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These links for 2001-2003 feature articles on dog behavior, training, sports or other topics we find useful and interesting for dog owners.

Dec. 14-30, 2003                                   [ Click for Past Picks ]
Fix overexuberant greetings: You love your dog's very enthusiastic welcome, but what should you do if that exuberance turns to jumping and nipping every time you get home? Check out this advice!


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Bones Would Rain
From the Sky


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Alone Across
The Arctic


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The New Work of
Dogs: Tending to
Life, Love, Family


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Power of Positive
Dog Training


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Dog Listener


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A Dog Year:
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How To
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Genetics and the
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A Dog's Gotta Do
What a Dog's
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Surviving Your
Dog's Adolescence


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Good Dog
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So Your Dog's
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Training Your Dog:
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Hachiko: The True Story of a Loyal Dog

Past Links of the Week 2001-2003

November 2-December 13, 2003                              [ Top ]
Build the Bond with Your Dog: Whether your dog is a competitive canine, beloved companion or both, you two will benefit from a routine of rituals that strengthen your relationship. Enjoy!

August 31-November 1, 2003                                 [ Top ]
How to pick a Working Puppy: Here are strategies for observing puppies and simple tests to assess their courage and interest in participating, good for identifying pups for working programs.

August 3-30, 2003                                             [ Top ]
Gutsy Musher Prepares for 4th Iditarod: Karen Ramstead's passion is long-distance sled dog racing with purebred Siberian Huskies. Here's our interview with her on breeding, training and distance racing.

July 13-August 2, 2003                                       [ Top ]
12 Commandments of Agility Training: Here's sage advice on training for success in this popular dog sport, plus two illustrated critiques of agility handling to expand your expertise.

June 8-July 12, 2003                                         [ Top ]
How Guide Dogs Work:   We continue featuring dogs whose work helps people's personal lives. This article looks at how guide dogs
are chosen, trained, the specific tasks they do, and more.

May 11-June 7, 2003                                        [ Top ]
Training Therapy Dogs: Dogs need more than obedience training for therapy work including adjustment to unusual sounds, extensive touching and more. Here's a great outline for a training program.

April 1-May 10, 2003                                        [ Top ]
15 Steps to Dog Obedience Training: Start by training the easiest command, then use 14 more pieces of great advice on duration of training, distraction, distance, differences, and more "D's."

March 9-30, 2003                                           [ Top ]
The Overlooked Step in Teaching Come: Is your dog more socially or environmentally oriented? What "emotion" does the command evokes? Those factors can influence your dog's response to "come."

February 16-March 8, 2003                                 [ Top ]
Communicate with your Dog: Improve your ability to read dog body language and vocalizations, and explore how your dog reads your communication via attitudes & facial expressions & tone of voice.

January 12-February 15, 2003                             [ Top ]
Timidity Can Be Avoided:   Early socialization is the key to raising a pup free of timidity and fear aggression. This week's link offers a thorough socialization plan starting at a pup's 16th week.

HollySprig.bmp (1654 bytes) December 15, 2002 - January 11, 2003              [ Top ]
The Third Way: While similar to reward training, this approach puts an emphasis on cues to shape a dog's behavior. Dogs are very good at reading cues as new research on dog origins and psychology shows.

HollySprig.bmp (1654 bytes) December 1-14, 2002                               [ Top ]
Deepening Relationships with Dogs: Enjoy this excerpt from Suzanne Clothier's thoughtful new book on human-dog relationships and communication. Then order the book through the link at left.

November 17-30, 2002                                  [ Top ]
Case for Motivational Training of Working Dogs: A trainer of police and search & rescue dogs describes advantages of using postive motivation rather than compulsion in training working dogs.

October 27-November 16, 2002                        [ Top ]
In Praise of Working Dog Temperament:  Explore two of the critical elements of a top working dog's personality: nerve and resilence. See how these qualities combine into a dog that loves to work.

September 22-October 26, 2002                        [ Top ]
Learning about Punishment from Dogs Themselves: If we observe dogs interacting, including mother dogs and pups, we find they teach each other right behavior from wrong, using firm punishment if needed.

September 8-21, 2002                                   [ Top ]
Legacy of Sirius: Remember the canine heroes of the September 11 tragedies, including Sirius. Meet Sprig, Officer Lim's new partner. See pictures from the Westminster salute. See WDW's tribute.

August 11-September 7, 2002                          [ Top ]
The Sport of Dog Tracking: Here's a great intoduction to a sport for any healthy dog, with training logs, sample tracks, glossary, helpful links, breed and equipment information, more. Try it!

July 21-August 10, 2002                                [ Top ]
Heywood Learns to Learn: How do you teach an adopted, 4-year-old Rottweiler mix that "tunes out" training? A change to hand signals and a clicker was the key to unlock Heywood's potential!

June 9-July 20, 2002                                    [ Top ]
Are You Reinforcing the Wrong Behavior? Reinforcement is the key to all training, yet those who don't know its power can encourage dogs to repeat undesired behavior. Vivid examples provided!

April 28-June 8, 2002                                   [ Top ]
Author Jon Katz on Working Dogs:  In an interview with WDW, Jon shares his vivid experiences with two lively Border Collies - and his new-found passion for working dog training and field trials.

April 7-27, 2002                                          [ Top ]
Teaching the "Indication" in SAR Dogs: Teaching search and rescue dogs to indicate or signal their discovery of a target  is a key skill. The process has implications for all training.

March 24-April 6, 2002                                   [ Top ]
A Sheep Herding Pup Begins Learning: An experienced trainer of herding dogs introduces a pup to its future work and allows its instincts and exploration to help shape its learning.

March 10-23, 2002                                        [ Top ]
K9 Training: what & when & why: Learn from a police dog trainer how to match training to an individual dog's learning style and to train WITH a dog's drives for greater success.

February 24 - March 9, 2002                             [ Top ]
Find a Dog Event: Looking for a dog show, agility or obedience trial, or a flyball or Schutzhund competition? Try the Dog Calendar at Or add your event.

February 10-23, 2002                                     [ Top ]
Whole Dog Training: The "whole dog" approach avoids the extremes - reinforcement only or force only - using reward and social relationship conditioning and physical control.

January 27-February 9, 2002                             [ Top ]
Social Styles for Dogs & Humans: From mellow to headstrong to hypersensitive to hyperresponsive, here are canine social styles that can help you understand and train your dog well.

January 13-26, 2002                                      [ Top ]
The Harmony Programme: You find the dominance or wolf pack approach to solving a dog's behavior problems is not working. Read this animal behaviorist's discoveries and new approach.

HollySprig.bmp (1654 bytes) December 23, 2001-January 12, 2002               [ Top ]
The Secret of Communicating with Your Dog: Because of their accute senses, dogs are aware of things before we are, and you can learn to read their body cues to great benefit.

HollySprig.bmp (1654 bytes) December 16-22, 2001                              [ Top ]
Avoid Holiday Hazards for Your Dog:  Fat, candy, chocolate, Christmas tree water with preservatives, certain plants all can be a problem. Here's a handy master list of dangers to dogs.

HollySprig.bmp (1654 bytes) December 2-15, 2001                               [ Top ]
Green Eggs & Ham and Dog Training: This article applies the whimsy of Dr. Seuss to dog training -- especially to keeping your dog from getting stale or in a "patterned" rut. Fun!

November 25-December 1, 2001                         [ Top ]
Use Cues with your Dogs: Learn first about how you "cue" your dogs, and then about enjoyable games to play to teach your family's dogs to "bond," obey and play well together.

Nov. 18-24, 2001                                         [ Top ]
Why Dogs Are Special: For this Thanksgiving, we offer a thoughtful article on the value of dogs in human lives, from play and touch to loyalty and love. Happy Thanksgiving!

Nov. 4-17, 2001                                          [ Top ]
Aggression Basics: All dog owners need to know why a dog may growl or snap, and what it seeks to communicate. Learn about the fight/bite ratio, assessing an aggressive dog, more.

Oct. 21 - Nov. 3, 2001                                   [ Top ]
Suzie's Story - A Training Saga: This vivid story of a Boxer dog learning obedience and the agility sport is filled with valuable lessons for dog owners, no matter the dog sport.

Oct. 14-20, 2001                                         [ Top ]
Therapy Dogs Raise Spirits at Ground Zero: As workers cleared the World Trade Center site, some special dogs trained to comfort people made a big difference in morale..

Sept. 30-Oct. 13, 2001                                   [ Top ]
How I Made the Team: Musher Pam Flowers made a major trek across the Arctic with sled dogs. Here's one of her stories about working dogs and about reaching goals.

September 16-29, 2001                                 [ Top ]
Dogs aid in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks.  See the new page from WorkingDogWeb -- Search Dogs in Action in NY & DC
  plus American & Canadian Dogs on Front Line

September 2-15, 2001                                  [ Top ]
Getting Personal - Specialized Commands:
  Dog trainers often find they need special commands to help a dog fine-tune its performance. See how to teach "charge," "easy" and more!

August 19-September   1, 2001                         [ Top ]
Never Never Say It Say It Twice Twice: Following up on the most recent link, here are more thoughts on giving your dog a command, timing, solving "double speak" and more.

August 5-18, 2001                                       [ Top ]
12 Tips for a Well-Behaved Dog: While the first tips will be familiar, read on for those about giving a dog a command, about use of your voice, timing, and control of emotions.

July 22-August 4, 2001                                  [ Top ]
Capturing the Spirit of the Working Dog in Photographs: This illustrated, five-part article on photographing the working dog by photographer Dennis Glennon is filled with valuable tips.

July 8-21, 2001                                          [ Top ]
Travel & Your Dog: It's summer travel season, so this week's link offers tips and advice on how best to travel with your dog or to leave your dog with a petsitter or other caregiver.

June 17-July 4, 2001                                    [ Top ]
Ray & Lorna Coppinger on Dog Origins & Behavior: Our new interview with the Coppingers provides great insights on dog behavior and training - including the role of play!

June 3-16, 2001                                         [ Top ]
Puppy Testing: Whether you're choosing a pup for a working dog or for a family pet, this test - based on dog research by Scott and Fuller - can help you find a smart, stable puppy.

May 20-June 2, 2001                                   [ Top ]
Drive-Correction-Drive: The 3 stages in educating a dog for a particular action are teaching, reward variation, and proofing. Proofing often needs drive-correction-drive work. See how.

May 13-20, 2001                                         [ Top ]
Two-reward method to reduce "hyperactivity": Many dogs bark and strain wildly at the sight of strange dogs. See how a trainer uses a "two-reward" method to stop that behavior.

May 6-12, 2001                                        [ Top ]
Successful Obedience Training:   Learn the secrets of an obedience trainer who took her Lab from Novice A to OTCH. Relevant to training for many different dog sports and work.

April 29-May 5, 2001                                   [ Top ]
Stress in Training: You have a well-trained dog at home that does not respond consistently in the performance arena where treats are missing. What do you do?  Click here!

April 22-28, 2001                                       [ Top ]
Crazy Things Dogs Do to Avoid Training:  Notice your dog's behavior when trying to avoid a command, such as turning limp like Jell-o or going stiff as a board. What's a trainer to do?

April 15-21, 2001                                      [ Top ]
Behavior Tips for Puppy Owners: The best puppy training requires owners to help the pup succeed by not making mistakes -- in housebreaking, chewing control and more.

April 8-14, 2001                                       [ Top ]
Smart Dogs/Dumb Dogs:   Are there smart breeds and dumb breeds? Some say yes, some no. Here's an solid assessment of dog smarts by group and the implications for dog trainers.

April 1-7, 2001                                        [ Top ]
ABCs of Canine Learning: Dogs link prior actions and factors, [antecedents], to their behavior as well as link their behavior to consequences. What do these ABCs mean for trainers?

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March 25-31, 2001                                     [ Top ]
Dealing with Sibling Rivalries: Whether raising two littermates or introducing a new dog to a current one, you need to know how to manage canine and human roles and relationships.

March 18-24, 2001                                     [ Top ]
The right way to praise your dog: How you praise and control your working dog has a major impact on its performance. Learn how to use firm, calm praise to separate play from training.

March 11-17, 2001                                     [ Top ]
Discipline versus Punishment: Understand the differences in these two ideas -- often used interchangeably -- and you'll find two quite different approaches to training your dog.

March 4-10, 2001                                      [ Top ]
Max von Stephanitz on Training & Breeding: explore ideas on working dogs from the German Shepherd breed's founder, and learn about his influence and German Shepherd history.

February 25-March 3, 2001                           [ Top ]
Treat Dogs More Like Dogs: Noted dog writer Ian Dunbar examines the need to treat, discipline -- and train -- dogs as if they were dogs, not wolves or human beings.

February 18-24, 2001                                 [ Top ]
Science of Animal Learning: Explore the scientific approach to animal learning and see why a clicker can be a better for positive dog training than primary reinforcers like food.

January 28-February 17, 2001                        [ Top ]
Overcoming Shyness & Shy Dog Tips: Whether you're helping a timid pup be brave or socializing a seriously shy rescue dog, you'll find helpful ideas for your own behavior in these links.

January 21-27, 2001 - No longer available          [ Top ]
Dealing with Difficult Dogs: Extinction, counter-conditioning, desensitization and flooding are four behavior modification methods explained for helping solve dog behavior problems.

January 13-20, 2001                                  [ Top ]
Working Dogs: Busy Canines are Happier & Healthier: Enjoy an ABC News report on the changes in dogs' behavior when they stop lounging and get specific jobs and responsibilities.

January 7-13, 2001                                  [ Top ]
Social Reinforcement Training:  Go beyond giving your dog praise and rewards to develop strong social bonds and trust, and use that relationship to shape your dog's behavior.

Dec. 31, 2000 - Jan. 6, 2001                          [ Top ]
Attitude Adjustment Program: Are there aspects of your dog's behavior in need of improvement? Here's a thoughtful and firm approach to help your dog make those changes!

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