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Siberian Husky History
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Genetic Origins | Chukotka Sled Dogs | Historic Siberians | Racing Siberians

Siberian sled dogs came to fame in the early 1900s as they raced to victory in Nome's All-Alaska Sweepstakes distance race. Native dogs of Northeast Siberia were imported in 1908 by Russian fur trader William Goosak who knew their speed. Famous mushers such as "Iron Man" Johnson and Leonard Seppala raced Siberians to great success. Explore breed origins and history.

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Siberian Sled Dog Genetic Origins    [ Top ]

· Genetic Research Discovery: 14 ancient breeds include the Akita,
  Chow Chow, Siberian Husky, Samoyed, more

· Profiles of 14 Ancient Breeds:  learn about the Siberian Husky in the
  context of ancient breeds - check out coat colors, for example
· Colors of the Siberian Husky
Breed Markings:  both sites offer
  many pictures of Siberians
· "Genetic Fingerprints" found for 85 Breeds: allowing for 99 percent
  accuracy in identifying a dog's breed from its genes

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Antler on the Sea:
The Yup'ik and Chukchi of the
Russian Far East

Siberian Husky

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The Siberian Husky



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The Bravest Dog
Ever: The True
Story of Balto

Sled Dogs of Chukotka & Kamchatka   [ Top ]

· Prince Andrew Shirinsky-Shihmatoff studied the native dogs of Russia
  and Siberia north of 60 degrees latitude, including the dogs of the
  Chukchi, Koryak and Yukagir
· Siberian Native Dogs of Chukotka: a dog team of Markovo, Chukotka,
  1891, with Jesup Expedition, and a white piebald dog of northeast
  Siberia with the Jochelson party on a raft on the Korkodon River, a
  tributary of the Kolyma River, 1901 [see pg. 13 of this pdf file]
· Reindeer Chukchi & their dogs: contemporary dogs of Chukotka, and
  the reindeer Chukchi sleighs or sledges
· Chukchi man drives sled dog team: near Cape Dezhnev.Chukotka,Siberia,
  and more photos of maritime and reindeer Chukchi
· Koryak Dog:  a dog of the native Koryak people of northeast Siberia
  can be seen in the far right of this photograph
· Koryaks & their Dogs:
close neighbors of the Chukchi, with historic
  photos of the Koryak with their dogs and sleds

· Yukagir Dog:  a native Yukagir woman and dog in front of a tent on
  the upper reaches of the Kolyma River, northeast Siberia
· Kamchatka's Sled Dogs:   ancient roots of the Kamchatka husky with
  historic and contemporary photographs
· Siberian Husky History: noting that sled dogs from the Chukchi, Koryak
  and Kamchadals were imported as Siberian sled dogs into North America
· Standardized Soviet Sled Dog:  standardized breeding not totally
  successful in Chukotka, Kamchatka during Soviet period

· Northern Dogs: Siberian husky, Samoyed, Akita, Shiba, Russian laikas,
  elkhounds,spitz breeds and more, from WorkingDogWeb

· Chukotka: FIVEstar-red.gif (874 bytes)SITE  a fine site on Chukota and its people, with
map plus Chukotka Facts including villages, detailed map
· Markovo History: role of Markovo on the Anadyr River, where Ramsay
  came for sled dogs, in the Russian administration of northeast Siberia

· Anadyr River: picture taken 300 km upstream, and an in-depth look at
  the ecosystem and salmon of the
Anadyr River with photographs
· Kamchatka Peninsula:   pictures of people, volcanoes
Siberia's Land & Cultures & Peoples:  Chukchi, Eskimo, Koryak, many
  more, from WorkingDogWeb

· Chukchi People & their Neighbors - a wealth of resources on the
  Chukchi, Koryak, Siberian Eskimo, Itelmen of Kamchatka and more,
  from WorkingDogWeb
· Chukchi Origins
- on the genetic relationships between the Chukchi,
  their neighbors and Native Americans, from WorkingDogWeb
· Chukchis
- people of far Northeast Siberia

· Crossroads of Continents - FIVEstar-red.gif (874 bytes)SITE - an introduction to the
  peoples of Northeast Siberia and Bering Sea Alaska

· Jesup North Pacific Expedition - anthropologists studied the Chukchi
  and their neighbors, the Koryak, plus the Ainu, the Kamchadals or
  Itelmens, other peoples, and
Jesup, Bogoraz and Jochelson
, the Jesup
  Expedition's key individuals in photographs, and
Jesup timeline
Tent Life in Siberia: online book of George Kennan's adventures in
  Chukotka, Kamchatka including travel by sled dog team, 1870

· Sled Dog Racing in Northeast Siberia: racing in Kamchatka and to
  Markovo on the Anadyr River, 1990 to the present

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Siberian Husky: A Comprehensive Guide


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books on the
Arctic & Siberia

    Historic Siberians
   [ Top ]

Siberian Husky History: Where Did They Come From and What Did
They Look Like?  A Three-Part Series by Bob Thomas:

· Part 1: Native dogs in Eastern Siberia: with photos of sled dogs from
  Kamchatka,the north end of the Sea of Okhotsk, the Kolyma River and
  from Khabarovsk near the Amur River, north of Vladivostok
· Part 2: The Early Imports to Nome: with photos of William Goosak's
  team, Charles Johnson's team, Russky, KreeVanka and Tserko
· Part 3: Which Siberians Came to New England?  Togo, Czarina, Bonzo
  and more

Racing Siberian Husky History, from Of Eagle River
· Part 1: Siberians in Nome: with photos of the All Alaska Sweepstakes teams of Siberian sled dogs of Russian fur trader William Goosak, 1909, and Fox Maule Ramsay, 1910
· Part 2: Siberian Huskies in Alaska: the roles of Seppala, Mike Cooney, and the Norrises with their Anadyr Kennel
· Part 3: Siberian Huskies in New England: the influence breeding of
  Elisabeth Ricker, Marie Turner [Cold River], William Shearer [Foxstand]
  and other early kennels, photos of Scotty, Sapsuk, others
· Part 4:  Siberian Huskies in Canada: the influential breeding of Harry Wheeler, J.D. McFaul and others in eastern Canada
· Part 5: Influential Siberians & Kennels

The All Alaska Sweepstakes, Serum Run & Leonhard Seppala
· All Alaska Sweepstakes:  the race drew Siberian sled dogs to Nome,
   and Jon Van Zyle's All Alaska Sweepstakes poster
· Leonhard Seppala:
FIVEstar-red.gif (874 bytes)SITE  the story of the musher legend
  from Norway, with
numerous photos of his Siberians
· Leonhard Seppala & his Dogs:  photos of Seppala, his teams, as well
  as other early Siberian Huskies, other sled dogs

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The Great
Serum Race

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books on the
Arctic & Siberia


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New Owner's
Guide to the
Siberian Husky


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The Racing
Siberian Husky

with online stories
of Siberians in
the '98


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Siberian Huskies:
Complete Owner's Manual

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Dog Books


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Dog Books

· Balto & Togo & Seppala: story of the Serum Run, the
  publicity tour to the Lower 48, many photos [note it is
  Harry Wheeler, not Leonhard Seppala in top photo]
· Adventures of Balto: The Untold Story:
  story about Balto online, including a chapter on the
  story of Seppala & Togo
· Balto and the fortunes of Togo after the Serum Run,
  and how the Cleveland Museum of Natural History
  saved Balto & teammates
· Balto Sculpture: in New York's Central Park

The Bravest Dog Ever: True Story of Balto

· Story of Leonhard Seppala:   with a famous photo of Seppala dogs
  labeled from left, Kreevanka, unknown dog, Smokey of Seppala,
  Sneegriff [said to be half wolf], Toto, Bonza and Tserko, and
  racer/breeder Harry Wheeler at center; text in French
· Siberian Husky History: photos include All Alaska Sweepstakes mushers
  John "Iron Man" Johnson and Leonard Seppala
· Nome Serum Run:  the 1925 event that made Seppala and his Siberians
  famous in the Lower 48 [site does not open, July 2004] 
· 1925 Serum Run to Nome:  from the Iditarod site
· 1925 Serum Run:  on this modern Serum Run event page, scroll down
  & click the 1925 Serum Run link for Seppala, Togo & Scotty's roles
· Olaf Swenson Imported Siberian Dogs:  for Seppala
· Seppala's Granddaughters Visit Nome:  and learn of Sepp's famous
  sledding heritage

Siberian Husky History in New England & Canada: The Siberian Husky was recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1930, and by the Canadian Kennel Club in 1939
· A Fotohistory of the Siberian Husky: with photos of Togo, Bonzo, and
  sled dog teams of Seppala, Harry Wheeler, Charles Belford, more

· Brief History of the Siberian Husky:
from the Siberian Husky Club
  of America
· Siberian Husky History:  from Candian Kennel Club
· Seppala Siberians - the history of the early Siberian sled dogs and
  influential mushers Leonard Seppala and, in Canada, Harry Wheeler and
  Don McFaul

· Siberian Husky History:  from the Siberian Husky Club of Great Britain

· A History of the Breed: with photos of a Siberian family and dog, plus
  historic photos from Alaska, New England [Note:  Eve Seeley photo is
  incorrectly placed with Monandnock,Lorna Demidoff photo incorrectly
  placed with Cold River]

· Early Kennels and Photos of Siberians from the "Old Days"
· Famous Early Siberian Husky Kennels: Alyeska, Cold River, Foxstand,
  White Water Lake, many with pedigrees, the Seppala-Wheeler kennel
  breedings detailed, and another look at Siberian Husky bloodlines
· What was Markovo Kennels all about? [pdf]: Jeff Bragg's detailed
  discussion of the rescue of the Seppala strain Siberians
· Historic Siberians
- FIVEstar-red.gif (874 bytes)SITE - show Siberians of the '60s & '70s,
plus photos of
Seppala's and Lombard's teams, from Charlotte Reynolds
  (Arctic Kennels), courtesy of Don Young. Navigation at bottom of page

Pedigrees of Siberian Huskies Early in Breed History
· Smokey of Seppala: born 1930, Togo grandson
Bilka of Seppala II: both KreeVanka and Tserko are great-grandsires
· Bugs: grandson of Sapsuk of Seppala
· Kobe of Gatineau: blending Seppala and Foxstand lines

Siberian Husky History in Europe
· History of Siberian Huskies in Norway: beginning with the breedings
  by Helge Ingstad, early Bryar and Anadyr Siberians
Siberian Huskies Imported to Norway, Sweden

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Click here for lots more about Sleddogs!

     Racing Siberian Huskies   [ Top ]

· Siberian Sled Dogs Run the Distance:  sled dog racers in Kamchatka,
  Siberia, have established the world's long race from Kamchatka to
  Markovo in Chukotka, with photo

· Alka-shan Racing Siberians: influential kennel in Germany owned by
  Anneliese Braun-Witschel
· Anadyr Siberians: famous Alaska kennel of Natalie and the late Earl
  Norris who bred many fine working and racing Siberians

· Fugitive's Racing Siberians:  in Sweden,many photos and pedigrees
  of racing Siberians

· Huskihaus Siberians: photos and pedigrees
· Jedeye Sleddogs:  home of racers Jenny Deye & Blake Freking who
  has run the Iditarod with Anadyr Siberians

· Lara-Ke Siberians:  teams have run the Iditarod
· Milkova Racing Siberians
- training and racing photos, advice, pedigrees
· Nay-La-Chee's Siberian Huskies:  in Norway

· North Wapitia Siberians: winning distance races, running the Iditarod
star-red.gif (874 bytes) Ch. NorthWapiti's Valkyrie Kara - first Siberian female to complete
  an Iditarod [2004], often in lead, to earn a show championship 
· Seppalta Siberian Sled Dogs - Doug Willett and Patti Carpenter's site
  for their Seppala Siberian Sled Dogs, with 30 years of race highlights

· Sepp-alta Siberian Sled Dogs - Doug Willett's photo album has photos
  and pedigree of Uelen's Ali, his Seppala Siberian foundation dam

· Team Stormwatch:  new for 2004, plus Team Stormwatch,home of
star-red.gif (874 bytes) Montana, first Siberian and first Siberian male to both finish
  an Iditarod (1995) and an AKC show championship
, owned by Iditarod
  racer Wayne Curtis of Alaska, plus Montana & his paternal lineage with
  names, photos 
· Uelen Kennel - story of the late Bruce Morrow's Seppala Siberians 
· Vargevass Siberian Huskies
- Norwegian working Siberians since 1965
star-red.gif (874 bytes) See longer listing at WorkingDogWeb's Siberian Husky World

SiberianHuskyHowTrain.jpg (5887 bytes)
How to Train Your
Siberian Husky

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The Essential
Siberian Husky

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Siberian Huskies
For Dummies®

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The Siberian

Sibernet-L for pet, racing and show Siberians
E-mail Lists:

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RSH Online

     Historic Show Siberians   [ Top ]

· BOOK: Siberian Husky Champions, 1952-1980
· BOOK: Siberian Husky Champions, 1987-2001
· Siberian Husky Champions - some from 1970s, 1980s
· Siberian Husky Champions - in Siberian Husky Museum

     Historic Performance Siberians   [ Top ]

· U-CDX Sandcastle's Fyrkrakr Flash UD:  first Siberian to earn a
  Master Agility (MX) title & a Master Agility Jumpers (MXJ) title from
  AKC, and many more competitive honors

· Ch. Marionhill Chairman Ofthe Bd UD AX OAJ CGC TDI Can. CD:
Frankie has many titles in obedience and agility - read his story!

· Aust Ch Patches CD AD JD ET FD AAD: first Siberian to earn Novice
  Flyball Dog degree in Australia among many titles - great photos!

· Titles Explained: learn what all the abbreviations mean!

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SiberianHuskyDDCal2005.jpg (5840 bytes)
Doggie Days Siberian

Husky 2005 Calendar


SiberianPuppiesCalendar2005.jpg (6418 bytes)
Siberian Husky Puppies

2005 Mini Calendar


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The Siberian


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The New Complete
Siberian Husky


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dog harnesses,
collars, leashes
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         Siberian Husky Organizations   [ Top ]

· Seppala Siberian Husky Club: the story of the founding of the original
  club with Leonhard Seppala's name, now know as the International
  Siberian Husky Club

· International Seppala Siberian Sleddog Club: Artic-type working dog
  with at least 93% of its background stemming from these 10 dogs, many
  also Siberian Husky foundation stock:
Kree Vanka, Tserko, Harry,
  Smoky, Togo, Kolyma, Nome, Pearl, Dushka, Sonia. At the CKC.

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· International Seppala Siberian Sleddog Club - official site for this
  newer organization, plus
Seppala Siberian Sleddog Standard
· International Siberian Husky Club - about racing, breeding & showing
  Siberians with emphasis on protecting workability

· Seppala News - history and definition of Seppala strain of Siberians,
  the Uelen Kennel, list of Seppala Siberian owners, newsletter info

· Siberian Husky Club of America: established in 1938

star-red.gif (874 bytes) For more on the breed, see WorkingDogWeb's Siberian Husky World.

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