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Once a Wolf


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The Wolves
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If you want to learn about wolves, ancestors of dogs, start here. You'll find links to sites about wolves and other canids and wild dogs, plus a large selection of great books for adults and children. Your book orders through our links support the many free services of WorkingDogWeb. Thanks!

Wolves & the Canid Family

Click link to search for Brother Wolf Brother Wolf:  A
Forgotten Promise

Jim Brandenburg / Hardcover, 1993
ISBN: 1559712104
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New! The African Wild Dog:  Behavior, Ecology, and Conservation (Monographs in Behavior and Ecology), by Scott Creel, Nancy M. Creel, Princeton Univ Press, July 2002  ISBN: 0691016542  Order this book

The Arctic Wolf: Ten Years With the Pack, L. David Mech / Hardcover, 1997
ISBN: 0896583538 
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Bandit Years : A Gathering of Wolves, Mark Dugan / Paperback, 1997
ISBN: 086534101X  
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The Company of Wolves, Peter Steinhart / Vintage Books, Paperback, 1996
ISBN: 06797438716 
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Desert Dogs: Coyotes, Foxes & Wolves, Jonathan Hanson / Paperback, 1996
ISBN: 1886679053 
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Discovering Yellowstone Wolves, James C. Halfpenny, Diann Thompson
Paperback, 1996  ISBN: 1560445165 
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Dogs:  Wild and Domestic,  Markus Kappeler / Library Binding, 1991
ISBN: 0836806867 
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Foxes, Wolves and Wild Dogs of the World, David Alderton, Bruce Tanner
Hardcover, 1994  ISBN: 0816029547 
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The Great American Wolf, Bruce Hampton / Hardcover, 1997
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The Great American Wolf, Bruce Hampton / Paperback, 1997
ISBN: 0805055282  
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The Howls of August:  Encounters With Algonquin Wolves, Michael
Runtz / Paperback, 1997  ISBN: 1550461958 
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Hungry for Home : A Wolf Odyssey, Asta Bowen, Jane Hart Meyer
Hardcover, 1997  ISBN: 0684823616  
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Once A Wolf: How Wildlife Biologists Fought to Bring Back the Gray Wolf, by Stephen R. Swinburne, Jim Brandenburg (Photographer), Sandpiper, February 2001
ISBN: 0618111204 
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In Praise of Wolves, R. D. Lawrence / Paperback, 1997
ISBN: 0345418026 
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In the Presence of Wolves,  Art Wolfe (Photographer) / Hardcover, 1995
ISBN: 0517700212 
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New! Shadow Mountain:  A Memoir of Wolves, a Woman, and the Wild, by Renee Askins, Doubleday, July 2002, Hardcover  ISBN: 0385482221
Order this book

In the Shadow of a Rainbow : The True Story of a Friendship Between
Man and Wolf
, Robert Franklin Leslie / Paperback, 1986
ISBN: 0393303926 
Order this book.

The Wolf : The Ecology and Behavior of an Endangered Species, by L. David Mech, Ian McTaggart, Univ of Minnesota Press, July 1985  ISBN: 0816610266
Order this book

Wolf Songs:  The Classic Collection of Writing About Wolves, by Robert Busch, Sierra Club Books, March 1997, Paperback  ISBN: 0871569116
Order this book

The Wolves of Denali, by L. David Mech, Univ of Minnesota Press, Hardcover, April 1998   ISBN: 0816629587  Order this book

New! Wolves at Our Door : The Extraordinary Story of the Couple Who Lived With Wolves, by James Dutcher, Pocket Books, February 2002, Hardcover
ISBN: 0743400488  
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The Arctic Wolf

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The Wolf: Ecology
and Behavior

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The Company
of Wolves

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Shadow Mountain:
A Memoir

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Amazing Wolves,
Dogs & Foxes


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Arctic Foxes

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Baree: The Story
of a Wolf-Dog


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Brother Wolf


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Child of the Wolves


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The Cry of the Wolf

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Dream Wolf


Books for Children & Young People 
[ Top ]

8 O'Cluck, by Jill Creighton, Pierre-Paul Pariseau / Paperback, 1997 
ISBN: 0590935682  
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Adventures of Winnie Wolf,  Maurice Pledger / Hardcover, 1997
ISBN: 1571450750
Order this book

Amazing Wolves, Dogs, and Foxes, Mary Ling, Jerry Young /
Paperback, 1991  ISBN: 067981521X 
Order this book

Amazing Wolves, Dogs, and Foxes, Mary Ling, Jerry Young,
Library Binding, 1991 ISBN: 0679915214 
Order this book

Arctic Foxes, Downs Matthews / School & Library Binding, 1995
ISBN: 0689802846 
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Arctic Wolves (Creatures in White), Wendy Pfeffer / Library Binding, 1997
ISBN: 0382393201
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Arctic Wolves (Creatures in White), Wendy Pfeffer, Sylvie Chausse,
Paper, 1997  ISBN: 0382393198 
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Baree:  The Story of a Wolf-Dog, James Oliver Curwood, Paperback, 1992
ISBN: 1557041326 
Order this book

Big, Scary Wolf,  Harvey Stevenson / Hardcover, 1997
ISBN: 0395742137 
Order this book

Black Nell:  The Adventures of a Coyote,  Shirley Woods, Celia Godkin
Hardcover, 1998  ISBN: 0888993188 
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The Boy Who Cried Wolf? Carla Dijs, Laura Hunt / Hardcover Pop-Up, 1997
ISBN: 0689814836 
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Brother Wolf:  A Seneca Tale, Harriet Peck Taylor, Hardcover, 1996. 
ISBN: 0374309973 
Order this book

The Call of the Wild, Jack London / Paperback / Published 1990
ISBN: 0812504321
Order this book

Child of the Wolves,  Elizabeth Hall / Hardcover,  1996
ISBN: 0395765021 
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Child of the Wolves, Elizabeth Hall / Paperback, 1997
ISBN: 0440413214 
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Circus of the Wolves, Jack Bushnell, Robert Andrew Parker, Library
Binding, 1994 ISBN: 0688125557 
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The Coyote, Mary Lou Samuekson,  / Library Binding, 1993
ISBN: 0875185606  
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Coyotes, Emilie U. Lepthien / School & Library Binding, 1993
ISBN: 0516013319  
Search for used copy

The Cry of the Wolf, Melvin Burgess / Paperback, 1994
ISBN: 0688136257 
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The Desert Fox Family Book, Hans Gerold Laukel / Paperback, 1999 
ISBN: 0735810958 
Order this book

The Desert Fox Family Book, Hans Gerold Laukel / Hardcover, 1996
ISBN: 1558585796 
Order this book

Dike the Wolf, Dave Sargent, et al / Library Binding, 1996
ISBN: 1567630863
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Dike the Wolf,  Dave Sargent, et al / Paperback, 1996
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Discovering Wolves:  A Nature Activity Book,  Nancy Karasov,
Corliss Field / Paperback, 1991 
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Dogs:  The Wolf Within, Dorothy Hinshaw Patent, William Munoz
Library Binding, 1993  ISBN: 0876146914 
Order this book

Dogs:  The Wolf Within, Dorothy Hinshaw Patent, William Munoz
Paperback, 1993  ISBN: 0876146043 
Order this book

Dream Wolf, Paul Goble / Hardcover, 1990
ISBN: 0027365859
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Dream Wolf, Paul Friendly Wolf Goble / Paperback, 1997
ISBN: 0689815069 
Order this book

The Eyes of Grey Wolf, Jonathan London, Jon Van Zyle (Illustrator)
Hardcover, 1993  ISBN: 081180285X 
Order this book

The Fascinating World Of...Wolves, Angels Julivert, Marcel Socias Studio / Paperback, 1996  ISBN: 0812095367  Order this book.

Fox, by Margaret Wild, Ron Brooks (Illustrator), Kane/Miller Book Pub, October 2001, Hardcover  ISBN: 1929132166  Order this book

Gray Wolf Pup, D. Boyle / Paperback, 1995   ISBN: 1568991363
Order this book

Gray Wolf Pup (Smithsonian),  Doe Boyle, Jeff Domm (Illustrator)
Hardcover, 1994 ISBN: 1568990103 
Search for used copy

Gray Wolf, Red Wolf, Dorothy Hinshaw Patent, William Munoz
Hardcover, 1990  ISBN: 0899198635 
Order this book

Gray Wolf, Red Wolf, Dorothy Hinshaw Patent, William Munoz (Illustrator)
Paperback, 1994  ISBN: 0395696275 
Order this book

It's So Nice to Have a Wolf Around the House, Harry Allard, James Marshall
Paperback, 1997 ISBN: 0440413532 
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Journey of the Red Wolf,  Roland Smith / Hardcover, 1996
ISBN: 0525651624 
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Julie of the Wolves, Jean Craighead George / Paperback, 1974
ISBN: 0064400581
Order this book

Julie of the Wolves, Jean Craighead George / Hardcover, Harpercollins Juvenile Books, February 1987  ISBN: 0060219432  Order this book

Look to the North: A Wolf Pup Diary, by Jean Craighead George, HarperTrophy, October 1998, Paperback   ISBN: 0064435105  Order this book

Wild Dogs (Zoobooks Series), by Timothy Levi Biel, Walter Stuart and Mark Hallett (Illustrators), Zoobooks/Wildlife Education, September 1997, Paperback ISBN: 0937934402   Order this book

Wolf Shadows, by Mary Casanova, Hyperion Press, April 1999, Paperback
ISBN: 0786813407 
Order this book

wolf-julie.gif (5535 bytes)
Julie of
the Wolves

GrayWolfRedWolf.jpg (5436 bytes)
Gray Wolf
Red Wolf

WildDogs.jpg (6491 bytes)
Wild Dogs
ZooBooks Series

WinnieWolf.jpg (10562 bytes)
An Adventure with
Winnie Wolf


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Call of the Wild


call-wild2.gif (5706 bytes)
Call of the Wild


Adult Fiction & Mythology 
[ Top ]

The Call of the Wild, Jack London / School & Library Binding, 1995
ISBN: 0027594556
Order this book

Call of the Wild,  Jack London, Samuel Griffin  / Audio Cassette, 1997
ISBN: 1556561989 
Order this book.

The Call of the Wild, Jack London / Paperback, 1993
ISBN: 0590440012 
Order this book

The Call of the Wild, Jack London, Philippe Munch / Hardcover, 1996
ISBN: 067086918X 
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The Call of the Wild,  Jack London, Philippe Munch / Paperback, 1996
ISBN: 0670867969
Order this book

Dances With Wolves, Michael Blake / Paperback, 1990
ISBN: 0449134482 
Order this book

Dances With Wolves, Michael Blake / Hardcover, 1991
ISBN: 1557040915 
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Wolf Stories:  Myths and True-Life Tales from Around the World, by Susan Strauss, Beyond Words Pub Co., February 1994, Hardcover; ISBN: 0941831841
Order this book

Wolf Tales : Native American Children's Stories, by Mary Powell, Ancient City Press, March 1993, Paperback  ISBN: 0941270734  Order this book

WolfShadows.jpg (5861 bytes)
Wolf Shadows

WolfTales.jpg (10033 bytes)
Wolf Tales

LookToTheNorth.jpg (7057 bytes)
Look to the North:
A Wolf Pup Diary

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Call of the Wild

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Call of the Wild

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