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Tracking Down
Your Ancestors


oing research on your family history is a very satisfying project for anyone who enjoys history, digging for facts, and solving puzzles. You will discover remarkable things about yourself in the process.

Here are the genealogy and family history resources we have developed to assist us in our family research -- and hopefully to help you as well. Included are guides to some of the best resources on the Internet today.

Read our blog, Relative Musings, with an ongoing series of entries called Finding Family for Free [browse index here]. Here you will find a wealth of tips and examples on finding your ancestors at little or no cost -- a good way to begin your research. And follow us on Twitter for more genealogy tips.

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First Steps in Genealogy: A Beginner's Guide to Researching Your Family History


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They Came to Wisconsin (New Badger History)


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The German-
American Experience


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Germans in


Globe Trekker:


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The Making of


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In Search of Your German Roots. The Complete Guide
to Tracing Your Ancestors in the Germanic Areas of Europe


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Map Guide to the
U.S. Federal


Family History & Genealogy Resources     [ Top ]

Brick Wall Genealogy Solutions: guide to helpful advice for times when you run into a dead end in your research and need new ideas and strategies to keep making progress.

Genealogy Resources:  guide to free online resources including databases to search, forums wher you can post queries and more

Finding Family For Free: an on-going series of short articles on free resources on the Web and elsewhere to help you do family research. The articles are part of the Relative Musings blog.

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The Family Tree Problem Solver:
Proven Methods
for Scaling the Inevitable Brick Wall

Relative Musings: a genealogy blog with musings on the experience of doing genealogy and resources you can use, including the series of articles called Finding Family for Free. Learn about some of the best free resources such as RootsWeb and the GenForums and FamilySearch as well as the census, immigration records at Castle Garden and Ellis Island Web sites, obituaries, and much more. [Finding Family for Free index here]

ncestors & Relatives      [ Top ]

Antiques: Pastime to Business -- an interview in Part I and Part II with Elizabeth Bradley, about Elizabeth Bradley Antiques

Benjamin Church: a pioneer master carpenter who arrived in Milwaukee on November 15, 1835.

Benjamin Church House: information and photographs of the historic Greek Revival home that Benjamin Church built on Fourth Street in Kilbourntown and now a museum of the 1850s

Visit the Benjamin Church House: we imagine family life in this historic Milwaukee home.

Martin Friedrich Bruss: this ancestor and his wife Sophie nee Stiemke were among the first group of Germans to come to Milwaukee, the Old Lutherans from Prussia, in 1839.

William George Bruce: influential historian, publisher and public servant in Milwaukee. His grandparents arrived in 1842, he wrote.

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Sheboygan County (Wisconsin)
(Images of America


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Books, Family Tree Software & More

William Henry Luehr, respected Wisconsin educator born in New Holstein, a University of Wisconsin graduate, who worked in Wisconsin Rapids, Manitowoc, Sheboygan Falls and New Holstein. His parents arrived in 1858.

Petura Family Genealogy:  two Petura families from Bohemia, now the Czech Republic, settled in Racine, Wisconsin, in the 1800s. Find many online records for these families as well as online Czech genealogy  resources.

Frank Joseph Petura, son of Joseph and Mary Petura of Racine, studied engineering  and chemistry at the University of Wisconsin, helped found Alpha Chi Sigma chemistry fraternity, became a successful business executive in New York, married and had two sons.

Chart of Cousin Relationships:  first cousin, second cousin, third cousin, and once removed, twice removed -- relationships explained.

Regions of Europe and America     [ Top ]

German-Americans: history, genealogy, maps and key regions where Germans settled in America, starting in the 1600s.

German American Family Album: review of book by Dorothy and Thomas Hoobler with a look at many German-American families and cities, using excerpts from diaries and letters as well as photographs.

Cammin, Pomerania, Prussia: near the Baltic Sea,  native home to the Bruss family that came to Milwaukee in the Old Lutherans migration.

German-American-Family-Album.jpg (8048 bytes)
The German
American Family

Wewelsfleth, Holstein, Germany: history, genealogy, photographs and maps for the Tonner family.

Glarus Canton:, history, genealogy and maps for the Swiss native home to the Speich Family.

Simmental, Switzerland: history, genealogy and maps for the area including the city of Zweisimmen and the Simme River Valley, native home to the Stocker family.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin: history, genealogy, maps and more to assist anyone seeking their MIlwaukee, Wisconsin, ancestors

The Making of Milwaukee: a review of the major history book by John Gurda, taking readers from the pioneer days to the start of the 21st century in nine chapters and many illustrations.

Milwaukee Then and Now: a review of the book by Sandra Ackerman that tells Milwaukee's story through vivid photographs -- historic and modern -- and detailed captions.

Cream City Chronicles: Stories of Milwaukee's Past: a review of the book by John Gurda, a well known contemporary historian of Milwaukee's people, neighborhoods, politics and more

Cream-City-Chronicles.jpg (6899 bytes)
Cream City

Stories of
Milwaukee's Past

New Holstein, Wisconsin: history, genealogy and maps for this city in Wisconsin and for Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, from which the original settlers cames in the mid-1800s.

Sheboygan and The Falls, Wisconsin: history, genealogy, maps and more to assist anyone seeking their Sheboygan ancestors

Wisconsin Genealogy: history, genealogy resources, maps and more to assist anyone seeking their Wisconsin ancestors.

Genealogy Products    [ Top ]

Visit our Genealogy Shop for family history and genealogy books, family tree software and other and products today. Check out the sections for German genealogy, Irish genealogy, finding women ancestors and much more.

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Swiss in

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Sheboygan County:
150 Years of Progress


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Then and Now


Milwaukee-Wisconsin.jpg (6949 bytes)
, Wisconsin
(Images of America)


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Tracking Down
Your Ancestors

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