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Milwaukee, Wisconsin
A Family Heritage

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The Making of

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a review
of The Making
of Milwaukee

ilwaukee, the largest city in Wisconsin, was built where three rivers -- the Milwaukee, the Menomonee and the Kinnickinnic --  come together, then enter Lake Michigan. Once a location favored by Native American peoples, the town first attracted settlers from New England in the 1830s, then from European countries such as Germany, Ireland, Poland and more. The city's three influential founders were Solomon Juneau, Byron Kilbourn and George Walker, each creating his own settlement that later became part of the metropolis.

Benjamin Church, a young carpenter arrived in 1835 and built hotels, houses and more. Others among our ancestors in early Milwaukee carried the surnames (including maiden names) of Becker, Bradley, Bruss/Bruce, Booth, Ebrey, Speich and Stocker. Here are resources about their city's history, genealogy and more.

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Cream City
Chronicles: Stories

of Milwaukee's Past

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a review
of Cream City


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Milwaukee Stories (Urban Life Series)


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Solomon Juneau,

Walking Tour

Walker's Point
and South

History of Milwaukee,
City and County
(Volume III)

St. Mary's Church
of a pioneer parish

Last 2 by William
George Bruce


Byron-Kilbourn.jpg (6208 bytes)
Byron Kilbourn
and the Development
of Milwaukee


Schooners-Great-Lakes.jpg (4716 bytes)
(Great Lakes
Album Series)


They-Came-to-Wisconsin.jpg (7883 bytes)
They Came to Wisconsin (New Badger History)


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Richness-of-Earth.jpg (7253 bytes)
In the Richness of the Earth: A History of

the Archdiocese
of Milwaukee,


Indian-Nations-Wisconsin.jpg (8097 bytes)
Indian Nations of
Wisconsin: Histories
of Endurance
and Renewal


German-American Experience.jpg (5997 bytes)
The German-



Introduction   [ Top ]

Introduction to Milwaukee: overview, history, recent developments

Links to the Past for Milwaukee: a wealth of resources on history and genealogy including early census records, directories, history books

Letters from Early Milwaukee: Increase A. Lapham's 1836-1846 letters portray rapid growth of the young city, plus weather, agriculture, arrival of German immigrants, early industry, much more

Milwaukee Streets: names, locations, 1848-1849

Milwaukee Streets: the name changes vital to understanding old records in view of today's city

Milwaukee-Streets.jpg (4690 bytes)
Milwaukee Streets:
The Stories Behind
Their Names

1929-1931 Street Changes: Milwaukee changed street names and numbers to align east and west of the Milwaukee River

"Making of Milwaukee" now a TV series: John Gurda's big book on Milwaukee history on television in 2006, and its Web site.

Milwaukee in Context: browse articles on Wisconsin history, including the major turning points

"Looking in the mirror at Milwaukee's image," a 1995 article, looks at the city's culture, demographics and style. It quotes varied  Milwaukee citizens including local historian John Gurda and Bayard Still who wrote a classic history of Milwaukee in 1948. See Page 2 / Page 3.

City Flag: while unoffcial, the flag in rich in Milwaukee symbols from City Hall to wheat for grain shipping, a gear for industry, water for the rivers and Lake Michigan, with 1846 the year of incorporation as a city.

History   [ Top ]

Timeline of Milwaukee History: from its founding in the early 1800s  to today -- follow links to the "bridge war," Socialist era, much more.

Beginnings, Dates and Events A to Z:  Chapter 16 of The History of Milwaukee, City and County, Volume I, [large pdf] edited by historian William George Bruce.  Early churches and colleges, cholera epidemic that killed 104 (1849), disasters and fires, first bridge (built by Kilbourn over the Menomonee River), first German settler (1835), first auto (1899), the Zoo (1905), the first movie theater (1906), the Auditorium's opening (1909), and many other firsts given.  See book's table of contents.

Jacques Vieau:   the first fur trader with a home in Milwaukee and the father of Josette Vieau who married Solomon Juneau, Milwaukee founder. The genealogy of Jacques Vieau.   The family surname also spelled Vieux.

Solomon Juneau:   French-Canadian fur trader and founder of Juneautown on the Milwaukee River's east side, later merged into the City of Milwaukee, and husband-wife Josette and Solomon Juneau and Juneau images including Solomon, his wife and trading post. The year 1835 and Juneau recalled.

great-lakes-great-ships.gif (8013 bytes)
Great Lakes and
Great Ships: An
Illustrated History
for Children

Solomon Juneau: a brief biography, plus the life of Solomon Juneau, and more on Solomon Juneau by children in Theresa, Wisconsin

Martin L. Morgan: partner and adviser to Juneau who recalled in a letter Milwaukee's early history and land dealings, and more on the role that Morgan played in founding the city

Byron Kilbourn: Connecticut native and developer who founded Kilbourntown on the west side, merged into Milwaukee in 1846, and more on Kilbourn and early Milwaukee when Auditorium's Kilbourn Hall dedicated in 1911. William George Bruce was a speaker.

George H. Walker:  founded Walker's Point in 1835 on the south side, land merged into Milwaukee in 1846. An  Auditorium hall was named in his honor in 1911 and the story of George Walker is recounted.

Milwaukee's Competing Founders: a brief look at the early days of the city plus the return Byron Kilbourn's remains to Milwaukee

Old Milwaukee: a sketch of early Milwaukee history and culture by William George Bruce, in Wisconsin Magazine of History online.

Old Milwaukee's Yankee Hill, a sketch by Milwaukee historian William George Bruce of the early residential area of New Enganders and New Yorkers.

Milwaukee Jewish Timeline starting in 1842 when the first Jews -- Meyer, Emanuel, Gabriel, Samuel, William and Charles Shoyer; Moses Weil; Isaac Neustadtl; and Solomon Adler settled in Milwaukee. Covers 1800s, 1900s and 2000s. Many of the entries are linked to an individual story and picture -- a remarkable resource.

Bridge War in 1845:  discusses early use of ferries across the rivers, bridges built in the early 1840s, the competition between East and West sides, and the merger founding Milwaukee in 1846. Spring Street and Chestnut Street bridges were at the heart of the 1845 bridge war.

Milwaukee Charter in 1846 -- granted by Wisconsin's territorial legislature -- recalled in an article looking ahead to the city's 50th anniversary jubilee

Jewish-Milwaukee.jpg (8046 bytes)
Jewish Milwaukee
(Images of America)

Milwaukee-Wisconsin.jpg (6949 bytes)
Wisconsin (Images
of America)

Milwaukee's First Brewery in 1840, with more on Milwaukee and Wisconsin beer, breweries, and the German immigrants' influence

First City Directory in 1847, with early churches, officials, more

Early Kilbourntown and the growth in the late 1840s of a Little Germany around Fourth and Chestnut [now Juneau] streets as German immigrants arrived, and a history of Milwaukee breweries, and a city history with photos of brewers Blatz, Miller, Pabst and Schlitz.

Milwaukee Female Seminary in 1848 with Lucy Ann Parsons as the seminary founder, aided by Boston educator Catharine Beecher, and later led by Mary Mortimer and others, became Milwaukee-Downer College, then in 1964 part of Lawrence University in Appleton.

The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee traces its history to the 1849 founding of the UW in Madison, the 1885 founding of Milwaukee State Normal School to prepare teachers and the 1956 creation of UW-M through a merger of the Wisconsin State College of Milwaukee, as the normal school was then called, and UW Extension.

Marquette University opened in 1881 and in 1909 admitted women, the first Jesuit university in the U.S. to do so. It traces its origins to the 1850s when the Most Rev. Martin J. Henni, the first Catholic bishop of Milwaukee, bought land for an "academy of learning."

Milwaukee's History in brief, from the producers of Milwaukee Then and Now, with then and now photos from City Hall to the Turner Hall, an historic image library including a lithograph showing early Water Street businesses such as Bradley & Metcalf, maps, a trivia quiz and more.

History Highlights: a brief look at Milwaukee history from the Native Americans to the founders and the Bridge War to the large immigrant German population to the three Socialist mayors.

History of the Arts in Milwaukee, including the Layton Art Gallery, the Milwaukee Art Society and the Milwaukee Art Museum.

Historical Figures: from founders Solomon Juneau, Byron Kilbourn and George Walker to business leaders such as Alexander Mitchell, Edward Phelps Allis, Frederick Layton and John Plankinton, to brewers Frederick Miller, Frederick Pabst, Joseph Schlitz and Franz Falk, to Milwaukee's socialist mayors, other influential men and women, such as Mathilde Anneke, publisher of America's first feminist newspaper.

People in Milwaukee Histories    [ Top ]

Index to "History of Milwaukee, Wisconsin," by Frank A. Flower, 1881

Index to "Pioneer History of Milwaukee County from the First American Settlement, 1833-1841," by James S. Buck, 1876

Index to Pioneer History of Milwaukee, 1840-1846, Vol. II,  by James S. Buck, 1881

Index to Milwaukee Under the Charter, 1847-1853, Vol. III,  by James S. Buck, 1884

Index to Milwaukee Under the Charter, 1854-1860,  Vol. IV,  by James S. Buck, 1886

History Of Milwaukee From Its First Settlement To 1895, by Howard Louis Conrad:  Index to Vol. 1, Index to Vol. 2 and Index to Vol. 3

Memoirs Of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, by Jerome Anthony Watrous, 1909:  Index to Vol. 1 and Index to Vol. 2

"I Was Born in America: Memoirs of William George Bruce," Index

Eras of Milwaukee County and Milwaukee history -- each with a different courthouse photo -- including
1674-1850 starting with the visit of Father Jacques Marquette;
1850-1940 starting with opening of the first public market;
1940-1980 starting with county airport named Gen. Mitchell Field
1980 to 2001 starting with the launch of German Fest in 1981

Milwaukee-Then-Now.jpg (9204 bytes)
Then and Now

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Then and Now

Milwaukee-Road-in-Hometown.jpg (5565 bytes)
Milwaukee Road in Its
Hometown: In and Around
the City of Milwaukee
(Golden Years of
Railroading Series)


Milwaukee-1873-Lg.jpg (20421 bytes)
Art Poster Print:  Milwaukee, City of, 1873


German-Milwaukee-Sm.jpg (5617 bytes)
German Milwaukee:
Its History ~

Its Recipes


German-American-Urban.jpg (4863 bytes)
German-American Urban Culture: Writers & Theaters in Early Milwaukee


ani-redstar.gif (899 bytes)
The Milwaukee story;
The making of an
American city


German-Immigrants.jpg (7914 bytes)
German Immigrants (Immigration to the
United States)


Search-German-Roots.jpg (7676 bytes)
In Search of Your German Roots. The Complete Guide
to Tracing Ancestors in Germanic Areas
of Europe


German-American-Names.jpg (7731 bytes)
German-American Names


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The German
Immigrant Press
in Milwaukee

and Community
in a Frontier City


Milwaukee-Road-Depots.jpg (6573 bytes)
Milwaukee Road Depots 1856-1954 (Photo Archive)


Brady-Street-Milwaukee.jpg (7126 bytes)
Milwaukee's Brady Street Neighborhood (Images of America)


West-Milwaukee.jpg (6420 bytes)
West Milwaukee (Images of America)


South-Milwaukee.jpg (6958 bytes)
South Milwaukee (Images of America)


St-Stanislaus-Church.jpg (5702 bytes)
Saint Stanislaus Church, Milwaukee, Wisconsin: 100 Years 1866 - 1966


Irish-Milwaukee.jpg (5152 bytes)
Irish Milwaukee

of America)


Milwaukee-Bronzeville-Lifestyle.jpg (7248 bytes)
Bronzeville A
Milwaukee Lifestyle


Latinos-in-Milwaukee.jpg (6975 bytes)
Latinos in
Milwaukee (Images
of America)


Italian-Milwaukee.jpg (8381 bytes)

Italian Milwaukee

of America)


Meta-Berger.jpg (3898 bytes)
Milwaukee Woman's Life on the Left: The Autobiography of
Meta Berger


Germanic-Ancestors.jpg (7210 bytes)
Genealogist's Guide
to Discovering

Your Germanic


Milwaukee-Directory.jpg (2805 bytes)
Erving, Burdick &
Co's Milwaukee city directory, for
1857 & 1858.


Swiss-in-Wisconsin.gif (16059 bytes)
Swiss in


Great-Lakes-Region.jpg (7364 bytes)

Great Lakes Region: Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin


Everything-With-Genealogy.jpg (5693 bytes)
How to Do Everything with Your Genealogy


Federal-Census.jpg (6992 bytes)
Your Guide to the Federal Census: For Genealogists, Researchers, and Family Historians


Germans & More Immigrants   [ Top ]

Arrival of German Immigrants:   
In the 1840s, Milwaukee became known as the German Athens due to its rich German culture

Germans in Wisconsin: including why Milwaukee was a German Athens

Deutsch-Athen Revisited" article explores those who have written about various aspects of the history of Germans in Milwaukee

German, Scandinavian and other immigrants influenced music and art in early Milwaukee.

Immigrants to Wisconsin  from England, Ireland, Germany, Holland, Switzerland, Scandinavia, Poland.

Milwaukee's roots from the native people to the founders, immigrants and more

Map of Wisconsin counties in 1880 shows the percentage of settlers from Germany with Milwaukee, Sheboygan, and Calumet counties among those in the highest category.

European-born German Speakers: a map based on data in the 1890 census shows their concentration from Pennsylvania through Midwest, including Wisconsin

German-Americans: see MIlwaukee's German immigrants in a national context, starting with those who came in the 1600s. Why did they come? Where did they settle?

Large version of 1890 map shows Milwaukee County and Sheboygan County in darkest brown, thus with the highest concentration of European- born German speakers at that time

Atlas des Deutschen Reichs: maps of areas of Germany and an idex to cities, villages

History book online:  Milwaukee Illustrated: its trade, commerce, manufacturing interests, and advantages as a residence city. See pp 6-7 for settlers before 1837 including the city's founders and also Benjamin Church

Milwaukee Founding Families:  Pabst, Cudahy, Miller, Brumbder and more families who built industries and shaped the city [large pdf] and history articles from Larry Widen

Buildings & History   [ Top ]

Milwaukee Architecture 1837 to Today: a wealth of photographs from early residences such as the Benjamin Church House and early churches to the Milwaukee Art Museum's world-famous Calatrava addition

Benjamin Church House: photos of this 1844 Milwaukee home now a museum of pioneer life

Registered Historic Places in Milwaukee County, including Benjamin Church House, also called Kilbourntown House

Milwaukee Architectural Sites from the Pabst Mansion to the 1844 Benjamin Church House, the latter in Greek Revivial style

Famous Buildings of Milwaukee: from the 1988 MIlwaukee Center to the 1895 Flemish Renaissance-style Milwaukee City Hall

Milwaukee City Hall: explore Milwaukee today starting with historic city hall and its environs including nearby Cathedral Square

Architect Peter J. Brust designed religious, residential and commercial building for Milwaukee and churches for the region.

Images of Milwaukee: 173 color photos of Milwaukee landmarks from churches to historic homes to museums, more. View as slideshow.

Historic Milwaukee and its tour programs give  many a look at Milwaukee heritage

Historic Third Ward describes the notable buildings there and their modern uses

Milwaukee historic scenes from the Milwaukee Public Library collection include:
  Grand Avenue swinging bridge in 1880s,
    now Wisconsin Avenue downtown
  City Market on the East Side with stalls for
    merchants in 1885,
  Newspaper Row: home to numerous
   papers andthe Press Club, 1885
  Gimbel's Department Story in 1897
  Ice Skaters filled the Milwaukee River, here
    in January 1897
  Milwaukee Auditorium in 1909, interior
    scene. A key leader in its development was
    publisher William George Bruce
  Beer bottling was mechanized, Pabst, 1915
  Milwaukee City Hall as seen in 1923

Historic Milwaukee Photos from the Journal Sentinal Online with five archive pages:
  Archive 1: with one of Old City Hall
  Archive 2: Schlitz Palm Garden and more
  Archive 3: one of 4th & Chestnut, 1860s
  Archive 4: includes one of a three-masted
   schooner on the Milwaukee River, 1885
  Archive 5: photos of early stores

Historic Milwaukee Postcards: search the Bliffert Postcard Collection or browse its 400 cards including this sample:
  Val Blatz Brewing Co.
  Cathedral Square

  City Hall in the 1867 and 1909 versions
  City Hall in the 1900-1907 era
  Deutscher Club, 1905, now Wisconsin Club
  Germania Building
  Grand Avenue
, east from 11th, 1914
  Juneau Monument, Juneau Park
  Milwaukee Auditorium, 1908, located between Cedar [now W. Kilbourn Ave.] and State streets, and 5th and 6th Streets.

Milwaukee Panorama 1898:  view the city's skyline of that era or an enlargement with key buildings identified [click to expand] such as breweries, churches, City Hall, many more

History of Milwaukee Breweries as well as Wisconsin breweries, and an Index by town to some of the many breweries of Wisconsin

Historic Milwaukee Religious Buildings: from 1847, including German, Polish and Irish Catholic, German Lutheran, African Methodist Episcopal churches and Jewish synagogues

Historic Milwaukee Churches: a sampling of edifaces from as early as 1853

Milwaukee Auditorium: story of its construction with halls named for city founders

Free Congregational Church was founded in 1847 to allow advocy of abolition in church; was served in 1848 by Rev. W. L. Parsons whose wife Lucy S. Parsons [p. 395] founded a women's school that became Milwaukee College, then Milwaukee Downer College.  The church was served by noted abolition minister Rev. De Loss Love from 1858-1871. They built new Church at 6th and Spring with its first services in 1857, then became Spring Street Congregational Church, then became Grand Avenue Congregation Church when its new 1887 church opened. [Spring Street was later renamed Grand Avenue, then West Wisconsin Avenue, its name today.]

Underground Railroad: abolition efforts in southeast Wisconsin starting in 1840, and the link to Congregational, Presbysterian churches

Milwaukee Historical Facts:  mayors, population from 1840, tallest and oldest buildings including Church House, among other "fast facts" starting with M

Milwaukee at the Millenium: 2000 Census

Milwaukee Neighborhoods   [ Top ]

Picturing Milwaukee Neighborhoods: illustrated essay on the city's historic development and ethnic roots

Map of Milwaukee Neighborhoods with links to photos

Eastside and Westside Milwaukee maps, indexed with historic and major buildings

Historic Irish Third Ward with maps

Historic Milwaukee: offers tours of Milwaukee including downtown, German heritage, more. See photo of Turner Hall, more.

History of the Milwaukee River Basin: the periods of the Native Americans, the European explorers, early development, more

Milwaukee Neighborhoods Today:  the distinctive parts of town and and more on the city's neighborhoods

City waterways are the Milwaukee River that flows from the north, Menomonee River from the west and Kinnickinnic River from the south. They flow into Lake Michigan.

Milwaukee's Harbor is integral to its history and commerce. A key force in its development was William George Bruce, the eldest son of Augustus Bruce and Apollonia Becker Bruce.

Milwaukee Downtown View from Bayview south of downtown

Milwaukee Genealogy   [ Top ]

Links to the Past for Milwaukee:  a major source for genealogy and history with a wealth of resources such as early  census indexes and the 1848-1849 City Directory

Milwaukee County GenWeb with surname lists, look ups, links, more

Wisconsin GenWeb - Milwaukee County
with indexes for early Milwaukee histories, early census records, obits, more

GenForum for Milwaukee County

Milwaukee Genealogical Society

Milwaukee County Historical Society and the building that houses the MCHS and details on the county's area historical societies

Milwaukee Jewish Historical Society has a wealth of genealogical material: marriage records; death, burial and obituary indices, and online family histories. Submissions welcome.

Milwaukee resources history and genealogy resources, with steps for doing research at the Milwaukee County Courthouse, much more.

Probate records: how to use Milwaukee County probate records back to 1830s

Famous Settlement House cookbook created by Lizzie Black Kandler of Milwaukee, born to German Jewish immigrant parents

Wisconsin Ancestors: offers family group sheets, obituaries, and news articles for all of Washington and Ozaukee counties plus some for Calumet, Chippewa, Clark, Dodge, Fond du Lac, Marathon, Milwaukee, Outagamie, Sheboygan, Waukesha and Wood counties.
Search here for ancestors.

Milwaukee Catholic Cemeteries: online database for genealogy research

Famous people with burials at Milwaukee's renowned  Forest Home Cemetery

Wisconsin History Dictionary with many brief biographies and location descriptions including Milwaukee and its founders --  Juneau, Kilbourn and Walker -- and the influential Milwaukeean William George Bruce, an author, publisher, historian and public servant

WCHS Research Library and a wealth of online genealogy resources recommended by the Milwaukee Public Library

Milwaukee History Sources: from  libraries and city archives to books on Milwaukee, and the Online Guide to Genealogical Collections in the Milwaukee Metropolitan Area

Census Online: Milwaukee:  sampling

Milwaukee County Cemeteries 1880 Census, more

Genealogy Resources:   find your family

Milwaukee Library Photos: search database of images

See Milwaukee through the lives of pioneer Benjamin Church and businessman and historian William George Bruce

Wisconsin Genealogy   [ Top ]

SE Wisconsin Genealogy: many links to helpful resources for Milwaukee, Kenosha, Racine, Waukesha, Ozaukee, Sheboygan and Washington counties, and Wisconsin overall.

Families of Mequon, Granville and Milwaukee townships, with census records, more. Map.

Wisconsin Genealogy & History: an in-depth guide to online sources, organizations, more

Wisconsin Historical Society:  Genealogy resources including searchable Vital Records

Wisconsin State Genealogical Society

GenForum for Wisconsin

Cyndi's List for Wisconsin: starting place for the state and its localities

New Holstein: history and genealogy resources for this Calumet County town

Sheboygan and Sheboygan Falls: history and genealogy resources for this cities

Rootsweb Resources for Wisconsin

Census Transcription for Wisconsin: for 1840 through 1930, partial

Other Genealogy Resources   [ Top ]

Family Research Tips & Tools including an index to our growing series of Finding Family for Free segments, reviewing remarkable resources that help you discover your ancestors.

Brick Wall Genealogy Solutions: guide to helpful advice for times when you run into a dead end in your research and need new ideas and strategies to keep making progress.

Genealogy Resources:  links to many of the most helpful online resources for family history research, many available free, and including a section on getting started in genealogy

Relative Musings:  our blog on genealogy and family history research, including the growing number of Finding Family for Free entries

Genealogy Products   [ Top ]

Visit our Genealogy Shop for family history and genealogy books, family tree software and other products today. Check out the sections for English genealogy, German genealogy, Irish genealogy, Scottish genealogy, how to search for women ancestors and more.

Germans-in-Wisconsin.jpg (5311 bytes)

Germans in


German-Expressionist-Prints.jpg (7149 bytes)
German Expressionist Prints: The Specks Collection at the Milwaukee

Museum of Art


Wisconsin-Office-Emigration.jpg (7005 bytes)
Wisconsin Office of
Emigration 1852-1855
and Its Impact on German Immigration
to the State


Calatrava.jpg (6432 bytes)
Santiago Calatrava:
Milwaukee Art Museum,
Quadracci Pavilion


Peter-Brust.jpg (4503 bytes)

A God-Given Talent:
Peter J. Brust, Architect, His Work and Legacy, 1906-2006


Making-of-Milwaukee-DVD.jpg (6279 bytes)
The Making of
Milwaukee (DVD)


HIstoric-Photos-Milwaukee.jpg (10564 bytes)
Historic Photos
of Milwaukee


ani-redstar.gif (899 bytes)
Built in Milwaukee:
An Architectural
View of the City


Milwaukee-Architecture.jpg (12372 bytes)
Milwaukee Architecture:
A Guide to
Notable Buildings


Silver-Screens.jpg (8827 bytes)
Silver Screens: Pictorial History of Milwaukee's Movie Theaters


CitySmart-Milwaukee.jpg (6634 bytes)
City Smart:


Milwaukee-Bronzeville.jpg (5751 bytes)
Milwaukee's Bronzeville,

Wisc., 1900-1950
(Images of America)


Illuminating-Particular.jpg (5230 bytes)
the Particular: Photographs of
Milwaukee's Polish
South Side


Black-Milwaukee.jpg (6192 bytes)
Black Milwaukee: The

Making of an Industrial
Proletariat, 1915-45


Shorewood-Wiisconsin.jpg (5165 bytes)
Shorewood Wisconsin (Images of America)


German-American-Family-Album.jpg (8048 bytes)
The German American Family Album

ani-redstar.gif (899 bytes) READ A ani-redstar.gif (899 bytes)

German Amercan
Family Album


Settlement-Cookbook.jpg (6723 bytes)
The Settlement
Cook Book 1903


German-Americans.jpg (8676 bytes)
Immigrants in
America - The

German Americans


Mayor-Milwaukee-Famous.jpg (3317 bytes)
The Mayor Who Made Milwaukee Famous


Finding-German-Ancestors.jpg (6841 bytes)
Finding Your German Ancestors : A

Beginner's Guide


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Books, Family
Tree Software
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Wisconsin-A-History.jpg (5525 bytes)


First-Steps-Genealogy.jpg (8826 bytes)
First Steps in Genealogy: A Beginner's Guide
to Researching Your
Family History


Unpuzzling-Past.jpg (7534 bytes)
The Unpuzzling Your
Past Workbook:
Essential Forms and
Letters for All Genealogists


Wisconsin-ZW.jpg (5173 bytes)


Tracking-Down-Ancestors.jpg (6742 bytes)
Tracking Down


American-Genealogy.jpg (4729 bytes)
The Researcher's
Guide to American
Genealogy 3rd Ed.


.Roots-Magic.jpg (6594 bytes)
RootsMagic Family
Tree Genealogy


Entertainment-Early-Milwaukee.jpg (8460 bytes)
Entertainment in
Early Milwaukee


Milwaukee-County-Parks.jpg (6182 bytes)
Milwaukee County Parks (WI)


Libraries & Genealogy Research in Milwaukee   [ Top ]

CountyCat: combined catalog of public libraries in Milwaukee County

Marquette University Library online catalog. Library as a good collection of the books of William George Bruce.

The Milwaukee County Genealogical Society does family research for a nominal fee using city directories, census, vital records, more.

Research Library of the Milwaukee County Historical Society has census, naturalization and probate records and many more useful resources for genealogical research. Located at 910 N. Old World Third Street between Kilbourn Avenue and State Street.

HIstoric-Photos-Milwaukee.jpg (10564 bytes)
Historic Photos
of Milwaukee

Milwaukee Public Library and its genealogy guide. A Local History collection, Zeidler Room, has the complete property tax rolls back to the time of Solomon Juneau. The library is at  814 W. Wisconsin Avenue.

University of Wisconsin Milwaukee Library and its archives that include the Milwaukee Area Research Center. Located there are the papers of William George Bruce. The UWM Golda Meir Library is located on the campus at 2311 East Hartford Avenue.

Indian-Summer-Braves.jpg (7058 bytes)
An Indian Summer:
The 1957 Milwaukee Braves, Champions
of Baseball

Women-Wisconsin.jpg (9373 bytes)

Women's Wisconsin: From
Native Matriarchies to the
New Millennium

Milwaukee-Fire-Department.jpg (7249 bytes)
Milwaukee Fire

(Images of America)

Danes-Wisconsin.jpg (6838 bytes)
Danes in Wisconsin:
(Expanded Edition)


Milwaukee-Street-Map.jpg (8238 bytes)
Rand McNally
2006 Milwaukee


Easyfinder-Milwaukee.jpg (2671 bytes)


many biographies
History of
City and County
(Volume III)


Cultural-Map-Wisconsin.jpg (7309 bytes)
Cultural Map of Wisconsin:
A Cartographic
Portrait  of the State


Wisconsin-Past-Present.jpg (5357 bytes)
Wisconsin's Past
and Present: A
Historical Atlas


Maps of Milwaukee   [ Top ]

Territorial Milwaukee Map: showing original Juneautown, Kilbourntown, Walker's Point

Harry Baird's Plan for Milwaukee east of the Milwaukee River showing street names, some never used, and his 1835 Map

1852 Map of Milwaukee: with old street names

Collection of early Milwaukee maps

1878 Map of Milwaukee: click, then zoom in to specific areas of the city in detail - has important buildings from city hall to schools to breweries.

Version of 1878 Map with sketches of city founders and the court house.

Milwaukee County 1906 Map: topographic map showing extent of development

Collection of Milwaukee Maps: 12 maps from 1883 to 2000. Choose "view descriptive record" for medium-sized version and text

Map of Milwaukee Neighborhoods from 1885 to 1998 with links to photos

Downtown Milwaukee maps: Eastside and Westside, modern street names

Milwaukee Green Map: interactive map to click for specific sites, parks, cemeteries.

Milwaukee River Basin Map: showing the Milwaukee, Menominee and Kinnikinnic Rivers joining in Milwaukee and neighboring counties

Milwaukee Map - Downtown: detailed road map and major public buildings, rivers

Milwaukee County Map: map puts city in context of the county, and Lake Michigan to the east and neighboring counties Racine [south], Waukesha [west] and Ozaukee [north]

Milwaukee County Map in PDF format, from WisDOT, and a Milwaukee County map showing the city and its many surrounding suburbs

Milwaukee Satellite Image Map

Maps of Wisconsin   [ Top ]

1895 Wisconsin Atlas: state and county maps plus index to towns, cities

Historical Maps of Wisconsin: digital maps

Wisconsin History Reference Maps

WorldAtlas Map Collection for Wisconsin: historic maps. outline maps, plus state facts

Map of SE Wisconsin Counties with Mequon, Granville and Milwaukee Townships shown

Wisconsin Counties Map: U.S. Census Bureau

Wisconsin Counties Map: click for individual county maps in PDF format, from WisDOT

Irish-in-Wisconsin.jpg (5394 bytes)
Irish in Wisconsin
(People of Wisconsin)


Maps-Milwaukee-Neighboods.jpg (7995 bytes)
The Milwaukee

Neighborhood Map
(Maps & Atlases)


Milwaukee-Bike-Map.jpg (6152 bytes)
Milwaukee Bike
Map and Southeast


Atlas-Ethnic-Diversity-Wisconsin.jpg (5582 bytes)
The Atlas of
Ethnic Diversity
in Wisconsin


Antiquities-Wisconsin.jpg (5564 bytes)
The Antiquities

of Wisconsin


Milwaukee-Road.jpg (8773 bytes)
Milwaukee Road
Color History)

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The Bradley Legacy: Lynde
and Harry Bradley,

Their Company, and
Their Foundation

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The Milwaukee Marvel

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Wisconsin Lighthouses:
A Photographic &
Historical Guide


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Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Milwaukee-Brewers-Calendar.jpg (12462 bytes)
Milwaukee Brewers
2007 Calendar

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Charlie Rose with Santiago Calatrava (May 22, 2002)

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