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Top Breed: German Shepherd Dog

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The German Shepherd Dog was the 3rd most popular breed
in the United States in 2004, with 46,046 individual dogs registered. That was up from 4th the previous year, and not far behind the No. 2 breed, the Golden Retriever.  The GSD was No. 2 in the United Kingdom in 2003, the most recent data available.

The breed has roots in the Phylax Society that worked to standardize Germany's native dog breeds. But it was in 1899 that Capt. Max von Stephanitz and 13 others created a society called the Verein fur deutsche Schaferhunde or SV to guide development of the German Shepherd as a working dog. Click for breed resources.

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Training the German
Shepherd Dog


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Training Your
German Shepherd

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How to Train Your German Shepherd

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A New Owner's
Guide to German


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Breed Resources  [ Top ]

Breed Profiles & Descriptions:

  German Shepherd Dog: a basic description and
  history, starting with the role of the 1891-1894
  Phylax Society that tried to standardize
  Germany's native dog breeds

  FAQs for German Shepherd Dogs

  German Shepherd Dog:  AKC Profile

  German Shepherd Dog:   CKC Breed Sketch

  German Shepherd Dog:  FCI Standard

GSD-Understanding.jpg (4826 bytes)
Understanding the
German Shepherd

  German Shepherd Dog:  Dog Breed Info Profile

  German Shepherd Dog: Profile

  German Shepherd:  a typical profile, then by a description by an
  owner who understands the importance of GSD-human bonding

  GSD Type Comparisons:  East German, West German and American types
  with both short stock coats and longer coats with undercoats, various colors

  Colors of the GSD:   article and photos of both the well-known colors and
  marking, including two-tone dogs with a dark saddle, and other colors
  including black, white and agouti, and short and long coat types

  Before You Adopt: what you need to know about a GSD

Breed Organizations & Groups:

  Verein fur deutsche Schaeferhunde or SV, the English language section of
  this key breed club, and the home page in German.  With 85,000 members, it is
  the largest dog group in the world for a single breed. [Verein means society].

  German Shepherd Dog Club of America:  AKC Parent Club for the breed
    Official Standard
- fully illustrated
    Performance Activities
    Breeders Directory

  German Shepherd Dog Club of Canada:  standard, events, more

  British Association for the German Shepherd Dog:  formerly the Alsatian

Breed Articles: Care, Health, Nutrition, Puppies, More:

  German Shepherd Dog Care:   care, grooming, exercise needs, more

  German Shepherd Dog History:  GSD derived from various old breeds
  of shepherd and farm dogs

  GSD Library:  Articles on breed history, illustrated standard, breed
  qualities including balance, rescue, choosing a working pup

  Labrador Retriever Health Reference Library:  Covering health,
  nutrition, supplements and breeding

  Picking a Lab Puppy:  from Golden Gate LRC

  So You Want a Lab:  Misconceptions and health issues

GSD Links   [ Top ]

  German Shepherd Dog: info and links from Canada's Guide to Dogs

  Training Lacy:  a 6-week training diary for a young GSD headed for obedience
  and agility, with helpful links

  Cheryl May's GSD Page: a weath of resources including GSD 101, articles

  German Shepherd Dog Sites:  More than 800 sites, at Open Directory

  German Shepherd Dog Sites:  Including breeder sites, at Yahoo

E-cards & Coloring Page with Labs

  E-cards with German Shepherd Dogs - 20 choices

  E-cards with GSDs: many photos, click envelope icon to begin

  E-Greeting Cards:  GSDs, other breeds in Best Dog Free Stuff

  Coloring Page with German Shepherds: fun for kids

Labs in Action   [ Top ]

  German Shepherds as Guide Dogs:   international resources

  German Shepherd Dog in Herding:   many resources

  GSD Working Dog Association: including schutzhund

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Puppy Smarts
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Purebred - listings of dog breeders 

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German Shepherds
for Dummies


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The Good Shepherd:
Pet Owner's Guide


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Barron's Encyclopedia

of Dog Breeds


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The German
Shepherd Today

Click link to order The Atlas of Dog Breeds
Atlas of
Dog Breeds


More Dog Breed Info [ Top ]

Popular Dog Breeds  [ Top ]

  50 Most Popular Dog Breeds in USA - illustrated, year 2000

  AKC Breed Registration Statistics - number of dogs registered in 2002,
  and AKC Litter Registrations

  Popular Dog Breeds - in the USA, Canada and UK, a section in
  Dog Facts & Figures, from WorkingDogWeb

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The Art of
Raising A Puppy


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Good Citizen

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