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We formerly honored dog web sites for lively visuals, informative content, unique imagination, all-around excellence and love of dogs. We are keeping online the pages displaying the winners from past years, as a service to those who were honored. Some links no longer work as sites have vanished from Cyberspace. Enjoy those still online!  PLEASE read all the criteria to understand the value of these Cool Canine Site awards. Thanks! 

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The Great Race to
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The Racing Siberian Husky
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Merle's Door:
Lessons from a Freethinking Dog

Merle's Door

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BlueBall-Sm.gif (950 bytes) Eye-catching & Cool Canine Site  [ Top ]  [ Criteria ]

vom Feuerwald Rottweilers: Go to Photogallery for great pictures of Rotties in agility, swimming, playing. Lots of info too. A treat! 12/00

His Dog: Enjoy a visually appealing home page, many photos of "his dog" Timberland the Rottweiler plus a warm-hearted family story. 11/00

Austin Travis Agility Group: Many wonderful photos of dogs competing in agility [see About Agility & Scrapbook] make this site a treat! 10/00

A Tribute to Dogs: This site's attractive design and dog paintings plus its many free dog graphics [and stories] make this site a winner! 8/00 

Nefer-Temu Pharaoh Hounds: Enter the pyramids to explore the history of this ancient breed and this kennel's own dogs. Striking!

Blitzkrieger Dobermanns: Pictures and more pictures of working dogs, dogs at play, puppies, historic dogs in their breeding line. A treat! 6/00

Valeska Borzoi: A stunning photo of three Borzoi at high speed opens this site that also has coursing action and historic Borzoi photos. 4/00

Patrick Dolkens Nature & Dog Photography: A truly extraordinary visual treat of vivid dog photographs,more!  Explore with left menu. 4/00

Free Canine Graphics: Add eye appeal to your own site with these great graphics sets of Rottweilers, Boxers, Samoyeds, Westies, more! 4/00

Prairie Sighthounds: A stiking Ibizan Hound photo to open the site, adult and puppy photos and vivid Egyptian graphics make this a winner. 4/00

Mateer Labradors: If you love dogs, charming country graphics and fun dog pix, you'll love this site. Check out the banner exchange!  2/00

AgilityAbility -- Mini Division: Discover the achievements of small breeds in agility through marvelous action photos and "Mini Moments."  1/00

Akashima Shiba Inu Kennel: Superb use of photos and fine design throughout this site help you fall in love with this Japanese breed! 9/99 

Golden Treasure: Delightful photos catch three Golden Retrievers in action from puppyhood onward. And try Denver's fun Picture Puzzle quiz! 9/99

Expedition Samoyeds: Explore fun activities you can do with your Samoyed in all seasons through great photos in the Great Outdoors gallery. 6/99 

Dog Shots: Enjoy striking photography of Dutch Shepherds, dogs working in Schutzhund, dog portraits and more, in a handsomely designed site. 5/99

Pyramides de Cholula: Meet the Bichon Havanese, Chihuahua, Chinese Crested & Italian Greyhound through pictures and history. English & French. 5/99

SH-Norway: This Norwegian Siberian Husky Homepage has great photos of racing Siberian teams and famous individual dogs in the Gallery!  12/98

BlackRiver Sled Dog Site: Attractively designed, this site also features
famous photos from early sled dog racing in New England.

Great Swiss Mountain Dog Historical Photos: With these photos taken from
1937-1944, we get a unique glimpse of the roles of this working dog.

Photo Gallery at National Capital Air Canines: Outstanding photos of frisbee dogs.  Be sure to click on Mutts in Action for top pictures!  6/98

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BlueBall-Sm.gif (950 bytes) Informative & Cool Canine Site [ Top ]  [ Criteria ]

Dog-friendly Places in Florida: You can take your dog to the Sunshine State! Here are dog-friendly beaches, RV parks and more. 11/00

Derbyshire Dog Agility Club UK: Looking for agility events and results, general and clicker training info, agility links, more? It's here! 10/00

Von Forell Kennel: Learn about working Dobermanns and German Shepherds, breeding, and stimulation of young puppies for success. 10/00

Pet Questions @ DogLane: Find thoughtful, helpful answers to tough dog and pet questions in this section of a fun canine site, Dog Lane. 9/00

Rare Molosser Domain: Meet Rare Molosser list members, with breeds from Beauceron to Mastiff, find health info, helpful links, more. 9/00

American Spaniel Club Field Committee: Learn about the Cocker Spaniel in action, from those preserving the breed's working abilities.

Rottweilers-R-Us: A spirited defense of this powerful breed combines with lots of information on the breed, sports, training, grooming. 6/00

Vonstallog Rotts: Find a weath of information on the Rottweiler breed, its history, temperament, pictures, plus activities to do with dogs. 6/00

Westie Rescue of Northern California: This rescue site goes the extra mile, providing lots of Westie info to help rescues succeed. 5/00

Canine Epilepsy Resources: This helpful site provides information on epilepsy and other dog diseases causing seizures, plus treatment details. 5/00

After Hours Australian Shepherds: Find in-depth information about Aussies, many helpful links plus the story of engaging Eli! 4/00

Tremaudan Kennel:  Discover a wealth of information about the Bouvier des Flandres, the Dobermann and on Schutzhund and Ring Sport.

Black Russian Terriers:  Discover the history of this new 20th century breed created for guarding work, see them in action, more. 2/00

Rottweiler Discussion Forums:  This active site in filled with helpful information on Rottweilers, from behavior to Working Rotts. 2/00

A - Z The Dog Breeds Alphabet: The best for every breed -- standards, clubs, e-lists, chat, e-cards, pictures, webrings, more. Wow! 1/00

Hermes Munsterlanders: Great site to discover this hunting breed, with history, photos in agility, hunting, and dogs around the world. 1/00

Canine Times E-zine: The big archives for this free e-zine lets you search and find a wealth of canine health information and much more. 1/00

All Things Quail -- and Bird Dogs: There's much to learn here about quail and the pleasures of hunting them with a fine bird dog.  1/00

Doggie World: Great place to learn about the history of the Welsh Corgi
and the world of the drovers who used these hard-working dogs.

Michal Filly Astra: This site, with an informal friendly design, offers dog training info, a look at sports like agility, plus a Tip of the Week.  5/99

Southern Alberta Toy Dog Fanciers: Learn about the toy breeds, their breeders, and the club and its activities in a well designed site.  1/99

Barbary Coast Bull Terrier Club: Visit this San Francisco club, host of the 1999 Silverhood competition, with lots of breed information.  1/99

Lowcountry Pet-Net: Explore an attractive online newsletter for dogs [and
cats] in South Carolina. Activities, clubs, vets, more. Nice! 

Select Smart: Complete a short survey on dog traits, click and you have a
list of breeds for you, based on your preferences. Helpful! 

Bearded Collie Page: This Swedish site offers history, kennel links and advocacy for working Beardies in agility or obedience. Bravo!  12/98

DogFriendly: You can take your dog to beaches, parks, resorts and more
in California, and here's where!  A handy resource indeed. 

Flying Dog Press: Click Article Menu for 18 thought-provoking,worthwhile articles about dogs, including Of Hostages & Relationships. 12/98

GDF-Grads: Here's a wealth of information for the public on guide dogs
and relating to them, from Guide Dog Foundation graduates. 

The Ultimate Border Collie: This site has mined the web for all the best resources on this breed.  This is the place to start learning!  12/98

Dog Owner's Guide: All aspects of dogs are covered at this site, from adolescence to zoonotic diseases, and all breeds including rare ones. 6/98

Dr. P's Dog Training:  Detailed information on dog training is provided,
through articles and links, by a psychologist and dog trainer.

The Dog Obedience and Training Page:  While the format is long lists, this well-known site is comprehensive, with basic to advanced training. 6/98

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to Doberman, German Shepherd to Labrador, Rottweiller to Siberian Husky,
Weimaraner to Yorkshire Terrier, more! 
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BlueBall-Sm.gif (950 bytes) Imaginative & Cool Canine Site  [ Top ]  [ Criteria ] This shopping site has many free features including an dog trivia contest, dog news, featured dog photos and more. Fun! 12/00 

Tess & Border Collie Buddies: Enter the Border Collie of the Month contest, vote or just enjoy the many photos and stories. 12/00 

BowWow Meeow: Whether you send a doggy postcard, use free graphics, find a dog name or have a chuckle, you'll enjoy this site! 9/00

Funny Postcard: Send these funny pix of dogs and pups as postcards, just enjoy a chuckle or submit your own "candid canine" photo. Fun! 7/00 

Wagtime: Ready to see creative musical performances -- from Elvis to the symphony -- by Boston Terriers and friends? Fantastic & fun! 6/00 

Dinsdale Standard Schnauzers: From a creative Breed Info page with slide show to a fun Links & Games page, this new site is a delight. 6/00

Le village de musher: Dramatic colors, photos make this a unique site on sled dogs, mushing. Do visit even if you don't read French. 6/00 

Metropets: Helping homeless pets in D.C., this site has creative graphics, a nifty pet search engine, adoption events list, Ask Sage, more. 1/00 

LabMission:   Wonder what a yellow Lab named Popcorn "sounds like" -- in music? This creative site offers music, photo and more! Bravo! 1/00

Cinema Boxers: This cleverly designed site uses a "film" theme to show off its handsome boxers, share breed information and more. Fun!   1/00

SPCA Montreal's Boutique: Girerd, a La Presse cartoonist for 28 years, aids the SPCA with clever cartoons for fundraising items like t-shirts. 6/99

Dog-O-Mania: Unique site with many features including a special dog search engine, free classified ads, recent dog news, chat, more. 5/99 Very attractive site where you can post a photo of your own
dog -- 1,000 dog pictures already online!  Fun, creative site!

Capital Paws: A unique "newspaper" for West Highland White Terriers, with charming sketches plus Angie's Wonderful World of Westies. 12/98

Cardogz: A creative site for people who love dogs & cars!  Send in your dog [or car] photo, check dog shelters and read the latest dog news. 6/98

Dog Day Afternoon: Send online postcards featuring handsome dog photos,
including working breeds -- collie, dalmatian, retriever, more. 

Rare Breed Network: A well designed site for rare breeds from Akbash
to Xoloitzcuintli, with stunning dog paintings by Ann Embree.

BlueBall-Sm.gif (950 bytes) All-Around & Cool Canine Site   [ Top ]  [ Criteria ]

Liberty's Spirit: This site about Australian Cattle Dogs and Border Collies is terrific! Be patient for the great photos. Lots of info. 11/00

Scooter and Friends: Vivid photos of Australian Shepherd Scooter in frisbee, with puzzle toys, plus Aussie links, more. In Dutch. 11/00

Asa Taiyo Akitas: This big site offers everything from history and tips about Akitas to photos of the breed in agility to fun pages. 10/00

Milwin Australian Shepherd Kennel: The blend of photos, stories, helpful links, free graphics and quality design makes this site a winner! 10/00

WhippetView: This site is rich in content about racing and show whippets, with historic photos, breeder interviews [see calendars] and more! 7/00

Har-Vel Boxers: Site has unique design, extensive photos and information including features on famous Boxers including Bang Away. Super! 7/00

Alkarah German Shepherds: Fine design, clear navigation, helpful links and the story of a girl falling in love with this breed make a winner! 7/00

Pathfinder Search & Rescue: This well-designed site offers information and pictures of a team of people and dogs helping their community. 6/00

SureShot Gordon Setters: A delightful opening page, great pictures, sound navigation, fine breed history plus fun stuff are included. Bravo! 6/00

Hardy-Flap Bichon Frise: Quality navigation, photos and information make this site a winner. See Bichons do flyball and learn the sport. 4/00

Chinooks Worldwide: This site has it all - fine design, historic and modern photos of a rare sled dog breed, history, FAQ, more. Fabulous! 2/00

Wee Tartan Shetland Sheepdogs: Handsome design, a mini-slideshow of dog pictures, helpful breed info and links highlight this winner. 2/00

Sherwood Basenjis: This site offers a richly detailed introduction to this unique breed, with great stories, fun Puppy Chronicles, more. 1/00 

Heart o' Gold Shetland Sheepdogs: This awesome site offers wonderful stories, photos, review of Sheltie sites, fine design. Splendid! 1/00 

Dandie Online: This delightful Dandie Dinmont terrier site has fine design and navigation, great photos and lots of information. Bravo!  11/99 

Samson's Cyber DogHouse: Fun and useful features -- from a dog I.Q. test to a photo contest to training info -- make this site a winner. 9/99

Tiffany's Place Rottweilers: Attractive design, a creative puppy photo, breed history and love of dogs makes this an all-around winner. 5/99

Twist'N Shout Belgian Tervueren: This site combines handsome design, great photos, breed information and links.  In English and Swedish. 5/99

Chazhound's Free Dog Page: Recognized for interactivity, this site has chat, BigDog Award photo contest, games plus dog care info. 12/98

Land of Pure Gold:  Live, laugh and love with Golden Retrievers. A remarkable site rich with delightful graphics, games, stories, more. 12/98

Philo do Camping - Fila Brasileiro: Graphically pleasing, easy to navigate, with a detailed look at this rare breed's origins, health care, more. 12/98

Ask Dr. Universe:  Captivating web site, and you can Ask Dr. Universe questions about dog health, genetics, and much, much more. 6/98

Basenji Companions: Neatly designed, with a touch of animation, this site introduces this unique African hunting dog and human companion.  6/98

Schnauzerworld: Clean design, solid content introduce the giant, standard
and miniature schnauzers.  Be sure to "mouse over" the three dogs.  

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BlueBall-Sm.gif (950 bytes) Love of Dogs & Cool Canine Site [ Top ]  [ Criteria ]

Meet Poika: Meet this Golden Retriever and owner Michael, and enjoy a quotes page on love for dogs, Weekly Barks, photos, more! 12/00

Dreamworkers Therapy Dogs: See therapy dogs of many breeds at work, find about therapy dog training and learn dog safety. 12/00

Acerridge Rhodesian Ridgebacks: Wonderful photos, an emphasis on dogs with sunny temperaments and family rearing make this a winner. 11/00

B.O.S.S. Boxers: Love for the Boxer breed shines here in appealing photos, the breed descriptions and tips, and the rescue work. 10/00

Sheltie Mania: Here's a friendly community for Sheltie lovers with chat, feature photos, humor, breed history and health, much more! 9/00

Home of the Maspyrians: Come meet Lambeau and Bailey, two neat rescue dogs, and their loving family.  Check out the dog art work too! 7/00

Golden Retriever Rescue & Community Education: Check out the many heart-warming success stories at this Indiana rescue site. Great! 6/00

Cassie's Corner: Miss Cassie Mae, a therapy dog and certified drug dog, works to help kids make good choices. Love of dogs & kids here! 6/00

St. Bernard Club of Queensland: Love for this breeds shines in the great photo slideshow, breed information, rescue work, much more. 4/00

Siberian Husky Rescue of Florida: A well-written breed description, FAQ, adoption page and happy ending listing expresses love of dogs! 2/00

National Dog Rescue Connection: Offers rescue links for many, many breeds plus lots of loving advice on dog care, communication and more. 2/00

Nonna the English Sheepdog: Enjoy puppy and grown-up photos of Nonna, relatives and friends, plus helpful links and Finnish dog shows. 2/00

Dogstarr: Charming canine graphics combine with gentle dog humor, helpful information and a passion for quality care of our best friends. 1/00

Chip & Kelly the Therapy Dog Papillons: See these two wonderful Certified Therapy Dogs in action and the joy of the human-animal bond. 1/00

Bulletproof a Police Dog: Learn about a one-woman campaign to equip police dogs with life-saving vests, and discover how you can help. 1/00

Sir Bartimous of the Skunks: If you enjoy well told stories of the antics of dogs, you'll want to read this tale filled with humor and love. 1/00

China Road Lowchens: This attractively designed site demonstrates great love for these rare dogs!  Click to see the unique Lowchen! 9/99

Aspen's Place: Have you ever seen a happy yellow lab lolling in Texas bluebonnets? That's just the start to this fun site! 5/99

The Rested Dog Inn: A fun site combining a love of Rottweilers plus some friendly dog info pages on humor, health, travel and more. 5/99

Little Dog Joschi: Enjoy a heartwarming story of a little German dog adopted by a talented young painter named Ulli.  English & German. 1/99

A Star in Alabama: Meet Star, a color-headed white Shetland Sheepdog, and her adventures in agility and obedience with her loving owner.  12/98

Bellaire's Saxon Scout: Meet a friendly yellow lab who misses Texas friends  [and duck hunting] now that he lives in Chicago. Lively!  12/98

Chyndadn's Siberian Huskies: Meet all the huskies, and don't miss a funny collection of humorous dog tales called Canine Humor & Heart!  12/98

Rowanglen Shelties: Love of dogs shines through on the Beloved Pets page and in the helpful Puppy Care page of this well designed site. 12/98

Whiskey's & Gypsey's Doggie Den: Discover astute quotes on dogs, plus doggie recipes, photos, more.  Lots of love here!  12/98

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