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Here is a sampling of the e-mail notes, guestbook comments, newspaper reviews and award commendations received by WorkingDogWeb. Thanks for the kind words -- they keep us working to make the site even more fun and  informative! Again thanks!

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"This is the best site, I am so impressed.  I love to learn and read about doggy activities and this is by the far the best site I've seen. Just wanted to let you know that."
          -- Deb

"Perfect site! Flyball, agility, and sheep herding -- we have fun with all of this, and this is a great site, very informative.There is a lot to be learned from here. Thank you. Keep up the great work!"
          -- Barb, owner of an Australian Shepherd

"WorkingDogWeb is one of our favorite doggy web sites and we just keep getting pulled back there," the editor writes in issue 152 of The Straight Poop newsletter, March 2003 -- a third mention in this popular publication. The others were in issues 6 and 132 [see below].   Thanks, Frank!  See the comments! is mentioned as among the Best of the Best in issue 102 of The Straight Poop newsletter -- a second mention in this popular publication. The first was in issue 6 [see below].   Thanks, Frank!  Check it out!

"Woof Woof Woof. I love this site, My mummy (human one) took me by the paw and showed me thru it. Sorry about the little wet marks on the corner of the pages but we dogs have to mark territory. I am a Maltese x Pomeranian, pedigree mongrel. Come visit me on my site."
           -- Jellybean, Bauple Mountain, Qld., Australia

"Your site is always a source of fun, knowledge, and products that I need.  Thanks for the great site."
          -- Susan, sled dog musher

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Your Site IS perfect!! I don't even need to search "dogs" anymore in the search engines. You have a very good variety and coverage."
          -- Tammy

"Friends, this is a GREAT page! I have found mounds of helpful information on your page, and also from the links that you have provided. I used your page as a hyper link on my personal web page...."
         -- Jeff, Siberian Husky owner and gig racer

"Awesome. Awesome."
          -- Nicole, flyball enthusiast

"I just love your is very very informative and will definitely use some of the tips and things that I have found on your page I think it is great!"
          -- Bobbi Jo, owner of a Boston Terrier

"Hi. I like your page. Good links on it. Could you please add mine? Thanks." [You can add your site yourself, free, to our Links Directory.]
         --  Jo, dog sledder in Canada

"This is a wonderful site! Good job. Being an animal lover myself, I really appreciate other people that are dedicated to the well being of our best friends."
          -- Crista, owner of an American Pit Bull

"As a Great Dane owner and fancier, I would absolutely LOVE it if, in the "FACTS" section, you'd include the fact that the TALLEST DOG ON RECORD was, indeed, a Great Dane named Shamgret Danzas, who was 42" tall at the shoulder, weighed 238 lbs, and stood 6'9' tall on his hind legs."
          -- Marjorie, Toronto

"A great site which I visit regularly, loads of good information."
         -- Kerry, Brisbane, Australia

"Fine site you have done, just go on ! My Sibes' roots are from New England-line and Calivali, Arctic Trail, Igloo Pak and Zero. Visit   Have been mushing 21 years, own at the moment 20 Siberians, ages between 14 weeks to 12 years.
         -- Liisa, Torne River Valley, Lapland, Finland

"Hi, I'm an aspiring sledder just getting into it all and have found this page an invaluable source of information.... Keep it up.
         -- Bob, Queensland, Australia

"Very good!"
          -- Beth, owner of English Spring Spaniels
          -- Craig & Scout the Labrador Retriever
          -- Nancy, owner of a Boxer

"I think I can honestly say that this is the best dog site I've yet run across."
         -- Jim, fellow ezine editor

"I LOVE this web site! It is one of the best dog web sites I have ever been to! I especily like the dog e-greeting cards you can send to people "[ see the cards in Best Dog Free Stuff ].
        -- Liz

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"Does it ever stop growing? doesn't seem to -- ever.... this site overflows with information, opportunities for networking and more."

"Working DogWeb: This site has everything imaginable on dogs!"
          -- VanDog, Vancouver Dog Owners Association

"Awesome Super Site, I think this site deserves a TEN!!  Great info, links, graphics, and oh so much more! Visit often cause they update a lot!" Reviewer Nicole at's review of
        -- Nicole, reviewer,'s review site

"Are you a dog lover? .... WorkingDogWeb:  I've done a lot of searching and this is my favorite site so far. There's a section on dog breeds with dogs I've never even seen or heard of. The section on Kids and Dogs is great. Besides the great advice on kids' safety when it comes to dogs, there are links to dog coloring pages, dog pictures, cartoons, projects and a host of other cool stuff for dog-loving kids. There's information on health, nutrition and breeding, and of course dog behavior and training.....If you love dogs you've gotta' check this site out. There's tons of useful information here! I give this site an A+."
         -- Georgia Foy, Co-Host, Net Talk Live

"Someone is burning a lot of midnight oil maintaining this one, and you don't have to have a working dog like my Siberian Husky, Katie, to appreciate it...there's stuff here for Chihuahuas and Irish Wolfhounds and everything in between. Eight canine guides, any one of which will keep you busy for many enjoyable hours. Over 1,000 links to dog-related web sites of all kinds in a well designed and attractive format."
        -- The Straight Poop - Issue 6 -- the best of the Web about dogs 

"Working Dog Web - The ultimate canine resource site!   Nice graphics -- quick loader -- quite clearly the best site for dog lovers on the net!  Webmaster Note: This site is a MUST visit for dog lovers. Everything you could possibly want to know is right here in one very organized spot. A job very well done!"

" 'Si quieres un amigo compráte un perro'. Sin exagerar demasiado, por lo menos esta página anima a acercarse al mejor amigo del hombre."
[Approximate translation:  " 'If you love friends, consider buying a dog'. Without exaggerating too much, this web page comes close to covering everything about  man's best friend. "
          -- WorkingDogWeb featured August 1999 at
Beefeater, Spain

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"Once at this site [WorkingDogWeb], click on the sled dogs section and you'll have access to information about the owners, racing requirements, diet, tack, care and keeping of all breeds of winter-weather working dogs. There is a complete listing of sled races... around the world.... An introduction to mushing includes common terms and an interesting article about what drives the sled dog: Racing feeds the need to run."
          -- Cincinnati Post Online, on an Iditarod page

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The Great Dog Site Award/Golden is among the many we have received. Thank you, Webmasters!  Here are links to others:

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Free Dog Calendar -- 2003 calendar to print out
Free Dog Stories -- from Digital Dog
Free Dog Stuff -- from Hoflin
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Free Pet Stuff -- food, shampoo, and more Free Pet Stuff

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