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Before & After
Getting Your Puppy:
A Positive Approach


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To help you choose your next puppy and train it well, we've collected some great information sources about puppies on the Web.  Use an online selector survey to consider different breeds.  Learn the top training methods.  Use these resources -- and enjoy a happy, well mannered dog.

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Choosing a Dog


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Adopt the
Perfect Dog


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My Smart Puppy:
Fun, Effective, and
Easy Puppy Training
(Book & DVD)


Click link below to order The Art of Raising a Puppy
The Art of
Raising A Puppy


turq-sm.gif (967 bytes) Selecting the Puppy for You    [ Top ] 

Breeds of Dogs - collection of breed web sites
at the Open Directory Project, including links to breeders and kennels
Checklist for Choosing a Puppy - health, socialization, more
Choosing a Dog - advice and breed information

Choosing the Right Type of Dog for You - based
on activity level, gender, age, grooming and more, using this helpful article
Choosing the breed that's right for you - starting by identifying characteristics you prefer

Click link below to order Paws to Consider
Paws to Consider:
Choosing the
Right Dog

Choosing the Right Breed: do your research with care to pick a perfect dog for your lifestyle
star-red.gif (881 bytes) Dog Breeds & Breeders - big guide from with breeds arranged by the work they do
Dog & Cat Breed Selector - free online service
Dog Breed Information Center - consider breeds by size, kind of coat, need for exercise, behavior with kids, and much more
FIVEstar-red.gif (881 bytes)SITE
Perfect Match - or Is It? - helpful article & checklist
Puppy Alternative - consider getting a senior dog!
Selecting a Dog Breed - One Size Does Not Fit All!
SelectSmart: Dogs - fill in an easy survey, learn about breeds for you and your family
Understanding Growth Rates for puppies of different breeds, with larger breeds having a longer growth period
Working Breeds - discover all types of working dogs, to see if they would be right for you and your family
Your Purebred Puppy - honest reviews of 180 purebred dog breeds including AKC and rare breeds

turq-sm.gif (967 bytes) Choosing a Working Pup    [ Top ] 

Choosing a Puppy for Conformation or Obedience - step-by-step advice on selecting a competitive puppy or dog
Choosing a Puppy or Dog for Search & Rescue
FAQ on Choosing a Working Puppy - for Schutzhund competition and other dog sports

PAWS Working Puppy Evaluation - step-by-step instructions for a useful evaluation process
Picking a Puppy for a Working Program - what to look for in a pup to succeed in competitive working activities
Picking a Basset Hound for Obedience
Selecting a Working Bouvier puppy - one man's opinion on what is really important to the process


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Choosing a Dog
for Life

Click link below to order Choosing a Dog for Dummies
Choosing a Dog
for Dummies


Click link below to order Atlas of Dog Breeds
Atlas of
Dog Breeds

Click link below to order Dogs: Selecting the Best Dog for You
Selecting the Best
Dog for You

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Your Dream Dog:
A Guide to
Choosing the Right
Breed for You


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Puppy School : Everything You Need to Know to Raise the Perfect Pup


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Puppy Smarts
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What's Its Name:
1000 Ways to Dub
Your Dog

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turq-sm.gif (967 bytes) Obtaining Your Puppy    [ Top ] 

50 Most Popular Dog Breeds - breeds to consider - USA 2000
Bringing Your New Puppy Home - everything from equipment you need to health checks to spending time with a new pup, more

The Good & Not So Good Sources of Puppies - all your options
PuppyFinder - find breeders by breed all around the USA
PuppyNet - find purebred puppies

Dog Breed Rescue - a large listing from Yahoo!
Dog Rescues & Shelters - big list at Open Directory Project

star-red.gif (874 bytes)Click banner to find great products for 135 breeds from Affenpinscher to Doberman, German Shepherd to Labrador, Rottweiller to Siberian Husky, Weimaraner to Yorkshire Terrier, more!  Thanks for your support.

turq-sm.gif (967 bytes) Naming Your Pup    [ Top ] 

1,347 Dog Names - click on a letter of the alphabet
2,000 Names for Your Puppy - including today’s popular names
7,000 Dog Names - plus names for pairs of pups
11,253 Names for German Shepherds

15,000 Dog Names - in English, French & German
25,000 Dog Names - in many categories including by country and by topic such as appearance, color, sport and many more
A Zillion Puppy Names - including simple call names, fancy show names, names by country of origin and more

Advice on Naming Your Puppy - helpful strategies
BowWowMeow - big listing of pet names, plus top names in Australia and the USA, plus naming tips
Dog Names - top 50 dog names plus search a name database
Educated Dog Names - with Latin meanings such as Belle (beauty), Hilary (cheerful) or Tacita (to be quiet)

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CLICK ABOVE to browse great books on dog breeds!

Names of Famous Dogs
- starting with A-D, click buttons for more
Names for Bulldogs
- advice on naming Bulldogs plus names of some of the famous Bulldogs in breed history

Names for Sled Dogs - more than 1,800 naming ideas
Perfect Pet Name Advisor - answer questions, get ideas! 
- find names for dogs, cats, hamsters, horses, and many more pet animals
Popular Dog Names & their Meanings
- clues to the best name for your dog or puppy

Still More Name Suggestions - click on a letter of the alphabet 
Tibetan Names for Dogs
Turkish Names for Turkish Dogs

Click link to order The Power of Positive Dog Training
Power of Positive
Dog Training

Click link to order No Bad Dogs
No Bad Dogs: The
Woodhouse Way

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Canine Good

JustGotAPuppy.jpg (6371 bytes)
I Just Got a Puppy.
What Do I Do?


Click link below to order The Perfect Puppy
The Perfect Puppy


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Puppy School:
Everything You Need
to Know to Raise
the Perfect Pup


Click link below to order Puppy Preschool
Puppy Preschool


Click link below to order Civilizing Your Puppy
Your Puppy

turq-sm.gif (967 bytes) Basic Care & Training for Puppies    [ Top ] 

4 P's of Puppy Training - start at 8-9 weeks
Anatomy & Behavior & Health in Dogs - many topics for puppies and adult dogs
Bond with Your Dog
- from Tips from Matty
Canine Good Citizen Test
- 10 steps to a dog trained for basic companionship and family life  and test details from the American Kennel Club
Collar & Leash for a Pup - tips on selection, use
Crate Training in Brief
- used correctly, a
crate becomes pup's "den"

PuppyDevelopment.jpg (5957 bytes)
Another Piece
of the Puzzle:
Puppy Development

Helpful Puppy Training Hints - teething, leash training, more
House Training Puppies - a comprehensive look
How Dogs Think - read this before you begin puppy training!

How to Teach a Puppy to Come - right and wrong methods
How to Teach a Puppy Self Control
Nine Easy Behaviors to Teach Your New Puppy - from the eye contact game to wait at the door, with instructions

Puppy Care & Training - a friendly, thorough online guide
Puppy Care & Training & More - from Purina’s PuppyPlace
Puppy Care Recommendations - from the Pet Place
Puppy & Dog Nutrition Advice
- from ASPCA
Puppy Information Library - from Dr. P’s Dog Training Site
Puppy Socialization Early Is Important - advice from veterinarians

Click link to order Canine Good Citizen
Canine Good

Puppy Rearing - Part One: A Guide for New Owners
Puppy Rearing - Part Two: Socialization
Puppy Rearing - Part Three: New Puppy Training
Start Puppy Training at 7 Weeks - tips from veterinarians
Your New Puppy - helpful FAQ from Cindy Tittle Moore

turq-sm.gif (967 bytes) Breeding & Whelping Puppies    [ Top ] 

Breeding,Whelping & Rearing Pups - famous FAQ from rec.pets.dogs
Canine Diversity Project - articles to read before picking mates
Checklist for Dog Breeding - steps to take before breeding

Genetic Testing - a guide for breeders
Introduction to Canine Genetics - for breeders
What is a breed? - read before you breed


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