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To help you enjoy being organized and on time, we've assembled a handy collection of some of the best online, Web-based calendars, to-do lists, e-mail reminder systems -- and a few other "daily" services just for fun.  Keep track of your dog's life or your own!  Choose your favorite and return here often to update your life. 

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611 Ways to
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How to be
Organized In
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The Daily Drill -- calendars, reminders, much more

Digital Day-Timer -- include personal & public events

E-Organizer -- calendar, to-do lists, reminders

Excite's Planner -- calendar, to-do-list, address book, more

Global Calendar -- with e-mail reminders

Joint Planning -- calendars, address books and discussion

McAfee Briefcase -- calendar, to-do list, task list, e-mail

My-Time -- from Lycos, with holiday listings & more

Super Calendar -- new, colorful calendar system, great for families and groups due to its unique layer system

Yahoo Calendar -- with e-mail reminders

Yahoo's List -- of personal web-based calendars

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turq-sm.gif (967 bytes) Free Reminder Services    [ Top ] 

RememberIt -- receive e-mail reminders for topics & dates you need

Remind-U Mail   -- receive e-mail reminders to keep you on time

turq-sm.gif (967 bytes) More Daily Stuff    [ Top ] 

Ask Dr. Universe - click on Today's Questions to read the latest in learning from this unique service
Daily News - choose dog news, business news, world news, more, from all the big names!
DigiDay - choose from daily history, cartoons, recipes, words, jokes and more daily features!
Start Your Day  - with the fun, convenient dog-oriented web portal,

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