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Beringia: Alaska & Siberia Linked
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AmericanBeginnings.jpg (4986 bytes)
American Beginnings:
The Prehistory and
of Beringia

Overview | Maps | Environment | Research | Chukotka | Alaska

During Ice Ages, when sea levels drop dramatically, the Bering Strait disappears, and Alaska and Northeast Siberia are joined into a vast region called Beringia. In the past, Beringia was also called the Bering Land Bridge. Both Alaska and Chukotka deserve the name "Great Land" due to their vast mountains and rivers, including the Anadyr in Chukotka, the Yukon in Alaska.  The native people include Chukchi, Alaskan and Siberian Eskimo, Koryak, Yukagir, Yakut and other smaller groups.  Dogs played a role in the historic cultures of these groups. Learn more.

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The Last Giant
of Beringia


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of Siberia

Eskimos of
Siberia &
North America

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CrossroadsAlaska.gif (11552 bytes)
Crossroads Alaska:
Native Cultures of
Alaska and Siberia


Clink link to order Drawing Shadows to Stone
Drawing Shadows
to Stone: Photos of
the Jesup North
Pacific Expedition


Click link to order Native Peoples of Alaska
Native Peoples of
Alaska: A Traveler's
Guide to Land,
Art and Culture


Overview of Beringia: Chukotka & Alaska Linked   [ Top ]

Beringia: an introduction with map showing Alaska and Siberia linked

Beringia:  more about this Ice Age land, with map & text, plus the geology, changes in size as climate changed at different times, flora and fauna, marine mammals, and earliest peoples of Beringia

Beringia's Archaeology & History

Beringia Exploration: 12 handsome photographs [use arrows] of landscape, animals, people

Bering Land Bridge:  the Ice Age region at the Bering Strait between Siberia and Alaska, home to ancestors of the Chukchi and the Siberian and American Eskimo peoples

Bering Strait & the Land Bridge: when the ocean drops 300 feet during Ice Ages, a Land Bridge connects Chukotka and Alaska, and this central area is part of the larger Beringia region from the Lena to Yukon rivers

Periods When Beringia Existed: the Bering Land Bridge was above water at least four times in the last 60,000 years, and the size of Beringia

Maps   [ Top ]

Beringia Map with key archaeological sites in Siberia, Alaska, and a map showing how the Chukchi and Seward Peninsulas were linked

Beringia Map showing glaciated and non-glaciated regions of the Americas and Beringia during Ice Ages, with ideas on early Americans, and a look at early Americans with a map showing major glaciers

Beringia Map showing the Bering Strait just below the Arctic Circle, and a map showing Beringia today plus graphics showing receding glaciation

Bering Strait Map: showing the region in non-Ice Age periods like today, showing Chukotka in relation to the rest of Siberia, Kamchatka, Alaska

Bering Strait & Alaska Map: showing route of the Harriman Expedition, one of the ideas for a Bering Strait Crossing

Circumpolar World and the North Pacific Rim, with maps of Beringia and its ice shelves, productive hunting territory for early people

Environment   [ Top ]

Bering Land Bridge Environment: during the Ice age, the land bridge had an ecosystem called the "mammoth steppe" dominated by grasses that fed the mammoths, bison and other large animals, some say

Beringia's Environment: reconstructing the ancient vegetation and climate plus a Beringia Photo Journey including a look at Beringia's Landscape with beautiful photos from Alaska, Kolyma region of Siberia, Wrangel Island

Beringia & Evolution: fostering unique plant and animal communities, including migration between Asia and North America

Bering Land Bridge National Preserve - Alaska: a segment of ancient Beringia and its plants, animals preserved on the Seward Peninsula

Bering Land Bridge National Preserve - Geology: a look at the lava flows and glaciation of this unique area

Bering Land Bridge National Preserve - History: a look at this unique Arctic area on the north side of the Seward Peninsula, with map

Crossing the Bering Strait: Photographs between Two Worlds: photos of Siberia Yupik or Eskimos in the Bering Strait region including Whale Alley, Siberian and Eskimo villages, and Eskimo & dogs travel by boat

ShamanicWorlds.jpg (5125 bytes)
Shamanic Worlds: Rituals and Lore
of Siberia
and Central Asia

Clink link to order Ancient People of the Arctic
Ancient People
of the Arctic

BeringSeaEcosystem.jpg (5048 bytes)
The Bering Sea

SacredHunt.jpg (5895 bytes)
Sacred Hunt: A Portrait
of the Relationship
between Seals and Inuit

BeringStraitProject.jpg (4501 bytes)
The Bering Strait Project: Symposium


BeringStraitLanguages.jpg (4943 bytes)
Language Relations Across Bering Strait: Reappraising the Archaeological and Linguistic Evidence


Research on Beringia   [ Top ]

Beringia 2005 Expedition: planned studies of ecosystems, animal migrations, climate, more, with large map of the study areas

Beringia and the Settling of the Americas: research on the land and coastal routes from Asia to the Americas, with map of Beringia

Bering Land Bridge Animation: research leading to creation of an online animation that shows the shrinking of Beringia starting 20,000 BP

Bering Strait Crossing: thoughts on linking the continents

Coastal Beringia may have had bays & islands: making the southern coast a potential habitat for living and migrating

Chronology & Paleoecology of Human Colonization of Beringia: detailed abstract of a paper by David Yesner and Sergei Slobodin

Eastern Beringia had diverse bird population showing this ancient region was a productive environment and habitat for early humans

Julie Brigham-Grette: research covering paleoenvironments in Beringia as well as sea level changes of Beringia with maps showing four periods

Geology and Climate of the Bering & Chukchi Seas: researchers do seismic maps of sea bottoms, search of clues of ancient climates, noting that Beringia or the land bridge emerged and was submerged dozens of times

Language Relations Across Bering Strait: key elements of this book by Michael Fortescue

RavenAndRock.jpg (6053 bytes)
Raven and the
Rock: Storytelling
in Chukotka


Clink link to order Antler on the Sea
Antler on the Sea:
The Yup'ik and Chukchi of the
Russian Far East


ArcticAdaptations.jpg (3781 bytes)
Arctic Adaptations:
Native Whalers &
Reindeer Herders
of Northern Eurasia

including Chukchi


Clink link to order A History of the Peoples of Siberia
A History of the Peoples of Siberia:
Russia's North
Asian Colony


Chukotka - Western Beringia   [ Top ]

Chukotka and the Chukchi Peninsula: an introduction with maps

Introduction to Chukotka: travel, weather, geography, history, ecology, ethnic groups - Chukchi and Eskimo - and more

Chukotka: its economy, culture, weather, more, and a look at the environment of Chukotka plus today's population of Chukotka, not only the Chukchi, people "rich in reindeer," but many other groups

Eskimo Society of Chukotka “Yupik” founded in 1990 to unite the peoples of Chukota, preserve their culture and way of life, address economic difficulties

Chukchi Land & Sea: photographs of Chukota, wildlife, people

Chukchi of Siberia: an in-depth guide to the martime and reindeer Chukchi people of Chukotka

"Ice Curtain Thaws" - story about the resumption of Eskimo contacts across the Bering Strait, with map showing Big, Little Diomede islands

Images of Chukotka: with an Even woman riding a reindeer with two dogs for company, Chukchi riding reindeer-drawn sleds, dwarf fireweed on the tundra, more terrain, more reindeer

Images of Chukotka: including landscapes, people, towns

Map of Chukotka Autonomous Okrug: with the Chukchi Peninsula like a nose at far right, the Anadyr Country with Markovo at the center

Map of Chukotka: in relation to Siberia, Kamchatka, Alaska

Map of Northeast Siberia & Russian Far East: with Lake Baikal, Amur River flowing east to Sakhalin Island in Sea of Okhotsk, Lena River flowing north to Laptev Sea, other rivers such as Indigirka and Kolyma, the town of Anadyr at mouth of Anadyr River in Chukotka

Map of Siberia's Indigenous People: with Chukotka, home of the Chukchi, Chuvan and Eskimo, at upper right

Northeast Siberia topographical map and a large version

Photo Gallery - Chukotka Terrain: from the coast at Plover Bay to a view of an Arctic sunset - in a series of photo collections of villages, people including children of Novoe Chaplino, sled dog race there, and more

Chukotka's Wildlife   [ Top ]

Birds & Sea Mammals of the Bering Sea: connecting Alaska, Siberia

Flora & Fauna of Chukotka: scroll down for vegetation and wild animals of Chukotka, its rivers and bordering seas, including walrus, salmon

Polar Bears of Chukotka & Alaska: with photo, map

Reindeer of Chukotka: a variety established about 1000 A.D., although domestication of reindeer likely started 5,000 years ago in the Altai

Walrus & Whales of Chukotka: including Pacific walrus, bowhead and beluga whales, with sea mammals of other areas of the North Pacific such as the Kuriles, Wrangel Island, more, also on this page

Click link to order Shaman's Coat
The Shaman's
Coat:  A Native
History of Siberia

AlaskaSewardPeninsula.jpg (4472 bytes)
Alaska's Seward
Peninsula (Alaska


AleutsSurvivors.jpg (5976 bytes)
Aleuts, Survivors of
the Bering Land

SacredHunt.jpg (5895 bytes)
Sacred Hunt: A
Portrait of the
Relationship between
Seals and Inuit

Clink link to order Alaska 1899
Alaska 1899


Alaska - Eastern Beringia
  [ Top ]

Bering Land Bridge National Preserve - Alaska: a segment of ancient Beringia and its plants, animals preserved on the Seward Peninsula

Eastern Beringia stretches across Alaska to the MacKenzie River, with a detailed of map Beringia

Nome in 1900 A.D.: a view of the Gold Rush town on south shore of the Seward Peninsula, and Nome in 1982 A.D. with Norton Sound frozen

Seward Peninsula Map: the Seward Peninsula of Alaska and the Chukchi Peninsula of Siberia jut out into the Bering Strait, and once were part of Beringia, plus scenic views of the region including reindeer, musk ox

Clink link to order The Palaeolithic of Siberia
The Paleolithic
of Siberia

.Clink link to order A Legacy of Arctic Art
A Legacy of
Arctic Art

Clink link to order Arctic Archaeology


Clink link to order Arctic Hunter

Clink link to order Siberian Light
Siberian Light

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