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Mongolia, Siberia's Neighbor
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Encyclopedia of
Mongolia and the
Mongol Empire


Overview | Maps & Geography | Cultures & History | Archaeology | Shamanism

Sandwiched between northern China and southern Siberia lies Mongolia, a land of mountains, steppe grasslands, deserts such as the famous Gobi, and covered with a great arch of blue sky. The Lake Baikal region, a center of early human cultures, is located just north of Mongolia. The Silk Road passed through northwest China south of Mongolia. The land is famous for its ancient archaeology, its nomadic herders, and for the great Mongol Empire built by the legendary Genghis Khan.

Here are resources on Mongolia, its people, land, history and cultures.

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EmpireGenghisKhan.jpg (4810 bytes)
In The Empire of
Genghis Khan: An
Amazing Odyssey Through the Lands
of the Most Feared
Conquerors in History


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Modern Mongolia: Reclaiming
Genghis Khan


AgeDinosaurs.jpg (3863 bytes)
The Age of Dinosaurs
in Russia and


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China or


  [ Top ]

The Land of Genghis Khan: an introduction to the country where grass and horses remain among the most valuable resources, and a map showing the extent of the Mongol Empire when Genghis Khan
died in 1227

Modern Mongolia - Reclaiming Genghis Khan: based
on an exhibit at the University of Pennsylvania and including an introduction to Mongolia today with population, climate, more, and Genghis Khan and
the Mongol Empire [order exhibit book at left]

GenghisKhan.jpg (5738 bytes)
Genghis Khan

Introduction to Mongolia: its land and people, history and Mongolia: history, geography, society, economy and government

Mongolia: Land & People: terrain, nomadism, the horse and culture

Mongolia Photogallery: with images of the landscape and people and many facts about the country

Photogalleries of Mongolia including pictures of the country, folk art, nomads and their horses, plus dinosaur fossils

Mongolia Today: an online magazine with an archive of back issues

Virtual Mongol: photogallery of Mongolia's natural world; people and their horses; religion, ancient cities and temples; history and ceremonies.

Great Mongols Home Page including their valued livestock

Dinosaurs of the Gobi: this region of Mongolia is famous for the 80-million-year-old dinosaurs found there, and dinosaur hunting in Mongolia in the 1920 and 1990s.

Fighting Dinosaurs - New Discoveries: an exhibit of fossil dinosaurs from Mongolia's Gobi region

Gobi Expeditions: American Museum of Natural History dinosaur-hunting in the Gobi, 1990s

Gobi Desert - Dinosaur Cemetary: key discoveries include dinosaur skeleton with feathers

MongoliaToday.jpg (4388 bytes)
Mongolia Today:
Science, Culture,
Environment and


TimeTraveler.jpg (4510 bytes)
Time Traveler: In
Search of Dinosaurs
and Other Fossils from
Montana to Mongolia


GenghisKhanSearch.jpg (5261 bytes)
In Search of
Genghis Khan

MongoliaCircleClouds.jpg (4957 bytes)
Mongolia: The Circle
in the Clouds


WildEast-Mongolia.jpg (4536 bytes)
Wild East: Travels in
the New Mongolia

WarriorsSteppes.jpg (4383 bytes)
Warriors of the Steppe:
A Military History of Central

Asia, 500 B.C. to A.D. 1700

MongoliaNationTransition.jpg (5853 bytes)
Mongolia (Nations
in Transition)


Mongolia-Bradt.jpg (4044 bytes)
Mongolia: The
Bradt Travel Guide


TwentiethCenturyMongolia.jpg (4751 bytes)
Twentieth Century


Maps & Geography of Mongolia
  [ Top ]

star-red.gif (881 bytes) Maps of Asia and Siberia: in-depth collection of online maps

Map of Mongolia: small map showing location in Asia, main cities

Mongolia Political Map - 1996 and a map with cities, air routes

Mongolia Map: with cities, nature preserves, national parks

Mongolia Map: with key cities, relationship to Lake Baikal, China

Inner Mongolia Map: the region of China along Mongolia's southern border, and maps of Inner Mongolia including one showing political divisions

Mongolia Relief Map: see location south of Lake Baikal, mountains, plains, and rivers starting in Mongolia flowing north into Southern Siberia, including the Selenga that flows into Baikal, and the Onon that joins the Ingoda east of Chita to form the Shika that flows east to join the Argun River, giving rise to the important east-flowing Amur River

Map of Mongolia: with mountains, rivers, cities and the Gobi Desert

Great Gobi Desert of Mongolia: the Gobi makes up about 30 percent of Mongolia, and has mountains, springs, forests, sands and steppe lands, with photos and many links to more information

Traveler's Story of the Gobi: with photos of crocuses, camels and ger

Gobi.jpg (3051 bytes)
Gobi: Tracking
the Desert

Topography of Mongolia: a mountainous country, with a look at the Altai mountains, the Gobi, and other regions

Geography & Landforms of Mongolia: elevations range from the highest point in the western mountains at 4,374 meters and the lowest is 560 meters on the eastern Mongolian plain, and its climate

Khara-Khorum: ancient capital of Mongolia and Ulaanbaatar or "Red Hero," the modern capital

HearingBirdsFly.jpg (3441 bytes)
Hearing Birds Fly:
A Nomadic Year
in Mongolia

MongoliaEmpireSteppes.jpg (5327 bytes)
Mongolia: Empire of
the Steppes (Odyssey
Illustrated Guides)

NomadicEmpires.jpg (6873 bytes)
Nomadic Empires:
From Mongolia
to the Danube

EagleDreams.jpg (5746 bytes)
Eagle Dreams:
Searching for Legends
in Wild Mongolia

RussiaCentralAsiaMongolia.jpg (5204 bytes)
A History of Russia,
Central Asia and
Mongolia:  Inner
Eurasia from
Prehistory to the
Mongol Empire


AroundSacredLake.jpg (6133 bytes)
Around the Sacred Sea:  Mongolia
and Lake Baikal
on Horseback


Cultures & History     [ Top ]

History of Mongolia: from the Paleolithic through the first empire built by the Hunnu through Genghis Khan, and another view of Mongolia's history

Culture & History of Mongolia: the nation's history including the rise and fall of the Mongol Empire and independence, democracy since 1990, with a look at Mongol history in the 20th century

Mongolia's Culture: a culture based on nomadic herding, harmony with nature and shamanism

About Mongolia including a look at the country's people and culture, with a map

Mongolia - Introduction to Culture: influences including nomadism, shamanism, Buddhism

Art of Mongolia - An Introduction: showing
the influence of Buddhism

Mongolian Art & Culture including music, dance, film, theatre and the history of fine art with roots in cave art, deer stones, more]

Reindeer People of Mongolia & Eurasia

Photogallery of Mongolian Culture: including the ger or felt tent

National Costumes of Mongolia: article and links
to 100 images of clothing of various groups including Khalka, Buryat, Dörbet,  Kazakhs
and others.

KhanDaughter.jpg (6658 bytes)
The Khan's Daughter:
A Mongolian Folktale


MongolianFolktales.jpg (8201 bytes)


SoundsMongolia.jpg (6886 bytes)
Sounds of


MusicMongolia.jpg (7353 bytes)
Vocal & Instrumental
Music Of Mongolia


MusicSteppesMongolia.jpg (7147 bytes)
Mongolia: Living
Music of the Steppes

MusicOfMongolia.jpg (6991 bytes)
Music of

SearchHumanAncestors.jpg (3700 bytes)
The Search For
Human Ancestors
On The Roof Of The
World: Explorations On Mongolia
and Tibet


ArchaeologyNEChina.jpeg (4008 bytes)
The Archaeology of
Northeast China: Beyond the
Great Wall


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China or


Archaeology: Mongolia & Inner Mongolia     [ Top ]

Mongolia from the Early Paleolithic through the Neolithic, Bronze and Iron Ages, with many archaeological sites discussed

Hake Culture of Inner Mongolia: Neolithic culture of 4,000-6,000 years ago with jade ware, microliths, bow and arrows, pottery and rich graves

Hongshan Culture of Inner Mongolia: dated to 5,000 years ago, this culture is known for jade artifacts, including jade bear-dragons, linked by some to bear worship among hunting and fishing peoples

Ancient Pottery Workshop in Inner Mongolia: rare in the grasslands of this part of northern China, the pottery is dated 475 BC - 200 AD

Search for the Xiong-nu: in Arkhangai and Bulgan aimaqs, Mongolia, researchers look for trade, relations among Xiong-nu and Han Chinese, in the last centuries BC and early centuries A.D.

Mission archeologique francaise en Mongolie: research on the burial tombs of the Xiongnu peoples of the steppes in the first millennium A.D., with an ancient cemetary of Gol Mod discovered, with a chariot, and a report in English, noting discovery of fragments of a Han bronze mirror

Lower Egiin Gol River: archaeological work in northern Mongolia in a region of the greater drainage of Lake Baikal in southern Siberia, studying both Bronze Age sites with discoveries such as pottery from the Xiongnu period 2,000 years ago and those of the late Paleolithic. The Egiin Gol River, outlet of Lake Hovsgol, flows into the Selenga River, then Lake Baikal

Deer Stones and Petroglyphs of Mongolia: including dramatic pictures of Mongolia and deer stones, baed on research by Esther Jacobson-Tepfer, including work in the Mongolian Altai region, and more on the archaeology work called Altay: Joint Mongolian/American/Russian Project in a region in western Mongolia, and a look at rock art sites

Karakorum: this medieval Mongolian capital and key city on the Silk Road was the site of modern archaeological fieldwork during 1999-2004, and a brief history of the ruined city Karakorum and its rediscovery in 1889

InnerAsia.jpg (4609 bytes)
A History of
Inner Asia

MongoliaLonelyPlanet.jpg (5137 bytes)
Lonely Planet

MongoliaWomen.jpg (4940 bytes)
Women of

MongoliaNomads.jpg (5756 bytes)
The Changing World of
Mongolia's Nomads


ShamansElders.jpg (5096 bytes)
Shamans and
Elders: Experience,
Knowledge, and
Power Among
the Daur Mongols


Windhorses.jpg (6432 bytes)
Riding Windhorses:
A Journey into the
Heart of Mongolian


Shamanism of Mongolia     [ Top ]

Shaman of Mongolia: part of an exhibit called Dancing Demons about the ceremonial masks of Mongolia including a video and map

Buryat Mongolian Shamanism and traditions of toroo or world tree with the note that Buryatia east of Lake Baikal in Siberia was formerly part of the Mongol Empire

A Course in Mongolian_Shamanism beginning with Mongolian cosmology

Shamanism in Mongolia & Tibet: including the shaman's garb and gear including the shaman's mirror

Religion in Mongolia - Shamanism: distinct from Siberian shamanism

Shamanism in Modern-day Mongolia including history, revival

Shamanism Endures in Evolving Mongolia: has link to NPR audio report

Shamanism in China: relationship to animism, influence of Shang Dynasty, Mongolian shamanism, importance of balance and harmony

Shamanism in Siberia: excerpts from the influential work, "Aborginal Siberia," by M.A. Czaplicak, 1914, featuring picture of the Ainu "bear feast" and a link to a map of Siberian peoples

Indigenous People of Siberia: illustrations of native dress, lifeways, as well as illustrations of shamans and their masks & bird figurines

People of Siberia: 14 native peoples of northern Siberia, and more on
· shamanism and shaman's coat & bird symbolism and
shaman's coat

ShamanicWorlds.jpg (5125 bytes)
Shamanic Worlds:
Rituals and Lore
of Siberia and
Central Asia

SingingStory.jpg (4993 bytes)
Singing Story, Healing
Drum: Shamans And Storytellers
Of Turkic Siberia


AnimalAndShaman.jpg (4818 bytes)
Animal and Shaman:
Ancient Religions
of Central Asia


MuscovyAndMongols.jpg (4423 bytes)
Muscovy and the
Mongols: Cross-Cultural
Influences on the Steppe
Frontier, 1304-1589


MongoliaTwentiethCentury.jpg (5846 bytes)
Mongolia in the 20th
Century: Landlocked

MongoliaTransition.jpg (5464 bytes)
Mongolia in Transition:
Old Patterns,
New Challenges


TravelsNorthernMongolia.jpg (6134 bytes)
Travels In
Northern Mongolia


EmpireSteppes.jpg (5819 bytes)

The Empire of the
Steppes: A History of
Central Asia

CulturalAtlasChina.gif (13155 bytes)
Cultural Atlas
of China

ChinaHistoryCulture.jpg (3953 bytes)
China: Its History
and Culture


CambridgeChina.jpg (7686 bytes)
Cambridge Illustrated
History of China


ArtsChina.jpg (5936 bytes)
The Arts
of China


Click link to order The History Atlas of Asia
The History Atlas
of Asia

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The Forgotten
Peoples of Siberia

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