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Each week, we feature an article on dog behavior, intelligence or training that we find especially useful for dog owners.  Click here for Index.

December 19-31, 1999             [ Top ] [ Past Picks ]
ThumbUp.gif (192 bytes) 20th CENTURY'S TOP DOGS: The top 10 include famous and heroic dogs such as the Siberian Husky Togo that ran in the Serum Run to save Nome plus popular cartoon canines like Snoopy. Click for Poll results in our Dog Facts & Figures.

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Koehler Method
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1999 Past Links of the Week

HollySprig.bmp (1654 bytes) December 12-18, 1999                     [ Top ]
HEALTHY HOLIDAYS FOR DOGS: To keep your dogs safe and healthy during this festive season, check out two helpful sites, Holiday Pet Hazards and What not to feed your dog.
EXTRA: Veterinarians offer 10 helpful holiday tips

HollySprig.bmp (1654 bytes) December 5-11, 1999                      [ Top ]
THERAPY DOG STORIES: Here are 5 warm-hearted stories of therapy dogs and their owners: Bailey the Siberian Husky & Carlee the Rottweiler & Cedric the Golden Retriever & Cody the Leonberger & Kudzu the Coonhound.

November 28-December 4, 1999                [ Top ]
Alpha Schmalpha: Are you considering using the "owner as alpha wolf" discipline techniques? Are they valid based on actual wolf behavior?  Does your dog understand "wolf talk"?

November 21-27, 1999                          [ Top ]
Puppy Aptitude Test: In 9 simple steps, you can find puppies likely to be aggressive, independent, submissive or accepting of human leaders. Use them to find a pup well suited to you.

November 14-20, 1999                          [ Top ]
Fox Trots with Wolves: Teach your dog how to perform the behavior you want before you teach the command that goes with it -- to avoid confusing your canine with "chatter."

November 7-13, 1999                           [ Top ]
Catch the canine clues: Dogs offer us many clues to their moods and behavior, but their messages can be subtle.   You can improve care and training if you watch your dog closely.

October 31-November 6, 1999                  [ Top ]
Positive Puppy Socialization: If you want your dog to go places and participate in varied activities happily, your pup must have varied experiences during its first 8-16 weeks.  Here's how.

October 24-30, 1999                            [ Top ]
Kids & dogs can get along: What breeds are good with kids? Most breeds if the dogs are well prepared.   Here is a thoughtful step-by-step plan to socialize pups for life in an active family.

October 10-23, 1999                            [ Top ]
Squirt guns & shake cans teach wrong lessons: While many behaviorists recommend correcting a dog with these devices, others say they damage the trust between dog and owner.

October 3-9, 1999                               [ Top ]
Canine Drives and Drives & Breed Personalities: Dog behaviors can be grouped into 4 basic drives -- and dog breeds are known for high and low levels of these drives. Still every dog is an individual.

September 26-October 2, 1999                 [ Top ]
Dog Behavior is in the Genes: Dogs have "behavior priorities" built into their genes due to centuries of breeding for specific jobs. Understanding these canine imperatives can benefit training.

September 19-25, 1999                          [ Top ]
Testing for a Top Working Pup -- Here are 7 simple tests for selecting a puppy to be an assistance, service or other working dog. Qualities such as confidence, willingness, intelligence and trust are assessed.

September 12-18, 1999                          [ Top ]
Five Dog Personality Types & Bonding with Your Dog:  These two articles help you learn your dog's main personality type so you can tailor your training methods and the approach you take to bonding.

September 5-11, 1999                           [ Top ]
Nothing In Life Is Free Method: With some dogs, owners need real behavior modification to reduce shy, fearful or agressive behavior.  NILIF may be a better method than the Alpha Wolf Rollover. Your view?

August 29-September 4, 1999                  [ Top ]
Train with a "tough love" approach: No matter how cute your puppy, don't let it do things you won't want it to do as an adult. Here is a plan to use from a pup's first meal!

August 21-28, 1999                              [ Top ]
Proponents of the Koehler training method say it is based on dogs learning to make decisions for their own comfort, while opponents argue the method is old-fashioned and irresponsible. You decide.

August 15-21, 1999                              [ Top ]
Wonder why training confuses a dog?   Put yourself in your dog's place at training school -- and try to figure out what the clickers are telling you!  Gain new insights here for your training approach!

August 8-14, 1999                              [ Top ]
Start training pups -- with common sense: No matter the sport or activity you're training for, the wise advice in this article is "must reading."  Don't ruin that enthusiastic pup! 

August 1-7, 1999                                [ Top ]
Online "VidBook" on Dog Training: All you need to know about basic dog training is here -- 33 web pages of text, pictures and video!  You'll actually see how to do many key steps correctly.  Handy for you -- and new puppy owners!

July 18-31, 1999                                [ Top ]
Reduce your dog's obsessive behaviors:  Most dog owners must deal with their dogs' barking, chewing, digging -- behaviors that are sometimes excessive. Try these suggestions.

July 4-17, 1999                                 [ Top ]
Training dogs to come:  No matter your experience level, you can benefit from this in-depth look at training the important "come" command.  Learn why you should never chase your dog and more.

June 27-July 3, 1999                           [ Top ]
Conditioning & training: This helpful primer looks at positive & negative reinforcement and at positive & negative punishment -- four key behavior modification strategies and their pros and cons.

June 20-26, 1999                              [ Top ]
Dog's emotions & instincts: Everything a dog does is driven by emotion or emotion and instinct together, factors too often overlooked in dog training. Harness them to improve training!

June 13-19, 1999                             [ Top ]
Canine Behaviour & Dog Sports: a Schutzhund dog trainer says establishing order through stress is normal for dogs, and is one aspect of dog behavior that successful dog trainers must know.

June 6-12, 1999                             [ Top ]
A Dog and a Dolphin: Click on this article at the menu for a look at clicker training for performing dolphins -- and applications to successful dog training -- by noted author Karen Pryor.

May 30-June 5, 1999                      [ Top ]
Learn basic steps in canine massage:   sports muscle massage for working dogs can help ease sore muscles and keep dogs in top form for competition, says this illustrated article in Mushing magazine.

May 23-29, 1999                           [ Top ]
Bonding key to dog/human relationship: improve your success in dog training by understanding the critical role of a puppy's need for bonding, and the "super alpha" role of the trainer.

May 16-22, 1999                         [ Top ]
Picking a pup for a working program: Look for this array of traits -- and try these simple tests -- to select the pup with a sound personality for working or dog sports.

May 9-15, 1999                           [ Top ]
Dog owners can learn to reduce "sibling dog fights" when they see how their own behavior sends cues to the dogs in their home. The author advises counter-conditioning and benevolent dominance.

May 2-8, 1999                            [ Top ]
What do dogs find "positively reinforcing?" This article looks at items and strategies that trainers typically use for reinforcement -- from food to praise -- revealing what really works with dogs!

April 25-May 1, 1999                    [ Top ]
Reduce possession aggression: Dogs will guard food or objects with noisy aggression unless well trained.  Here are steps to train a dog to give you a ball, a shoe or a bone -- without a contest of wills.

April 18-24, 1999                         [ Top ]
Learn to speak "Doglish" now:
 Eye contact, body language and voice tone are keys to "Doglish," communication dogs understand. Use the Peacock position? Don't yell? Learn why.

April 11-17, 1999                        [ Top ]
Motivational Training: Learn B.F. Skinner's "big 3" principles -- and how they work in
"motivational" or "treat" or "clicker" training with great success. Plus basic obedience training for your dog.

April 4-10, 1999                         [ Top ]
Dogs are from Sirius, Humans from Earth:  This 5-part series explores human-dog communication to improve our ability to understand dogs and improve key behavior management.

March 21-April 3, 1999                  [ Top ]
How Dogs Think: this fascinating look at how dogs think using "images" provides valuable insights to use in training, whether for a pet or for sports like obedience or agility.

March 14-20, 1999                      [ Top ]
Building confidence in a shy or omega dog: an in-depth look at useful strategies that can be beneficial for the pet dog in your home as well as to the working canine.

March 7-13, 1999                       [ Top ]
Dog intelligence/working ratings: Stanley Coren developed controversial ratings of dog breed intelligence as it impacts training and working. Gary Wilkes offers a different view.

February 28-March 6, 1999             [ Top ]
Teaching the "settle" command: Many working dogs are active and energetic, and the "settle" command is a valuable one for dogs to know -- for use when you need to calm them down.

February 21-27, 1999                   [ Top ]
Four rules for varying reinforcement:
After opening comments on rewards, you'll find an important article on varying reinforcements in training, including four rules for success.

February 14-20, 1999                   [ Top ]
Why the clicker is better than words:
An easy-to-read look at characteristics of the best reinforcing systems for training dogs to take commands for work, sports and obedience trials.

heart1.gif (178 bytes)February 7-13, 1999               [ Top ]
How to love your dog!  Get in the Valentine's Day spirit -- visit this site with your kids for fun and a Love Your Dog Contract.

January 31-February 6, 1999            [ Top ]
Diagnosis & Treatment of Canine Sports Disorders -- the number of dogs in sports -- agility to racing -- is growing.  Janet Lelonde, DVM, looks at dogs' sports ailments and care.

January 24-30, 1999                   [ Top ]
Dogs Are Problem Solvers!
This article by Connie Cleveland explores dogs' problem-solving behavior and how you can use it when training dogs for obedience or other activity.

January 17-23, 1999                   [ Top ]
Successful strategies for teaching dogs self control.  This article by Suzanne Clothier teaches you to train, not restrain.

January 10-16, 1999                  [ Top ]
Useful activities for the dog left home alone.
Includes a link to the famous Kong food-stuffed dog toy.

January 3-9, 1999                    [ Top ]
How to get your dog to listen to you. Adapt the basic body language and tones of dogspeak to improve your canine communication.

December 27-January 2, 1999        [ Top ]
The Conditioned Canine -- for peak performance. This fine article from Dogs in Canada is by Janet Lalonde, D.V.M.

December 20-26, 1998                [ Top ]
Is the Basenji more
jackal than wolf? 
This site explores the origins of a unique, "barkless," African hunting dog.

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