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With 1,000+ links to dog information plus key info you need daily like news and weathe -- available in our Daily Portal found right on the home page -- WorkingDogWeb is a perfect web browser start page for dog lovers.  Here, we provide you both simple set-up instructions and some great reasons why you should try this out!  Thanks for visiting and using WorkingDogWeb!

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In Microsoft Internet Explorer, choose View on the top menu bar, then click on Internet Options and then choose General.  In the Address Box, type in: and then check your typing and Click OK.

In Netscape Navigator, choose Options on the top menu bar, then click on General Preferences and then choose Appearance.  In the box for "Browser starts with," type in: and then Click OK.

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1.  The new Home Page has all the features you need at daily Web browser start-up:  links to ESPN Sports, Weather, a Web Search Engine Collection, a searchable News Index of 250 newspapers, and a Web Calendar or the handy Reminders Service located on the Excite search page. [NOTE: the site has evolved considerably since 2002!]

2.  All 1,000+ links to useful information about working breeds, dog health, canine sports and more are easy to find in WorkingDogWeb's six Global Guides.  The dog information you need is at your fingertips.

3.  You can personalize Weather to your home area as well as personalize Reminders, putting in birthdays, anniversaries and other important dates on the Excite search engine page.  Use it daily!  You'll be glad you did!

4.  For fun, there are four links to freebies -- online puppy postcards with handsome dog pictures, a dog calendar, free dog graphics for your web pages and a link to #1 Free Stuff for your convenience.

5.  Shop the WorkingDogWeb BookShelf for big discounts on dog books, and use our Music & More page to order your favorite music from CDnow.

6.  Canine Link of the Week and Cool Canine Sites help you find some of the web's top resources about dogs.

7.And if you own or breed Siberian Huskies or other sled dogs -- or just love them -- there are now quick links on the WDW Home Page to a huge collection of Iditarod, sled dog racing and Siberian Husky links. Enjoy!

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