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Chukchi in a Eurasian Context
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Antler on the Sea:
The Yup'ik and Chukchi of the
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Chukchi | Northeast Asians | Cultural Links | Geography & Maps

The Chukchi are the native Siberians of Chukotka, the far northeast corner of Siberia across the Bering Strait from Alaska. They were both coastal hunters of sea mammals and interior reindeer breeders and herders.

The Chukchi were among the peoples whose working sled dogs were imported to Alaska for racing during the Gold Rush. In turn, those Siberian racing dogs became the breed known as the Siberian Husky.

Who are the Chukchi and what were the genetic and cultural influences that shaped these Arctic peoples?  What are their links to Eskimo peoples and the reindeer peoples of Eurasia? Here are resources from genetic, anthropological and historical research on the native peoples of Siberia, useful in finding answers.

ArcticAdaptations.jpg (3781 bytes)
Arctic Adaptations:
Native Whalers &
Reindeer Herders
of Northern Eurasia

including Chukchi
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The Chukchi of Northeast Siberia   [ Top ]

Chukchi & their Neighbors in Northeast Asia: introduction to the Chukchi, Koryak, Yukaghir, Itelmen, Ainu and other peoples and to their Arctic environments.

Chukotka - Home of the Chukchi in Northeast Siberia:  exploration of the Arctic region that was home to the seal-mammal hunting and reindeer-herding Chukchi and the Siberian Eskimo.

Genetic Origins of the Chukchi & their Neighbors: insights from research based on mitochondrial DNA and Y chromosome DNA.

RavenAndRock.jpg (6053 bytes)
Raven and the
Rock: Storytelling
in Chukotka

CrossroadsAlaska.gif (11552 bytes)
Crossroads Alaska:
Native Cultures
of Alaska and Siberia


JourneyOfMan.jpg (5015 bytes)
The Journey of
Man:  A Genetic


SevenDaughtersEve.jpg (6181 bytes)
The Seven Daughters of Eve:
The Science that Reveals
Our Genetic Ancestry


AinuNorthernPeople.jpg (6478 bytes)
Ainu: Spirit of a
Northern People


Click link to order Shaman's Coat
The Shaman's
Coat:  A Native
History of Siberia


BronzeMirrors.jpg (16829 bytes)
Bronze Mirrors
from Ancient China

Native People of Northeast Asia   [ Top ]

Paleolithic Origins of the Chukchi: and their Siberian neighbors as well as of the Native peoples of North and South Americas who have genetic connections with the peoples of Asia

Ainu: the native people of the Amur River, Sakhalin Island and Hokkaido, the latter today the northern island of Japan

Eskimo Peoples:  the peoples and cultures of the far north, connecting Siberia, Alaska, Canada and Greenland

Reindeer People of Eurasia: peoples across the Arctic tundra including the Reindeer Chukchi and Koryak

Cultural Connections in Northeast Asia   [ Top ]

Ancient Artifacts:  stone points, microblades and cores provide cultural links between Asia and Alaska

Early Art:  styles of carvings, rock art, and symbols offer ties among peoples of Europe, Asia and Alaska

North Pacific Rim Harpoons:   harpoon use and styles serve as cultural links among peoples of Northern Asia and Alaska

North Pacific Rim Pottery: pottery manufacture and styles create another link for Northern Asia, Alaska

China's Influence on Siberia's Cultures: a look at geography, cultures and peoples of China and Siberia, with connections to the Arctic

Bronze Mirrors: an introduction to this popular trade item from China that is discovered in sites across the Silk Road, showing the wealth of cultural links connecting East and West

Jade - China's Stone of Heaven: this iconic Chinese cultural element has fascinating links with Siberia, both in terms of sources of jade and in diffusion of jade artifacts and carving styles.

Click link to order Baikal: Sacred Sea of Siberia
Baikal: Sacred
Sea of Siberia

Jades.jpg (6005 bytes)
Jades of the
Liangzhu Culture


ArtsChina.jpg (5936 bytes)
The Arts
of China

JomonPottery.jpg (38061 bytes)
Jomon of Japan: The
World's Oldest Pottery

ArchaeologyNEChina.jpeg (4008 bytes)
The Archaeology of
Northeast China: Beyond the
Great Wall


SilkRoad-2000Years.jpg (4324 bytes)
The Silk Road:
Two Thousand Years
in the Heart of Asia

Influence of Geography   [ Top ]

Maps of Asia: Asia, Siberia, China, Japan, Russian Far East, more provide perspectives on the movement of peoples and cultural elements

Beringia:  the vast Ice Age land that linked Alaska and Chukotka at the Bering Strait, also called the Bering Land Bridge

Lake Baikal: a look at archaeology, geography, maps, cultures and peoples of this remarkable inland lake and ancient culture center

Lena River: this important north-flowing River serves as Northeast Siberia's west border and was a passageway for migration to the Arctic.

AmericanBeginnings.jpg (4986 bytes)
American Beginnings:
The Prehistory and
of Beringia

Siberia - Northern Asia: introduction to the geography, maps, cultures and peoples of this northern region

Mongolia - Siberia's Southern Neighbor: introduction to the geography, maps, cultures and peoples of this influential region

The famed Silk Road served as a key conduit of cultural exchange from East to West and return.

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Ancient People
of the Arctic

People-and-Land.jpg (5602 bytes)
People and the Land:
Pathways to Reform in
Post-Soviet Siberia


Arctic-Mirrors.jpg (5177 bytes)
Arctic Mirrors: Russia and the
Small Peoples of the North

Forgotten-Peoples-Siberia.jpg (5753 bytes)
The Forgotten
of Siberia

MongoliaCircleClouds.jpg (4957 bytes)
Mongolia: The Circle
in the Clouds

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