the Giant Schnauzer: Great photos, year by year, show Lucy growing up, swimming, plus helpful breed information, puzzles. Super! 3/03

Woodhenge Corgis: This appealing site uses creative graphics, poetry, photos and more to showcase their champion Corgis. Bravo! 12/02

Contact Point Border Collies: Enjoy lively photos of top performannce Border Collies active in agility, obedience, flyball, herding! 12/02

Agility Addicts: Meet Kate Moreaux, Border Collies Quick and Rouge, and Shetland Sheepdog Heisey in top agility action. Great photos! 11/02

Everafter Italian Greyhounds & English Bulldogs: Dramatic design and handsome photographs make this site a winner. Bravo! 11/02

Daisy - Future Leader Dog: Enjoy this diary with appealing photographs and stories about raising Daisy to be a leader dog. Super! 10/02

Ataboy Brittany Kennels: Colorful design, many pictures of Brittanies having fun or in sports action, plus lots of information! Neat!  9/02

Magic's Castle: Meet Magic, Flint and Svea [Groenendaels] and Sunshine [Tervueren] in fun photo galleries. Links in German, English. 9/02

DoggyDance: Marvelous photographs of the newer sport, Dancing with Dogs,showing imaginative routines and human/canine bond! 8/02

Kasron German Shepherds: Strikingly design,fine photographs, kennel information,helpful recommended links,and much more!  8/02

Bellagio Collies: Attractive design, wonderful photographs and a unique introduction to the white collie make this site a winner. 8/02

J-HausShepherds: Attractive design and handsome photographs make this "home of the black German Shepherd" worthy of this award. 8/02

Chicago Canine Rescue: Clever and colorful design plus wonderful photos of dogs waiting to be adopted make this site a winner. Bravo! 6/02

Shiloh Park Golden Retrievers: Lively colors, many historic and recent photographs, a fine breed section, more make a winner! Super! 5/02

The Puppourri: This fun site offers Lab and German Shepherd breed information, fun features, free graphics, awards. Nifty! 5/02

Everafter Italian Greyhounds & English Bulldogs: Striking site design, clear navigation and many appealing photographs make this a winner! 3/02

Search & Rescue Canine Tribute Slide Show: Many color photos show how SAR dogs helped at the World Trade Center site. Very moving. 2/02

Grey Oaks Kennel Labrador Retrievers: Attractive design plus two photo galleries including pictures of hunting scene makes a winner. 2/02

Bogan's Ace High German Shorthaired Pointers: Nice design, great photos, especially Dogs in Action Gallery, much more, earn honors! 2/02

Dazzlin Danes: Vivid colors and fun type styles illustrate this Great Dane site that has helpful information and many, many photos. 2/02

The Boston Site: "Too Cute" photo contest, photo gallery, attractive site design, lots of helpful information and links make a winner! 2/02

Dog Paddling Adventures Gallery: Wonderful photos of dogs and their humans enjoying canoe adventures; also see links, trip info. 1/02

ShowMeTzuMagic: This delightful site has many photos of working Shih Tzus in agility, obedience, Canine Good Citizen, more. Super! 1/02

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So Your Dog's
Not Lassie

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Click link to order 25 Stupid Mistakes Dog Owners Make
25 Stupid Mistakes
Dog Owners Make


Click the link to order Teach Your Dog to Behave
Teach Your Dog
to Behave

Click link to order Art of Raising a Puppy
Art of Raising
a Puppy


Click link to order I Just Got a Puppy
I Just Got a Puppy
What Do I Do?

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Bones Would Rain
From the Sky


Dog-Days.jpg (7356 bytes)
Dog Days:
Dispatches from
Bedlam Farm

Click link to order The Dog Whisperer
The Dog


Click link to order Alone Across The Arctic
Alone Across
The Arctic

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Gold Rush Dogs


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Informative & Cool Canine Site Award  [ Top ]  [ Criteria ]

Wobbler's Tale: This very helpful site tells how the Doberman, Lorelei, with Wobbler’s Syndrome, has been helped by acupuncture. 11/03 new3.gif (946 bytes)

Lake Effect Dog Training: Lots of helpful articles and links on training, dog health, more, plus fun photos of Kara's Goldens, Scotties! 10/03

Calliope Bouvier des Flandres: helpful breed information, tips for Bouviers in the tropics, great photos of Bouviers in action. Super! 10/03

K9-Connection South Africa: Neat site with information about training services plus resources on dog breeds, history, kennels. Helpful! 8/03

4D Acres Cattle Dogs: Nice site with helpful breed info and links, super photos, and useful articles on puppy stages, vaccinations, more! 8/03

Dogwood Pacesetters Canine Sports Club: Learn about club activities in agility, drill team and flyball, see photos, videos, more. Super! 7/03

Lynn the Dog Lady: Here's a wealth of helpful information on dog training, puppy socialization, using clickers, much more. Well done! 12/02

Working Dog Foundation: Home to the Iron Dog Challenge, the foundation promotes police/working dogs worldwide. Learn more here! 11/02

Pawsitive Training: Find helpful articles on clicker training, dog eyesight, more, plus "Ask Bailey" your dog training questions. Neat! 10/02 Find stories about working K9s, a big list of links and more for the law enforcement, military and civilian K9 community. 9/02

Panther Tibetan Mastiffs: Discover this breed's history, grooming and exercise needs, health, standards, pictures, more. Super!  8/02

Black Dog Farm's Border Collie & Working Dog Links: For dog activities, breed insights, health and training info, more, start here!  8/02

Wyndeway Shetland Sheepdogs: In-depth site on Shelties including a page on Sheltie coat colors, care resources, herding pictures, more! 8/02

Ballarat Branch - German Shepherd Dog Club - Victoria: Helpful resources on various types of dog training plus club information. Nice!  8/02

Central Search Dogs: Meet a team of New Zealand search and rescue dogs in photos, learn what they can do and about their activities. 8/02

A Chihuahua & A Yorkshire Terrier: Discover many details about these small breeds from history to health to grooming to training. 8/02 Learn all about dogs that do search and rescue via air scent work rather than tracking, and about this organization. 6/02 Dogs: Find dog shows, agility, obedience, flyball and many more canine events. Add your own event. Great resource! 2/02

Great Danes & Wobbler's Syndrome: Illustrated site explains this crippling disease, and the non-surgical cure that saved Delilah. Helpful! 2/02 Find information on breed health and care, breeders and rescue, Great Dane stories, links and more at a Great Site! 2/02

Borzoi Central: This online magazine offers the standard; health,genetics and breeding information; e-cards and many other features! 2/02

Koteltancos Komondor: Valuable information on Komondor grooming, on why or why not to choose this breed, plus great photos. Super!  1/02

The K9 Connection: Check the Links section for helpful K9 information, and enjoy Golden photos, free e-cards, message board. Nice! 1/02

Teseko's Faithful as My Shadow: Meet Belgian Tervuren Shay, learn the four varieties of Belgians, health concerns, much more. Great! 1/02

German Shepherd Working Dog Club of Western New York: Helpful info on Schutzhund, photos of members' dogs, more make a winner! 12/01

Belgian Dogs & Malinois Worldwide: With histories, descriptions and photos of all Belgian breeds, plus genetics,this is exceptional site! 12/01

Shadow-Wood Samoyeds: This site is filled with helpful articles on the breed, a big FAQ section, plus lots about their own Sammies. 11/01

Greater Houston Pembroke Welsh Corgi Fanciers: An excellent breed FAQ page, photo essays, rescue info, much more make a winner! 10/01

K9 Sports Dogz: Learn about dog sports like agility and frisbee, and about what you should know and do before getting a dog. Good work! 9/01

A - Z The Dog Breeds Alphabet: The best for every breed -- standards, clubs, e-lists, chat, e-cards, pictures, webrings, more. Wow! 1/00

Click link to order Peak Performance

Click link to order Barron's Encyclopedia of Dogs
of Dog Breeds

Click link to order Good Owners, Great Dogs
Good Owners
Great Dogs


Click link to order Woof! Woof!
Woof Woof

Click link below to order Surviving Your Dog's Adolescence
Surviving Your
Dog"s Adolescence

Cool Canine Site Award from
Cool Canine Site
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given by WDW


Click the link to order Why We Really Love Dogs
Why We Really
Love Dogs


Click link to order One Second to Glory
One Second
to Glory


Click link to order Scott & Fuller's famous behavior book
Genetics and the
Social Behavior of
the Dog


Imaginative & Cool Canine Site Award  [ Top ]  [ Criteria ]

Little Beasts: This clever site features two Boston Terriers, Bergamot and Emrys, a Weekly Photo & Caption contest, humor, much more! 11/03

Ons Nestje AmStaffordshires: Striking design combined with a creative use of slideshows to portray dogs and puppies make a winner! 8/03

Pampered Puppy Features: If you like to spoil your dog, here are feature articles on doing it in style!  Clever, well-designed site!  12/02

Torteval Irish Wolfhounds: Meet Clancy, Darcy, McGinty and Chewbacca, and don't miss their delightful Sports Page & much more. Fun! 10/02 You must meet Garth Milo, the Lab in question, in this fun site full of photos, great doggy tales, more. Fab! 10/02

Rags - Tales of the Uncompromising Shepweiler: Dave Butler tells how the wayward pup Rags comes into - and changes - his life. Fun! 8/02

Belgische Landseer Klub: Creative use of music, calendar, pictures, plus breed information make a very nice club site.  In Belgian. 5/02

Ronin Boxers: This cleverly designed site offers appealing photographs of dogs in action, kennel information and a fun "Contact" photo! 2/02

Pete the Pup - Movie Star: Discover in photos and stories the famous dog Pete the Pup that appeared in 77 Our Gang comedies. Fun!  2/02

Fur All Over: Click now for a huge collection of dog graphics, postcards, desktop themes, canine names, games and more. Great fun!  1/02

The Wizard of Aus: Our Totos: Visit this fun site to see two Cairn terriers prepping to star in The Wizard of Oz on stage. Wow! 12/01

Les Chiens Enormes: Four big dogs, including Marley, a Newfoundland, play a unique calming role at the UK's Big Paws Records. Fun!  11/01

Tiberius the Pug Dog: Charming photos of Tiberius and pals, stories of this pug as a detective, Woof! Daily, the world's pugs, more! 11/01

Tour Niagara Falls with Sasha: Explore this famous tourist spot with Sasha, a white shepherd. See "About Sasha" for her story!  10/01

Truman the DoberDude: The cast of Doberman characters include Conn B. D. Mann, I.B. Hans Sum, Truman and many more. Clever & fun! 5/01

Dober'toons: Get lots of laughs with this cartoon series featuring the Dobermans Annie, a rescue, and pals Oliver, Dobie and Izzy. 1/01

Two Dog Press: Charming dog cartoons, creative & yummy treat recipes, a fun contest, helpful articles and shopping make this a winner! 1/01 

BowWow Meeow: Whether you send a doggy postcard, use free graphics, find a dog name or have a chuckle, you'll enjoy this site! 9/00

Click link to order So Your Dog's Not Lassie
So Your Dog's
Not Lassie

Click link to order The Perfect Match
The Perfect

Click link to order Canine Good Citizen

The Goods
Canine Citizen


Click link to order Clicker Training
Clicker Training
for Obedience

Click link to order Help! My Dog Has an Attitude
HELP! My Dog
Has An Attitude

Clink link to order Dogs, on dog origins and behavior


Click link to order Bear: Heart of a Hero
Bear: Heart
of a Hero


BonesWouldRain.jpg (5182 bytes)
Bones Would Rain
From the Sky


Dog-Days.jpg (7356 bytes)
Dog Days:
Dispatches from
Bedlam Farm


Click link below to order Atlas of Dog Breeds
The Atlas of
Dog Breeds


Click link below to order Surviving Your Dog's Adolescence
Surviving Your
Dog's Adolescence


Click the link for this children's book on dogs with jobs
A Dog's Gotta Do
What a Dog's
Gotta Do

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Cool Canine
Site Criteria

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All-Around & Cool Canine Site Award   [ Top ]  [ Criteria ]

Bodeus: This is a tale of a working pup growing up, info on dog sports including schutzhund, agility, many photos, good organization. 12/03 new3.gif (946 bytes)

National White German Shepherd Rescue: Neat design, fine use of color, breed and rescue details, helpful K9 resources make a winner! 11/03

Oxbow Crew: A wonderful site filled with appealing Corgi photos, a heart-warming rescue story, health resources and more. Super! 11/03

Dogs with a Mission USA: Breeding Labrador Retriever, German Shepherd search dogs, plus story of Cholo at Ground Zero. Fine job! 11/03

Xin-feng Chow Chows: wonderful site design, great photos of their three Chow Chows, breed history, feeding and more make a winner! 10/03

Tritia's Town and Country Cockers: a personal site about two puppies, with helpful information, fine design, charming photos, more! Super! 10/03

SierraVista Labradoodles: Creative design, helpful breed information, FAQ on allergy friendly dogs, appealing photos and more. A winner! 10/03

Nordom Chesapeakes: Super site with breed background, kennel history emphasizing working dogs, great photo gallery and much more! 8/03

Wytoka American Hairless Terriers: Big site with history of this new breed, care, standard, breed "firsts," fun stuff, more. Super!  7/03

Crissy and Sandy's Home Page: Where you'll meet dogs Max, Bash,Tess,  Jackson, Emily and lure coursing, agility, herding, more. Wow! 6/03

The Daily Drool: A delightful site for Bassett Hound lovers with e-cards, discussion list, chat, breed FAQ and graphics, and more fun! 3/03

Spring Creek Labradoodles: This exceptional site is well designed, has great photos and valuable breed history and health info. Super! 12/02

Skyline Agility Club: Clean design and navigation coupled with helpful agility information and continuous news updates make a winner! 12/02

Dusilla Whippets: This handsome site features fine design, great photos, helpful breed information on standard and health, more. Bravo! 12/02

Wind Ridge Imperial Shih Tzu and Maltese: Learn about the origins of these two small breeds and enjoy delightful photos of them. 12/02

Equinox Dobermans PermReg: Health and other breed information, eCards, recipes, plus photos and details of their dogs make a winner! 12/02

Ceppo Rosso Chow Chows: Handsome design, clear navigation, fine photographs, breed standard and profile,more, make a winner! 9/02

Komaksiut Siberian Huskies: This fine site has breed history, appealing photographs of Siberian sled dogs, so much more. Great! 8/02

Dare to be Bare: Filled with vivid colors, remarkable photographs of Chinese Crested, breed history and care details, it's super! 8/02

Winsome Italian Greyhounds: Attractive design, appealing photographs, detailed breed and training information, more, make a fine site! 8/02

Musical Dog Sport: Clean, attractive design, vivid photographs of freestyle competitors, and details on this new sport make a winning site! 8/02

Laughing Dog Press: Canine lovers with a funny bone can get the real scoop on breeds, sports, read funny stories, Ask Laughing Dog, more! 8/02

Gold Coast Mastiffs: Enjoy super pictures of Mastiffs in obedience, Schuthund, carting, plus carting info, kennel details. Great!  6/02

Austlyn Australian Cattle Dogs: Discover Australian Cattle Dogs through words and pictures at this appealing, well organized site. Bravo! 6/02

von Gaudihof Hovawarts: This is a fine place to learn about Hovawarts, a working and guarding breed, and about suitable owners. Fun! 5/02

Project-Racing-Home: This site helps find homes for retired racing greyhounds, gives breed and sport history, great photos too! 3/02 Wonderful stories of Newfoundlands as companions and therapy dogs plus breed information, pictures, more. Super! 2/02

Wildhaus German Shepherd Dogs: Great pictures of working dogs, helpful questions & answers on health, training, much more. Bravo! 2/02

Lily Hill Coton de Tulear: Clean design, clear navigation, interesting breed information, plus stories and appealing photos earn honors! 2/02

Eclipse Boston Terriers: Excellent design and navigation, many handsome photos, plus helpful breed information and links make a winner. 2/02

Gryffyn's Aeyrie Borzoi: Wonderful breed articles plus Borzoi pictures, pedigrees, ancestor listing, helpful links, library, more. Super! 2/02

Wyndeway Shetland Sheepdogs: In-depth site with great illustrated page on colors of Shelties, breed info, health & vet care, more! 1/02 Breed history, appealing photo gallery, facts and fun stuff, and rescue links add up to a fine site. Bravo! 1/02

Dogs at This fine site offers stories of dogs worldwide, plus info on breeds, health, nutrition, legal matters, much more. 1/02

Covey Run German Shorthaired Pointers: Big guide for new puppy owners, a page on dog naming, plus kennel information make a winner! 1/02

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The Racing Siberian Husky
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Love of Dogs &
Cool Canine Site Award [ Top ]  [ Criteria ]

James Furious - From Stray to Office Greeter: Enjoy this story of a lost pooch, and learn about the Humane Society of Camden County. 11/03

Mr. Biggs: Meet a French Bulldog called Biggie Smalls and many more nicknames, adored and oft photographed by his people. Fun! 11/03

Chico - Therapy Dog: Chico's first job was to keep an elder dog perky, but now makes fire station visits, therapy calls. Appealing!  11/03

Kodi's Gate Onto the Rainbow Bridge: in memory of Kodi the Norwegian Elkhound. Dog lovers can post memories of their own dogs. 10/03

In Memory of Our Boxer Pepsi: Tim and Mary dearly loved Pepsi, and share feelings about letting go when her cancer was not cured. 7/03

Odin's Fund: A caring veterinarian set up the fund to help police officers learn first aid for their K9 working partners. Good cause! 7/03

Pit Stuff: Explore this Pit Bull lover's call to stop the "stereotyping of this noble breed" with evidence of those who loved them. 7/03

Murphy's Cyber Manor: Meet Murphy, one cool Black Labrador, with pictures of growing up, dog quotes, humor, more. Delightful! 5/03

Maverick's Westies: Get to know West Highland Terriers at this site in German and English, meet Maverick's T for Texas, more. Nice! 5/03

Santa Cruz Pugs: This enjoyable site offers valuable breed advice, very appealing photographs, discussion board, humor and more. Fun! 3/03

Janines German Shepherd Dogs: Enjoyable photographs plus a fine breed information page with historic pictures, more, makes a winner! 3/03

Shenerrah Shetland Sheepdogs: Meet Shelties active in agility, herding, showing; see a pup grow up; learn about spinning Sheltie hair! 3/03

Marde's Grooming & Canine Friends: This unique site tells endearing tales of some canine customers, and gives basic grooming tips. Neat! 3/03

Beachcomber Agility: Here you can check the Agility Event calendar for East Coast USA, see dogs in need of a home, buy agility gear. 3/03

Our Zoo: Meet much-loved dogs Patrick, Pooky and Pepper and the people who love them... and watch out for the cats!  Fun photos!  12/02

Chelsea MacFarlane: A great collection of appealing photos highlights the love of dogs on this site about a Golden Retriever and friends. 10/02

My Kyna Kennel: Learn about Cocker Spaniels, Springer Spaniels and Pointers; use dog links; and meet their fine, much loved dogs. 10/02

Snips - Spay/Neuter Incentive Project & Sanctuary: This site, aimed to improve dog welfare, offers a wealth of resources and caring. 9/02

Misty Dawn Australian Shepherds: Discover Aussies - one of 10 American breeds - including Hunter, Luna, Annie, Cheyenne, and family. 9/02

Meiyosho Akitas: Love of the Akita breed and the family's two Akitas - Bubs and Girly - shine through in photos, colorful design. 8/02

Heather's German Shepherd Dogs: Meet Tasha and Austin, explore FAQs and links on this breed, enter a photo contest, more. Cool! 8/02

Biscuit the Wonder Dog - Jack Russell Terrier: Enjoy appealing photos of Biscuit, striking design, helpful JRT links, fun features, more. 8/02

KevCin Akitas: Enjoy many photographs of puppy and adult Akitas as well as Akitas with their several loving families, plus breed info. 8/02

Long's Lot 'o' Bulls: Discover a wonderful collection of English Bulldog photos, adults and puppies, plus poems showing love of dogs. 8/02

Skeeter's Place:  Enjoy the adventures of a much loved Jack Russell Terrier with trips, beach treks, homemade treats, more!  Fun!  6/02

Agile K9z: A fun site made by a 14-year-old for three much loved dogs - Princess, Aspen and and Touch - and about agility. Super!  5/02

Groovy Greyhounds and Loopy Lurchers: Learn about Greyhounds and Lurchers, rehome these dogs, chat on message boards, more. 3/02

Cats K9 Tracks: Meet Sam who educates school children, subscribe to two e-newsletters on dog training, lost & found pets, much more. 3/02

Chekia Collies & Shelties & Rescue: Appealing photographs, poems about assistance dogs, memorial and rescue pages show love of dogs. 2/02

Boarpoint Great Danes & Pointers: Wonderful stories and pictures of each of this family's dogs, plus a great collection of helpful links. 2/02

Nicholas & Belle: Discover an owner's love for her Shih Tzu Nicholas and his buddy Belle the kitten through many pictures. Charming!  1/02

Achison Kansas Humane Society: Find dogs, cats and other animals to adopt, send e-cards, chat, read adoption stories, more. Bravo! 1/02

The Harmony Programme: If you wondered why dominance games fail to solve dog behavior problems, read about this alternative. 1/02

Dog Dazed & Cat Crazed: Find a cute Maltese nicknamed Big'un, the family's other dog and cats, helpful articles, more. Nice! 11/01

Kyle Varga's Golden Retriever Site: A very nice tribute to Chipper, great Golden links, appealing graphics and more show love of dogs! 11/01 

The House of Wrinkled Wonders: Much love and care is given to four special Shar Pei dogs. Learn about breed health care here. 11/01  

Tibetan Spaniel & Podenco Ibicenco: Meet much loved dogs of these two unique breeds via pictures, links. Enjoy funny photos too!  10/01

Balkenwind Rottweilers: The important role of dogs in their lives, family socialization, helpful breed information, more, make a winner! 10/01

Sibley's Site: Sibley's story - the adoption of a disabled dog - plus dog jokes, appealing photos, more, show devotion to dogs. Bravo! 10/01

Sarahjoy Scotties: Appealing Scottie photographs of Striker and Polo, plus many helpful Scottie links, more, show love of dogs! 10/01

Speck the Schipperke: Fun site about a loved pet, with many Schipperke drawings, features such as recipes, dog tricks, award. Super! 9/01

MisTori Shelties: Love shines here for Misha, Tori, Pierce & Cinder, plus info on Clever Canine Companions Versatile Working Registry. 9/01

Weybridge Flatcoated Retrievers: Meet two lucky dogs, Flip and Corey, as well as "the trainer" -- presented with a sense of humor! 9/01

Jessie' s Paw: Enjoy the heartwarming story and pictures of the Border Collie, Jessie, and his place in owner Renee's life. 9/01

Lachina Collies: One girl's love affair with collies has become Lachina Collies in Florida. Enjoy photos, favorite dog sites, more. 9/01

I Want a Westie: Looking for a name for a Westie? A breeder? Words of wisdom for training a West Highland Terrier? It's here! 9/01

Stonewall Springers: This fine site on Springer Spaniels offers a helpful "Info" page on serious hobby breeders, lots of photos, more. 8/01

Border Collie Trust GB: This British rescue organization offers a great page on care and training of this breed as a pet. A must read. 7/01

MaPaw Siberian Husky Rescue: Find out about the Siberians available for adoption, see success stories, learn about Sibes, more. 5/01

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