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Ancient Breed: Chow Chow

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The Chow Chow is an ancient dog breed,
according to influential research on the dog genome that found unique genetic fingerprints for 85 breeds. Today the Chow Chow is associated with China, but the breed may have been developed in Mongolia just north of China. Evidence for dogs of Chow Chow type is seen in pottery from the Han Dynasty.

Used as a hunting dog as well as for herding, hauling and protection, the Chow Chow is known for a temperament that is affectionate with its family but aloof with strangers.  Click for breed resources.

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The Proper Care
of Chow Chows


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Chow Chow: An Owner's Guide to a Happy Healthy Pet


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The World of the
Chow Chow


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A New Owner's
Guide to
Chow Chows


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Breed Resources  [ Top ]

Breed Profiles:

  Chow Chow Standard, American Kennel Club

  Chow Chow, The Kennel Club, UK

  Chow Chow Standard, FCI, and the Chow Chow
  in the context of some 30 breeds in FCI Group 5

  Illustrated Chow Chow Standard:  a slide show

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Chow Chows

   Chow Chow FAQ:  including history, health, unique aloof personality, training
   and socialization, more

   Chow Chows:  an introduction, temperament, care, more

   Chow Chows:  both rough- and smooth-coated

   Coat Colors:  the five equally acceptable colors are cream, cinnamon, red,
   blue, and black, and the five colors illustrated with photographs of puppies,
   and more on colors of the Chow Chow including variations of shading allowed
   among the red and cinnamon Chow Chows

Breed Organizations & Groups:    [ Top ]

  AKC Parent Club for the breed
    The Chow Chow Club
    Chow Chow Standard:
find link at left

Breed Articles: Health, Nutrition, Puppies, More:

  Chow Chow Info:  health issues, grooming, standards, from Canada's
  Guide to Dogs

  Grooming Your Chow Chow:  bathing, grooming, tools

  Teaching Chow Chows Good Manners:   for grooming and for visits
  to the veterinarian

Chow Chow Links   [ Top ]

  Chow Chow Information Page:  on care, temperament, how to obtain a good dog, links

  Chow Chow Info & Links: adopting, buying training, clubs, and much more 

  Chow Chow Links:  to information and to breeders, at Open Directory

   Chow Chow Breeders:  directory at Yahoo

  Net Chows: directory with 560 links

Ancient Breeds include the Chow Chow   [ Top ]

  Chow Chow Origins as a guarding, hunting dog

  Canine genetic research published in the journal Science in May 2004
  showed that 14 of 85 breeds examined have a "genetic fingerprint" with
  considerable similarity to the wolf and form a cluster considered most like the
  early domestic dogs.  However, according to two analyses, seven of these
  14 have the oldest genetic patterns: Chow Chow and Shar Pei [China],
  Akita and Shiba [Japan], Basenji [Africa], Siberian Husky [Northeast Siberia]
  and the Alaskan Malamute [Northwest Alaska].

  An early pottery Chow Chow and a Han Dynasty Pottery Dog reclining,
  curled-tail, semi-erect ears of a type found in burials [see
large image ], and
Han dog and other animals, and another Han dog

  A pottery Chow-type dog with suggestion of a harness, a clay tomb dog, a
  an example of a
pottery snarling dog, a standing dog, and more on China's
pottery dogs and how clay replicas replaced real grave goods, sacrifices

  The Shar Pei, one of the ancient breeds, may have developed from the
  Chow Chow or from a common  ancestor, while the Street Dogs of Bali, the
  island east of Java, are genetically close to the Chow Chow

E-cards, Graphics - Chow Chows

  E-cards with Chow Chows:   six pictures available

  Chow Chow Cards:  select link on the left to Chow Chow cards for holidays
  and special occasions

  Web Page Graphics Set with Chow Chow: [incorrectly labeled Siberian
  Husky... really is a Chow Chow]

  Web Page Left Border Set with Chow Chow: free for personal use

Famous Chow Chows   [ Top ]

  Sigmund Freud had Chow Chows who joined his therapy sessions
  with patients. They included best known Jo-Fi.

  Choonam Brilliantine:  famous Chow Chow champion shown in a painting
  with owner Mrs. Dorothy M. Hoover

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More Dog Breed Info [ Top ]

Popular Dog Breeds  [ Top ]

  50 Most Popular Dog Breeds in USA - illustrated, year 2000

  AKC Breed Registration Statistics - number of dogs registered in 2002,
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  Popular Dog Breeds - in the USA, Canada and UK, a section in
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