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Siberian Husky

Overview on Fritz | Nome Serum Run | Balto | Togo
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The 1925 Nome Serum Run saved the people of Nome from a diphtheria epidemic and made two sled dog leaders famous. Balto led the final leg of the relay into Nome while Togo led his team the longest number of miles, and became a Siberian Husky foundation stud. Now another lead dog and Siberian Husky foundation dog, Fritz, is in the spotlight. Learn more.

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Siberian Husky: A Comprehensive Guide


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How to Train Your
Siberian Husky


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Overview   [ Top ]

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Fritz, Siberian Husky lead dog for Leonhard Seppala in racing
and the 1925 Nome Serum Run, and a breed foundation dog

Early in 2005, Natalie Norris rescued the mounted remains of Fritz, a famous Siberian Husky from Nome's Gold Rush era. She had seen the display of Fritz as a youngster in Lake Placid, N.Y.  She and her late husband Earl raised some of the most famous Siberian Husky sled dogs in the world at their kennel in Alaska.   So she was the right person to obtain Fritz for Nome's Carrie M. McLain Memorial Museum.

Canine who helped inspire the Iditarod back in Alaska: original feature story from the Anchorage Daily News, with a photo of Fritz and Togo in 1926 on Seppala's publicity tour to the East Coast

Fritz Returns to Alaska in 2005: the story of how Natalie Norris returned this famous Serum Run Siberian Husky to Nome

Togo's Co-leader Fritz Back in Nome: another version of the story

How Fritz Traveled from Lake Placid to Nome: story of the firm that arranged shipping of the mounted sled dog back home to Nome in 2005

Seppala and his Siberian Sleddogs in 1926: one of the famous publicity photos taken aboard the ship bound for Seattle, with dogs including Togo and Fritz generally identified

Pedigree of Smokey of Seppala: showing Fritz as the great-grandsire of Kingeak, sire of Smokey, an influential early Siberian born in 1930, and the Pedigree of Bayou of Foxstand showing Fritz as the grandsire of the top leader Bonzo, and of Tosca, a foundation bitch for the breed

Earl and Natalie Norris: the story of the woman who rescued the mounted remains of Fritz - her role with husband Earl in the history of the racing and show Siberian Huskies and in the Alaska sled dog scene, and more on their Anadyr Kennel, home to Alaskan and Siberian Huskies over the years

Nome's Carrie M. McLain Memorial Museum: where Fritz is displayed, and the story of Seppala's granddaughters visiting the museum where photos and memorabilia of Seppala are displayed

GreatSerumRace.jpg (5174 bytes)
The Great Serum
Race: Blazing the
Iditarod Trail


BaltoGreatRace.jpg (6049 bytes)
Balto and the
Great Race


BaltoBravestDog.jpg (6678 bytes)
The Bravest Dog
Ever: The True
Story of Balto


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CruelestMiles.jpg (6025 bytes)

The Cruelest Miles:
The Heroic Story of
Dogs And Men in
a Race Against
an Epidemic


Nome Serum Run   [ Top ]

1925 Serum Run to Nome: the event that made Seppala and his Siberians famous in the Lower 48, and later inspired the now famous  Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race across Alaska

Nome Serum Run: scroll down for story of the discovery by Curtis Welch of the potential diptheria epidemic, and how 20 mushers and their dog teams brought the serum to Nome

Great Serum Race: the author tells about how the book was researched and written, and about how Leonard Seppala owned both Balto and Togo

Balto and Togo: how they got their names, how they ran in the Nome Serum Run, and how the media and promoters made them famous

Chronology and Mushers of the 1925 Serum Run between Nenana and Nome, and another look at Nome Serum Run

Nome Kennel Club History including the Serum Run

Serum Run Commemorative Race: from Nenana to Nome, first run in 1997, scheduled for 2005

Balto   [ Top ]

Balto-Sm.jpg (7897 bytes)

Real Story of Balto: how Balto helped save the people of Nome, and then how George Kimball and the people of Cleveland saved Balto and his teammates from a "dime museum" in Los Angeles, and a visit to the Cleveland Museum of Natural History with photos of Balto

80th Anniversary of Serum Run: Cleveland Museum of Natural History celebrates the Serum Run and the role Balto played, with photos, and a news release on the activities planned and a media photo

Balto with Gunnar Kassen: historic photo, and the bronze Balto sculpture still seen today in Central Park, New York City, and the Balto sculpture with details about the artist Frederick George Richard Roth

star-red.gif (874 bytes) Balto and Togo: more on these famous dogs, from WorkingDogWeb

   [ Top ]

TogoBW.jpg (11748 bytes)

A Dog Named Togo and his fortunes of after the Serum Run, with photo

Seppala and Togo: the saga of their tour after the Serum Run

Leonhard Seppala biography with photos of Sepp and some of his Siberians

Leonhard Seppala - the musher legend, owner of Togo, with photos of his Siberians, and a Fotohistory of the Siberian Husky with photos of Togo, Bonzo, and  sled dog teams of Seppala, Harry Wheeler, Charles Belford

Leonhard Seppala: with a famous photo of Seppala with Togo and another of his dogs labeled from left: Kreevanka, unknown dog, Smokey of Seppala, Sneegriff, Toto, Bonzo and Tserko, and racer/breeder Harry Wheeler at center. Text in French.

star-red.gif (874 bytes) Balto and Togo: more on these famous dogs, from WorkingDogWeb

Explore the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race  
The Iditarod Trail
Sled Dog Race

SiberianHuskiesCompleteOwnersManual.jpg (6694 bytes)
Siberian Huskies:
Complete Owner's Manual

SiberianHuskiesCalendar2005.jpg (6208 bytes)
Just Siberian Huskies
2005 Calendar

SiberianHuskies2005.jpg (7311 bytes)
Siberian Huskies
2005 Calendar

SiberianHuskiesCalendar2005b.jpg (5859 bytes)


pawprint.gif (974 bytes)  Historic Siberians   [ Top ]

All Alaska Sweepstakes - the race drew Siberian sled dogs to Nome

Jon Van Zyle's All Alaska Sweepstakes poster with sketches of Leonhard Seppala, left, and John "Iron Man" Johnson, right, both of whom raced to victory with Siberians

star-red.gif (874 bytes) A History of the Siberian Husky - an in-depth guide to the origins and history of the breed, from

A History of the Breed - with photos of a Siberian family and dog, plus historic photos from Alaska, New England [Note: photo of Eve Seeley is incorrectly placed with Monandnock,Lorna Demidoff with Cold River]

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SiberianHuskiesDummies.jpg (8849 bytes)
Siberian Huskies
For Dummies®


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Guide to Owning
a Siberian Husky


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New Owner's Guide to
the Siberian Husky


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New Owner's Guide to
the Siberian Husky


pawprint.gif (974 bytes) Siberian Husky Discussion Groups   [ Top ]

Sibernet-L - discussing all aspects of the Siberian Husky
- subscribe to this Hoflin list, discussing Siberian Huskies with an emphasis on showing, using drop-down breed list
- discussing Siberians in Agility and Obedience
- discussing all sled dogs including Siberians
Siberian Husky Groups @ Yahoo - 69 different groups

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