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Dog News & Headlines  [ Top ]

DogBlog - an online dog journal with trends and news
Dogs in the News - an online dog newspaper with serious and humorous canine news, cartoons [ends December 2002 but fun stories]
Dog News - weird, inspiring dog tales - the Digest of American Dogs, with online selections from this weekly publication about show dogs - news and features from the UK
Dog News Headlines - updated news about dogs from

Dog News -- Add a Site [ Top ]

Add a Dog News Site - to the WorkingDogWeb Links Directory
Add a Dog News or Issues Site
- to Open Directory Project
Check a Dog News or Issues Site
- at Open Directory Project


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A Dog Year:
Twelve Months
Four Dogs and Me


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The Art of
Raising A Puppy


Games, Humor & Trivia [ Top]

Best Dog Free Stuff - FIVEstar-red.gif (881 bytes)STAR SITE - games, screensavers, digital postcards for many breeds, coupons, doggie email addresses, much more!
Canine Behavior Code - humorous look at dog domestic life

Chazhound's Free Animal Games - and more fun online
Comic Canine Cartoons - famous cartoon dogs & clean dog jokes

Dog Day Afternoon - free postcards, various breeds
Dog Facts & Figures - biggest dog, smallest dog, fastest dog, slowest dog, smartest dog, much more
Dog Humor - amusing tales
Dog Humor Collection
- canine humor, stories, quotes
Dog Humor & Jokes and  Dog Humor - a guide to an ecclectic collection of funny dog sites
Dog Name Trends - Rover and Fido are out, what's in?
Dog Trivia - from
Doggie Trivia
- 15 amazing facts about canines
Dog Trivia Quiz
Forget Laughter - Dogs are the Best Medicine!
Funny Bones - a collection of Scottie dog humor
K9 Quotes - a lighthearted collection 
Kids' Canine Care Coloring Contest
- kids, win a prize!
Dogs in Fact & Mythology - discover Canis Major, Cerberus and much more about dogs, real and mythical - FUN!
  - animal care activities for kids from the AVMA
The Dogs & Dinner Plates Story
- is it true?
Working Dog Humor

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Great Owners
Great Dogs


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How to
Speak Dog


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The Siberian


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Canine E-mail Lists, Dog Forums [ Top ]

AgilObedSiberian - discussing Siberians in Agility and Obedience, and other agility email discussion lists
Animal Network Forums
- virtual meeting place for on-line discussions with dog lovers on care, heath, training and behavior, more
Barking Forum - from Barking Buddies
Chats & Forums for Dog Lovers - big list at Open Directory
Chats & Forums for Dog Lovers
- big listing at Yahoo!
Complete List of Dog-Related E-mail Lists
- with instructions
Biggest Agility Club On Earth
- history of the Agility List
- large group
DoberWorld Email
- a discussion list
Dog Breed Message Boards
- listed by AKC group or message boards listed in alphabetical order
Dog Forums & Chats @ ODP
- big listing at the Open Directory Project
Dog Forums & Chats @ Yahoo!
- big listing at Yahoo!
Dog Discussion Lists & More
- chats, message boards, discussion lists and more, including dog rescue boards, from Francis' DogHouse
Dog E-mail Lists
- choose one of the many lists to discuss dog topics
Doggie Door to Canine Behavior
- including chat, message boards
DogLists from Hoflin
- lists for 25 breeds including Siberian-H, discussing Siberian Huskies with an emphasis on showing
Good Dog! Training List
- learn about dog friendly training
Everything Husky Guide to Chat Rooms & Discussion Lists
- for Arctic and Northern breeds & sports such as carting, hiking, packing and sledding
Farm Collie Email List

- International Herder's Home Page, from Herders-L Message Board & E-mail Discussion List

Siberian Husky Groups @ Yahoo - 69 different groups
Siberian-H - a Hoflin list available at
Hoflin Dog Lists
- discussing all aspects of the Siberian Husky
- discussing all sled dogs including Siberians
Sibernet-L & SledDog-L Discussion Lists
- how to subscribe
star-red.gif (881 bytes) TalkDogs - online discussion from
Web Forum for
- ask questions here

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Housebreak Your
Dog in 7 Days


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Clicker Training
for Obedience


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Best Dog

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Dog E-zines, Online Newsletters    [ Top ]

A Breed Apart - first online greyhound magazine
Bad Dog Chronicles
- reality dog tales new3.gif (284 bytes)
Bird Dog and Retriever News
- big site, many articles

Bird Dog Training Resources - listing of newsletters, more
Canis Max
- Magazine for Large Dog Enthusiasts, with articles
Catahoula Ezine
- with Beginner's Guide excerpts
- bird dog and upland hunting e-zine
Cyberdogs&catsMagazine - online magazine in English and Italian
Dog Ezines, Forums & Chat - big list, links from Dr. P Newsletter - about places that welcome dogs
Dog Magazines
- list, links from Tamebeast
- archives of newspaper published by the Vietnam Dog Handlers Association with back issues free in PDF format
Dog Owners' Digest
- helpful and sometimes funny dog news
Dog Owner's Guide - more than 300 pages of features, breed profiles, training articles and much more
Dogs in Canada
- with online feature articles on obedience, more
Dog World Magazine - with a spotlight breed, more
Fan Hitch
- online newsletter of the Inuit Sled Dog International
- a global news site on field trialing, bird dog hunting, and its Field Trial Magazine - sample articles online
Field Trial News
- current news from pointing dog clubs
Good Dog! - bimonthly consumer e-zine for dog owners
Great Dane Reporter - with sample articles
Greyhound Daily News
- 1997 to present, from NGA

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Start with SledDogs @ WorkingDogWeb

Hike! Magazine - Italian sled dog magazine with online content available in both Italian and English
Husky Magazin
- German sled dog magazine online
- Sierra Nevada Dog Drivers newsletter online [pdf]
International Cyberzine for Working Dogs
, and quick index
to many past articles
K9 DISCussion -
free ezine for frisbee dog lovers in Australia
Mushing Magazine
- with sample articles, and Mushing Archives
NetPet Magazine - edited by Bonnie Dalzell with articles, humor, breed profiles, more
Online Tugline
- for sled dog racers with sample issue [pdf], articles and archive of past covers, from North Star Sled Dog Club 
Racing Siberian Husky Online
- sampling of articles
Retrievers Online
- sample articles and index to all back issues
Sheltie International
- with sample articles online
- online coonhound magazine
star-red.gif (874 bytes) WDW News - sign up for our FREE occasional newsletter on dog behavior, training, health, free stuff, more!

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The Domestic Dog
or shop at our


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Gun Dog

Dog Magazines


Info on Dog Magazines, Newsletters   [ Top ]

Athletic and Working Dog Newsletter - published by a veterinarian
- UKC magazine
Coonhound Bloodlines
- UKC magazine
Dog Publications
- from Dog Domain Library
Dogs Monthly
- from the UK
Dog Sports Magazine
Doll-McGinnis Dog Magazines
- Doberman Digest, more
Hoflin Dog Magazines
- 17 breeds, Akita to Siberian Husky

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Dog Magazines

Hunting Retriever Magazine - from the UKC & the Hunting Retriever Club
Pointing Dog Journal  
Publications dedicated to Sports in the Field
with the AKC Pointing Breed Dog - the Brittany, Pointer, German Shorthaired Pointer, German Wirehaired Pointer, English Setter, Gordon Setter, Irish Setter, Vizsla, Weimaraner, and Wirehaired Pointing Griffon
Racing Siberian Husky 
- newsletter on racing lines of Siberian Huskies, and on breeding, training, racing, health, plus Order form
Retrievers Online
- Canadian magazine of field trial, hunting retrievers
The Shepherd's Dogge
- journal of the Border Collie and ancestors
Yapper - newsletter for working Samoyeds

Click link below to order Atlas of Dog Breeds
Atlas of
Dog Breeds


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Home Veterinary


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Dog Advice and Q&A    [ Top ] - filed with tips, suggestions and answers to visitors' questions about their dogs new3.gif (284 bytes) - unique site offering answers and solutions in 24-hours to your dog and horse questions
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Articles, Bibliographies, Catalogs   [ Top ]

American Dog Trainers Network: Articles & Tips
Bibliography on the Australian Kelpie
- see end of article
Bibliography on the Border Collie and a list of Border Collie Books 
Bibliography on the Iditarod Sled Dog Race
- a thorough listing, annotated by Donald Bowers
Bibliography on the Sheepdog
- by Carole L. Presberg
Bibliography on Sled Dogs
- from Mushing
Bibliography on the West Highland White Terrier
Bibliography of Working Dog Books
- Agility to Sled Dogs, from the Dog Lovers Bookshop
Dog Behavior and Training Articles
Dog Health Articles & Pet Columns - University of Illinois Vet School
Healthy Reasons to Have a Pet
- one of many articles available online from the Delta Society new3.gif (284 bytes)
When a Dog Is a Lemon
- a dog law article by Mary Randolph

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Start with SledDogs @ WorkingDogWeb

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Running North


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Dog DVDs

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Selected Dog Books, Stories Online [ Top ]

A Dog Story - one view of why dogs are as they are
Adventures of Balto: an illustrated children's story to read online or print out in pdf format
Bad Dogs Chronicles
- more than 4,000 bad dog stories from all over the world, from all breeds - select Stories or submit your own
Call of the Wild
- and more of Jack London's famous sled dog
tales and stories of the Yukon, complete online

Cremation of Sam McGee
- famous Robert Service poem about the Arctic, the Yukon and sled dogs and more about Robert W. Service  
Dogs in Quotes
- 18 pages of dog quotations, plus dog stories, proverbs, sayings & poems
Dogs in Quotations
- appealing canine quotations
Dog Stories
- a collection of 15 stories including working dogs
Eric Mowbray Knight & the Original Lassie
- inspired by Toots, his own real life collie dog
Gaston Phoebus, Book of the Hunt
- 15th century work with
paintings of hunting dogs of that era
- the story of a loyal Akita, another version of Hachiko' story and photos of Hachiko
Moses' Last Duck
- G. L. Smith's story of a Labrador retriever
Mugzy Online - stories and illustrations of Mugzy the King Charles Spaniel, for kids
Stickeen: An Adventure with a Dog and a Glacier - by John Muir, from Travels in Alaska (1915)
Swansea Jack: Heroic Rescuer - the story of a black Labrador Retriever in Wales who rescued children at risk of drowning in Swansea Bay

Click the link to order this great sled dog book Wonderful Sled Dog Book:
Lessons My Sled Dog Taught Me:
Humor and Heartwarming Tails
from Alaska's Mushers

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Choosing a Dog


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